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Great to hear your story Jess, it is a familiar one to me too. You have done fantastically with your diet and would love to hear more from you how you achieved the weight loss. I also have a lot to loose and know it will take a long time. It is hardwork.
Take care

A long way to go but keep plodding along, day by day.

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1/27/12 8:45 A

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Hello all,
My name is Jessica and I have been a member of spark people for about 2.5 years now. My highest weight was 310 lbs and I started 2009 at 273 lbs. Long story short I joined weight watchers and spark people and changed the way I was thought in terms of weight loss and was able to reach 160 lbs by the first part of 2011.

Its kinda funny because all the problems that I have been having in relation to celiac disease started the same time when I decided to turn my life around an gain a healthy lifestyle. At the end of my pregnancy with my daughter I developed really bad gas, ever day I would be in pain. I figured it would go away once I had the baby but it didnt. I went a whole year and the gas and bloating got worse and worse. Then I thought "hey maybe Im lactos intolerant" ... so I cut out milk for a week and the symptoms got much better, I ate a big bowl of cereal with milk at the end of the week and they came back. I had my answer.

I was still able to have cheese and yogurt and even a small amount of icecream without having too many symptoms but slowly I had more and more problems and had to cut out the rest of these things. Symptoms got better

Even when I ate food that contained no milk I was getting sick and the last few months have been really bad. It was getting so bad I couldnt even go to the gym because I would be in so much pain because I had to hold in what was trying to come out. Im talking the most disgusting smelling gas ever. My poor poor family. I was getting embarrased to even sit around with them because I smelled so bad. I was going around my house with a can of air freshener attached to me, Not to mention having stomach cramps and being so bloated hardly any of my clothes fit.

My sister asked if I had ever herd of celiac disease about 2 weeks ago. She said that she had read a little on it and thought that she had it because she had been having similar symptoms to me for a while which she was also contributing to lactose intolerance.

So I did some reading and there are so many symptoms including symptoms that I had that I just accounted to having a messed up brain. I have had A.D.D since I was a kid and learning disabilites, head aches, brain fog, and then all the stomach problems. Also there were symptom apon symptom that my father had and my grandmother had.

1 big thing I noticed was it causes lactose intolerance.

So I made an appointment with my doctor to get checked out and did some experementing thoughout the week. I would eat gluten free foods for a few days and all the symptoms would go away and then I would eat a meal (making sure it contained no dairy) containing lots of gluten and see what happened. 30 minutes later I have stomach cramps and I look like Im 3 months pregnant and smell horrible.

So I went to the doctor told him the whole lactose intolerance story and he suggested that it might be Celiac disease before I could even asked to be tested. He told me to go ahead and start a gluten free diet and ever since then I have felt a lot better. There has been a few instances this week when symptoms have shown up again but I guess its going to take a while to get use to this.

My blood work came back a few days ago and I tested positive for celiac.
Im sad because I cant eat the foods I use to eat and I have gone through some challenges emotional this week but Im glad I caught it before it got too bad. I met a lady in the grocery store who had celiac disease and didnt find out till she was in the hosptial about to die. so Im lucky.

I called my parents and told them they need to get tested. My dad was happy because he has been trying to find out whats wrong with him for years. He had joint pain and stomach problems and is hooked on pain killers and most of the time cant even get out of the bed he is in so much pain. The doctors dont really take him seriously either because they think he is faking it to get more drugs. None of us kids thought he was going to last too much longer though which is sad because for one my youngest sister is only 9 years old and my dad is only in his mid 50s. I really hope that he can get diagnosed and then stick to a gluten free diet and start getting better.

Thanks for listening. I look forward to getting to know everyone here.

~ Jess

"What would you attempt, if you knew you wouldn't fail?"

"Don't take a clock on this jounrey take a compass. It's the direction you're moving in that matters, not the time it takes you to get there." ~ Anonymous

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." - MLK Jr.

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