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4/10/12 11:23 A

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I totally understand the cabin fever! I had a day care for 9 months where I watched 4 kids including my daughter. I never got out of the house!! You may not always be able to find something to do at night, but something I found that REALLY helped was on a day off, or even two go nature watching. We would go camping but that may not be feasable for you. Go for a hike, or to a lake, river etc. Go picknicking and invite some friends along! Nature was the best for me because when I went into town or to the park most the time I felt just as caged as when i was in the house. How can you feel caged when you are looking at a beautiful lake though? Hope this helps!

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3/7/12 10:03 P

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You mentioned that you are a social person. You could look to see if there are any mother/child play groups or exercise groups in your area. It would give your daughter a change to socialize with other kids, plus you'd have some other adults to talk to.

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3/6/12 1:08 A

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I agree, you need to find a hobby or interest. Gardening will get you out of the house and can be great exercise. Depending on the age of your toddler she may enjoy watching your plants grow. I found that young children are much more interested in trying and eating veggies if they watched it grow and picked it their self. They may also enjoy it if you give them a toy shovel and bucket and let them have a small space to play in the dirt while you tend to the plants.

Many people including myself find crochet relaxing and calming. It is so simple to learn that you can teach yourself with a book or from info on the internet. There may be a family member or someone close to you that enjoy crochet and would be glad to help. There is also a Spark Team for crochet(Crochet The Pounds Away) I am sure those ladies would be glad to help you get started. And you can make some adorable things for your toddler. Start with something small and simple. Crochet is something that you can pick up and work a few stitches and put it down when needed, or after toddler is asleep you can work on your project while watching TV. It will keep your hands and mind busy,and help reduce the hand to mouth habit and reduce munching in front of the TV.

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3/5/12 8:21 P

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Do you have any hobbies that you can do during your alone time at night? Sewing, scrapbooking, reading, etc. Also, you can try working out at home after your daughter has gone to sleep.
While you're with your daughter you can teach her to bake as you try out new healthy recipes. Take her for a walk around the block. Pulling her in a wagon will add some resistance. Teach her to ride a bike. Do you have a wii that you can play with her? Or like JESUJOI suggested, just put on some music and dance like lunatics. As the weather gets warmer you can plant a garden.

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3/5/12 12:39 P

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Maybe your toddler and you kinda feel the same way, but she acts it out differently. I like that park suggestion, because nothing is as effective as getting exercise together to help deal with both sets of emotions. You could also look up online "exercise WITH toddler", there are resources out there. Or put on some music and do crazy dances together! lol It will be good for the hearts too. :)

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3/1/12 5:17 P

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Is there a park or playground near? Take a stroll around the neighborhood, window shopping, it doesn't need to cost anything and will wear out your daughter as an added bonus.

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3/1/12 3:31 P

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Hi everyone!

Just joined the group and I'm hoping I can get some support here because I'm having a hard time staying on track.

A few months ago I lost 20 pounds in 2 months by counting calories and sticking to a strict exercise schedule. Unfortunately, I've regained 10 since then :(

I think my problem is I have no motivation because I'm lonely and bored, leading me to think eating is the only fun thing to do.

My situation is basically that I work from home, have a 2 year old, and my husband works at night. So I finish work, deal with a screaming toddler for a few hours, and then am alone for hours before my husband comes which time I'm ready for bed.

Thank god my gym has a daycare so I'm hoping starting back up on a workout routine is going to give me some "me time," but what about all those hours I sit around alone? I get so bored and lonely because I'm such a social person. All my hobbies are social, but I can't do any of them with my daughter and can't afford a babysitter all the time.

So how do I stay occupied? Not only when I'm alone, but is there anything I can do with my daughter outside of the house because I'm getting cabin fever!

Thanks in advance for your help!

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