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9/4/13 11:41 P

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Hi Tonya, I'm so sorry to hear about all this. I lived through a thyroid storm at 9yo. I'm on my way out the door to look at a property, but am going to send you a spark mail with some quick ideas.

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8/30/13 11:30 A

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So sorry to hear of the loss of your son. I am so sorry.

AS for your DD, I hope she feels better with the Levo. Lord love a duck! My TSH was 4.9 and I felt horrid! Can't imagine with a level above that!

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8/30/13 9:34 A

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Hi there, I am the mother of an 11 yr old girl that was just diagnosed with Hashimoto's this summer. We went to the doc because her hair was falling out in droves, friends insisted we should check thyroid, past research told me that I need to check more than the normal levels, but couldn't remember details due to spending the last 4 1/2 yrs dealing with my son's cancer illness. A friend reminded me what to ask for. Asked for antibodies and talked him into it even though he said they don't do that until the normal thyroid labs are off, I insisted to make me feel better. Her labs were normal until the antibodies came back at over 1000!!! If we hadn't taken this test he would have had her come back in 6 months!
We wanted to see the specialist we new at Children's hospital so we got in there a month later and by then she had a goiter and was hypothyroid with TSH 8.3. She now takes levothyroxin .05m daily and recheck labs shows TSH at .77 now.
Her only other symptoms was constipation over the last year. Hair is normal now. Her first lab showed border line low iron at 51. Who knows how long she has had antibodies. Doc says there is no longer a chance for cure. I like to hope that by diet and supps I can help her heal before her thyroid gets sicker.
I feel that the combination of puberty and the illness/ subsequent death of her older brother brought on this issue. We are doing an elimination diet currently. She is off wheat and gluten and goiter foods. Didn't want to try too many supps until I see where her labs were with the pill.
Want to start selenium but not sure if the recommended dose is too high for her age. Iodine, I need to read up on, is it a good idea?
How do we know if she is healing and needs the med stopped? Will her level just keep getting lower and they will be like, whoa, stop that now please?
Looking forward to some feedback and someone to talk to.
Hope I posted in the right spot, been reading the articles and haven't seen some action here lately so hope Julie is still on. :)

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