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I've had RLS for 32 years, when doctors knew little about it, I've suffered and survived with no help of medications. I have a bagful of tricks I use that may or may not help you. My solutions have changed over the years and I'm happy to say so has the frequency and intensity. I'm here to offer what I found that works! Be Blessed! emoticon

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12/9/13 7:38 P

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I was diagnosed with both Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Restless Leg Syndrome about 17 years ago while spending a night in a Sleep Lab. I've been on various drugs to relieve the symptoms. Within a few minutes of sitting my legs will often "itch" and I start wiggling them back and forth or put my feet up on my toes and jiggle my legs up and down. It is difficult having a nap in the daytime which I sometimes need with other chronic conditions because within minutes of laying down, my legs will act up. When it is particularly bad, my legs ache (my right one in particular) and will actually kick out involuntarily. My legs will also jerk rather violently when bad. I seem to be worse with the change of seasons and whenever we are going to get rain or snow. Standing, walking, massaging, and rapid movements seem to help at least temporarily. My daughter had trouble with her legs while pregnant and she found a lotion for Restless Legs on-line sold by Ives Roche, a French company. They no longer make it but have replaced it with another lotion that I have yet to try. I can put it on myself and get some relief but my DH often puts it on for me and rubs my legs until the lotion is absorbed and by the time I get up again, the aches and twitches are often, not always, but often gone for the night. I've had it bad since Sept. but was pretty much fine for months before that. I have found that if there is piping on the edge of a chair cushion that it will set things off quickly. Wearing knee socks or knee high stockings has the same effect. I wonder if anyone has found something really effective to relieve the pressure and pain.

Lin from Peterborough, ON., Canada

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