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11/3/18 8:43 P

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I need to track my foods every day otherwise I don't lose weight. I do use the Sparkpeople food tracker but I have a few little tricks.

The bottom line is , I just need to know how many calories carbs etc I am eating everyday. I just post all my foods under breakfast because it is faster than putting it under three meal categories. I also made a list of most of the foods I eat and look up the macros for them online. Then I take the time to enter them into Favorites on my tracker. It is then so easy to track. I make food groups so it is just one click and it is tracked.

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10/23/18 7:19 P

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I simply must track in order to be successful -- but I, too, can get overwhelmed if it's too much work and time consuming. I've found the good old fashioned pen/paper works best for me! I like to use a small sized food journal/diary that fits in my purse -- I keep it with me at all times and never have to get on my phone or computer in order to track. I can plan ahead, I can keep an ongoing grocery list on a page that's always handy, and I've even written reminders for other things in the margins -- I also can easily refer back to previous days to get ideas for future meals - it just works for me!

I have to pick and choose what's important to me and most helpful to my journey -- it's impossible to do it all -- there's a whole lot of fun and info on this site, but that doesn't mean we have to read and do it all -- it's sorta like portion control -- only do as much as you can -- more is NOT better! LOL!

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10/15/18 10:57 P

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The easiest way for me to track food is with the barcode scanner on the app. When first starting, I kept a kitchen scale on the counter and weighed everything. Over the course of months, I had many foods saved as favorites and became good at eyeballing correct portions, if I don’t have time to measure everything.

If I don’t know what to input, because it’s a casserole or something, I see what is already input from other members, and see what seems reasonable for the serving I had. Im seeking an overall awareness and mindfulness to eat healthier food and try to stay within my range, most of the time. I know it’s not an exact gram by gram, calorie by calorie accounting.

When I started, I planned 3 or 4 options for each meal and snacks and then I could just copy them from day to day. Then added new things in slowly. I’m not great at tracking every single meal every day, but I now know how much of what I can eat and pretty much stay on track most of the time. Tracking keeps me from grazing and makes me think about my choices, so I do try to do it as much as possible. Also the nutritional analysis is very, very helpful in learning what works for me.

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10/15/18 12:09 P

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Good advice. I don't spend a lot of time on the message boards, and I shut off the Community Goal Feed. (You can set a filter to only look at your own posts, and if you don't post anything-that part of the screen is blank).

I found that the Community goal Feed is much too busy, TMI sometimes. It reminds me of Facebook, which I detest, and I'm not fond of looking at pictures of someone's dinner before I've had my first cup of coffee. :)

Do what you need to do to be successful, and break it down into small goals.

Try tracking for 1 day. If you eat a lot of the same foods, mark them as favorites. If you eat the same meals - say for breakfast - save that meal as a Grouping, then you only have to select it, instead of every item.

You don't have to get notifications for all the new topics in your groups, so decide which ones you want to interact with.

A lot of times, I'll look at the posts, but if I don't have a comment, I won't respond.

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10/15/18 12:00 P

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If for now, tracking things like nutrition and exercise don't work for you, don't do it! If participating on message boards and the like is stressful, don't do it!

I personally found that starting out small and doing what I could was what I had to do. I personally DO like being part of groups, and interacting, but pick 'n' choose them! If it doesn't feel right -- leave!

Just don't do what overwhelms you.

HUGS and wishing you success.

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10/15/18 11:35 A

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I am back after, well, I don't know how many years. One of the reasons I left SP was that I was overwhelmed by trying to keep track of everything. Now, looking at all the categories, message boards, and things to keep track of, I have that feeling again. I need the interaction and encouragement, but I want to enjoy my life, not spend it in front of the computer tracking every moment of my day. And there is so much to go through, just to get started again. Any suggestions to simplify the process would be greatly appreciated.

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