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My intermittent walking has broken into a jog, only about 250m but it's a start. First time in a few ZOOMTHOM 25 GEORGE815
7/23/21 1:33 P
Question of the Day CD14456645 7348 1SANDRA2BFIT
7/24/21 11:35 A
Posted a photo WHITBY2020 30 QUARTERMASTER3
7/12/21 4:56 P
Just for Fun.. did you play this game as a kid? with this deck or another old maid game deck or with 75HEALTHYME 33 GEORGE815
7/12/21 4:37 P
So I guess this is goodbye. I hope to see some of you lovely people over on Fitbit. I’m proud of all AMANDANCES 15 GEORGE815
7/12/21 4:37 P
I have one pair of work pants that fit. I can no longer tailor the big ones (not with my skills) and HMKITTEN 13 GEORGE815
7/12/21 4:34 P
Posted a photo DIVAGLOW 26 GEORGE815
7/12/21 4:33 P
I'm three weeks into a new challenge. This made me smile. Also remember that the first 6 to 8 weeks ZOOMTHOM 1 ZOOMTHOM
7/5/21 9:19 P
This was today’s harvest from our garden plot. I made veggie quiche & vegan zucchini brownies for di NANHBH 18 LUCKYDOGFARM
7/7/21 6:46 P
It’s not a struggle,’s a “challenge”. ZOOMTHOM 9 ALLENJOSEPH
7/5/21 11:31 P
Happy Father’s Day. One day late AMUSICALLIFE 11 ZOOMTHOM
6/22/21 7:19 P
Drop It While It's Hot ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 159 MOMMY445
7/24/21 1:30 P
Taking a much needed walk with my son AMUSICALLIFE 18 ZOOMTHOM
6/17/21 5:31 P
Slipped up today and feel kind of bad about it. Already over my calories at 150 and still have to ea BEACHCALSIX 9 USMAWIFE
6/16/21 9:48 P
Grilled Salmon and Berry Salad w/ Raspberry Vinaigrette and Mango for Dessert😋! First time ever ha CATWMNCAT 36 PCK12J
6/16/21 2:42 P
My father is fasting for surgery today. My sister gave me this and it helped me in finding words for AMUSICALLIFE 12 ZOOMTHOM
6/14/21 9:12 P
Question for ST gurus. What's your motivation to keep going? I imagine, like many, excuses pop up an ZOOMTHOM 11 URBANREDNEK
6/15/21 12:39 A
Going to a chiropractor tomorrow and knee injections with something similar to original fluid. Medit AOKDIET21 14 GMATUSKA
6/18/21 9:42 P
Hello friends, tomorrow I have an intestinal procedure, and I would be thankful for a warm thought o ISNESS 38 ALLYLIZZY
6/15/21 12:34 A
6/14/21 10:48 P
Enjoying a last minute walk on the beach with my mom AMUSICALLIFE 18 TERMITEMOM
6/14/21 10:48 P
6/14/21 2:40 P
Walking by the intracoastal , second day in a row RDM121312 48 1STBUCKETITEM
6/14/21 5:25 P
Hey Spark, you can stop sending me awards and trophies now. MARIENOW 7 TRIMNUP
6/14/21 2:42 P
Summertime is best spent on the lake! "Summer of '69" blasting from the speakers, me dancing, throwi J2002HEIDS 12 WHITEANGEL4
6/13/21 9:35 P
Puppy took my walking shoe and delivered to the front garden, it rained last night hehe ZOOMTHOM 18 DESERTDREAMERS
6/14/21 1:20 A
I can't find the post I saw from a few days ago, where members were discussing other fitness apps th HOOPALINA 9 CINDYTW963
6/14/21 1:44 P
I will take thus as a win today ZOOMTHOM 14 GEORGE815
6/13/21 3:18 P
Famous Cocoa Beach. I dream of Jeannie pretend location. My home town. Visiting family AMUSICALLIFE 14 ZOOMTHOM
6/13/21 4:36 A
I went food shopping today and what can I say the deals were fantastic 🥴🤪 I bought shrimp, scallop TMP0418 68 ISNESS
6/14/21 11:27 P
I'm pushing for greater health! I logged all of my calories today on fatsecret. This included party YISKAMIRYAM 14 7STIGGYMT
6/13/21 11:30 A
Hey everyone down 6.4 lbs after 1st two weeks. Super excited!! GRITGRINDHUSTLE 33 GERRYH2
6/13/21 7:27 A
green soup and a strawberry, spinach, peapod salad #eattherainbow JMBSJOURNEY 14 GERRYH2
6/13/21 7:27 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 22 GEORGE815
6/13/21 3:22 P
If you give up on your teams, you are not helping to motivate other. Moral is at rock bottom on SP, TCANNO 26 GEORGE815
6/13/21 3:21 P
Message Removed CD27683131 13 GERRYH2
6/13/21 7:26 A
I only got in 20-30 minutes so far 6PACKKKK 10 GEORGE815
6/13/21 3:20 P
Taking a walk with some new friends AMUSICALLIFE 34 ZOOMTHOM
6/12/21 7:04 A
Enjoying the beautiful Florida flowers. This is the desert rose AMUSICALLIFE 26 ZOOMTHOM
6/12/21 7:02 A
Screen shot my SP photos memories.. what a beautiful snap shot of walks, healthy meals, holidays :) ZOOMTHOM 3 GEORGE815
6/11/21 9:12 P
9months 57lbs gone🙌🏼 new on here tho trying to f AMEZ88 19 GEORGE815
6/11/21 9:11 P
Misty Saturday morning here. I'm going to put on s ZOOMTHOM 4 GEORGE815
6/11/21 9:16 P
Posted a photo KRISUA 41 1STBUCKETITEM
6/12/21 2:20 A
Started counting calories again. Haven't been on s GRITGRINDHUSTLE 15 RYCGIRL
6/11/21 7:37 A
Had to share my youngest son grade 6 virtual graduation. Off to middle school next year. Time flies! KIBBGIRL 28 ANDREAGZZ145
6/11/21 11:12 A
Snack for today. Was craving chips but made a salad. ALICIAROSS10 31 BECCAWEBB123
6/20/21 7:41 A
I’m doing good. I don’t eat enough protein. Does anyone else have this problem ? Or have any suggest STORMY311 9 METAFUKARI
6/11/21 12:32 A
Finished my sister’s baby blanket this morning. Mom has it packed and ready to go tomorrow. The baby DEEKELLYE 51 SPARKLINGME176
6/11/21 11:55 A
Today's bloomer: Lily TROUTPOUT 45 WHYTEBROWN
6/12/21 9:18 A
A few pictures from today's adventure. I decided on a hike at Mass Audubon's Flat Rock area which i MSMITCHELL2696 13 ALLYLIZZY
6/11/21 11:53 A
Happy Thursday Spark Friends!! Today our Son, Chef Sky - He loves cooking! Will be making us Steak FLASUN 30 ALLYLIZZY
6/11/21 12:13 P
I admit I got demotivated to earn points when I read that sparkppl is coming to an end.... BOOKNUT52 19 GRALAN
6/23/21 1:54 A
Have s great day everyone. I have spent a little time saving some of coaches motivational advice on ZOOMTHOM 15 CHERYLHURT
6/10/21 7:00 A
The SparkAmerica site won't include any other countries. So even if they add a nutrition tracker, it MARIENOW 15 LUANN_IN_PA
6/10/21 6:33 A
I weighed myself this morning and I’m at 130.6 on the scale, which makes it 84.4 pounds down from wh JOYWILSON383 14 CHIP8790
6/9/21 9:22 P
Today I weighed in at 200.1 lbs.... SCHMEGLEY 20 SHOAPIE
6/9/21 8:11 P
So I wilted 2 cups of fresh spinach in the microwave for 30 second. Raw spinach is 7 calories per cu SOULTRAVELER 8 GEORGE815
6/8/21 3:23 P
When you strength train at a cardio pace to failure rather than strength train to the development of 6PACKKKK 2 ZOOMTHOM
6/8/21 6:05 A
What a big ordeal you are going through. I dearly hope this gives you lots of movement soon. Best of ZOOMTHOM 2 ZOOMTHOM
6/8/21 4:17 A
6/1/21 7:30 A
3/24/21 8:15 A
Little steps is what it is all about. ZOOMTHOM 9 BOB5148
3/12/21 5:48 A
Has anyone noticed the catch phrase 'Year of Health' popping up in the media? Should read.. 'life of ZOOMTHOM 2 NITEMAN3D
3/3/21 11:40 P
Went to the doctor yesterday and going to try a couple of things to battle the depression and anxiet DECORAP 12 CD27182002
3/3/21 9:15 P
3/10/21 6:47 P
3rd letter starts a new positive word LOSINGLINNDY 1071 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/30/21 3:05 P
What team do you represent? KPACE7 551 DAWNGW
6/19/21 2:09 P
A dose of blue sky and sunshine from me to you :) ZOOMTHOM 12 CD254086
2/17/21 12:28 A
Enjoying today's long summer day, sending good wishes to all my SP who will be anticipating spring. ZOOMTHOM 7 CHACHA0711
2/3/21 9:37 P
Natures gift, it's going to be a fab day! ZOOMTHOM 17 RACHAEL2020
1/22/21 7:39 P
Walking in the mountains. Good leg burn. ZOOMTHOM 15 MJ7DM33
1/11/21 10:08 P
Minus 100 pounds, and maintaining! Thank you Spark! 👊🏼 🤩 -KARMA- 160 79PODGIRL
1/12/21 1:31 P
Got a little walk in today, a cardio workout, and some shoveling. Happy Tuesday! AMYINTHEWILD 39 J2002HEIDS
1/8/21 8:35 A
Found this pretty little stream on my walk. ZOOMTHOM 16 STARMONICA
1/6/21 4:19 A
Left over Salmon we smoked on our new Green Mountain Grill, wild rice, pickled carrots and onions al SHARI5442 11 LAH1222
1/5/21 10:07 P