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COVID-19 and novel coronavirus check in TRUEPEACENIK 3 TRUEPEACENIK
3/18/20 2:27 P
Carrot dogs- they may not taste like hot dogs, but they are delicious on their own merits! 🥰 I love WILDBOTANIST 21 10XPERLB
2/26/20 11:50 A
Lots of steps yesterday! We hiked to an old "ship" wreck 😁 WILDBOTANIST 19 _RAMONA
2/19/20 5:07 P
Enjoyed a chill night in with craft beer and Yahtzee 🍻 WILDBOTANIST 16 10XPERLB
12/22/19 10:17 A
What's Your Holiday Menu? WILDBOTANIST 6 POTRIDGE
11/29/19 7:55 P
Happy Halloween from my sweet little boy, Avery! ANNIEMCCY 18 WILDBOTANIST
11/3/19 1:17 P
Fake out take out night 😁 orange tofu bowls! WILDBOTANIST 20 LE_SIGH
11/1/19 8:39 A
Vegan pizza, 300 cals for two slices 😋 WILDBOTANIST 25 ANNIEMCCY
11/1/19 2:12 A
This is my morning commute! I walk 1 mile on a trail through an arboretum to get to campus. I love s WILDBOTANIST 48 REVMAN1971
10/17/19 10:07 P
I overslept for the first time in ages! Quickly rearranging my morning routine so I can still get a WILDBOTANIST 3 KOFFEENUT
10/16/19 10:29 A
Tonight's healthy meal: salad with oil-free fig balsamic & gnocchi and white bean skillet. WILDBOTANIST 13 LIZZYMITCH
10/15/19 11:55 P
Good morning! How will you set yourself up for success today? I'm packing all my lunches and snacks WILDBOTANIST 14 PELESJEWEL
10/15/19 10:55 A
Fall vegetarian feast: fig balsamic tofu & sprouts with herbed rice bowl 😋 WILDBOTANIST 16 EVIE4NOW
10/14/19 11:12 P
Is yoga strength training or cardio? DIGIT00 5 WILDBOTANIST
10/14/19 5:00 P
What makes certain days of the week more difficult TRUEPEACENIK 17 SUNSHINE99999
11/11/19 9:01 P
Good morning, Monday! What are you doing to start the week right? I programmed in new recipes from t WILDBOTANIST 15 KMILBURN7
10/14/19 6:35 P
10/14/19 12:13 A
It was a beautiful Fall day! Walked over 2.5 miles! CRAZYINSPIRED11 24 HAPPYDAZ1
10/14/19 1:50 P
Vegan Irish stew & zucchini fritters = cozy dark comfortable food that's week within my calorie goal WILDBOTANIST 18 ALLYLIZZY
10/14/19 12:16 P
Went for a short hike today to see some fall colors along the Nooksack River in Mt Baker Wilderness! WILDBOTANIST 21 ROBBIEY
10/13/19 8:10 P
3/27/20 7:59 A
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 15400 BOB5148
3/28/20 4:37 P
My fuzzy accountability buddy is making sure I'm starting off my morning on task! WILDBOTANIST 14 FUTUREFOCUSED
10/13/19 6:41 P
Went for a walk on the coast, a nice way to get some movement in on a gloomy day - and I hit my step WILDBOTANIST 47 ARNETTELEE
10/13/19 7:47 A
What did you eat for lunch today? SLK347 51431 ROBBIEY
3/28/20 2:41 P
Do you have a cheat day? CD15841637 6656 BOB5148
3/28/20 4:36 P
Recording what you eat - once a day or every time? FEATHER2003 88 GABY1948
2/4/20 6:44 P
Anybody doing the Eat Local Challenge? GREBJACK 11 SHOAPIE
10/19/19 12:36 P
What are you doing today ( besides exercise ?) NOCALOVE1 490 JIACOLO
3/27/20 4:23 P
Do you give money to the Salvation Army? BARBZUMBA 103 LWLAR7
10/14/19 12:31 A
Older Uni Student: New City, New Life, New Goals WILDBOTANIST 1 WILDBOTANIST
10/6/19 1:58 P