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So Sore but it's awesome! TERIBEAR68 2 ECCOVISION1
11/7/19 11:46 P
As a Harvey survivor and dealing with this all day JUDYBEAR216 23 AMYINTHEWILD
9/20/19 11:09 P
Just lost my precious baby. She was 13 1/2. Makes me feel like all this is pointless. KAYCEELUV 53 JLPEASE
9/19/19 12:12 P
To my friends out there having a rough time. You are beautiful, you definitely deserve a happy full LIVINGLOVINLIFE 14 RUSSELLFORD
7/16/19 1:37 A
Do you Track on Spark? SEAGLASS1215 77 JILLINOIS1
11/17/19 11:30 P
hi , i am back once again. still need to lose alot of weight. looking for the chair excersize video MYLSSA 9 DARCY-B
6/30/19 4:27 P
Brunch with amazing people ARISTOPHANES55 4 JANTHEBLONDE
6/29/19 1:31 P
Exercise Inside or Outside Today? TRIKEMAMA1 56179 MOTHERBOARDER
11/18/19 5:33 A
I need this reminder today! Still trying to work on how to make better food choices when you're invi TADOORE1 8 TADOORE1
6/23/19 10:21 A
Another day on the Chickasaw Trail. 2.75 Miles #moveit TERIBEAR68 12 BILLTHOMSON
6/22/19 11:37 A
Love this! I always struggle to convince myself just to get a little exercise in whenever I can, ins JANIMOEN 32 AMYDEES
6/17/19 9:39 P
Getting frustrated with myself. I do really good during the week. Watched what I ate, tracked ever LORILFW68 8 GEORGE815
6/16/19 3:33 P
Inside or outside exercise? Why? STRIVE4BALANCE1 10 GEORGE815
6/16/19 3:34 P
Today was a rest day but still got 7 minutes in. #moveit TERIBEAR68 3 BILLTHOMSON
6/16/19 5:18 A
Lovely walk around the lake this morning. 2.36 miles. #moveit TERIBEAR68 24 BONNIE1552
6/14/19 7:46 A
.52 miles on the Curve trainer and Arms/Abs circuit. 60 minutes total. #moveit TERIBEAR68 16 MDOWER1
6/12/19 5:21 P
Do you use an exercise tracker? SHAYNE139 142 SBURDEN
11/17/19 12:59 P
Gym Day 8. 35 minutes, 5.35 miles. #moveit TERIBEAR68 7 TOMORROW-C
6/12/19 12:19 P
5.15 miles on the bike and abs/arms weight circuit today. Gym day 7. #moveit TERIBEAR68 3 BILLTHOMSON
6/11/19 8:04 A
Rest Day today. 10 minutes light stretching. #moveit TERIBEAR68 2 ZRIE014
6/10/19 12:33 A
My Fitbit has stopped syncing so I'm super frustrated that my last three days haven't shown up here TERIBEAR68 10 1CRAZYDOG
6/9/19 12:47 P
Gym Hair, Red Face. 30 minutes on the treadmill. Walk 3 run 1. One Mile. Day 5 #moveit TERIBEAR68 15 BONNIE1552
6/8/19 1:46 P
Trying to figure out how an hour at the gym doing treadmill and bike only equals 14 minutes accordin TERIBEAR68 4 BONNIE1552
6/7/19 2:38 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Yesterday was a wonderful day! But today, today is TEXASHSMOMOF3 275 MADEINBRITAIN
6/6/19 3:57 A
Our youngest with our cat. 😻🐈🐾 Also, question for you all... I'm still on my weight loss journey, JORIEFM 14 KARRONH
6/5/19 7:33 A
Second day at the gym. A bit over a mile on the treadmill to warm up and then leg day on the weight TERIBEAR68 3 BONNIE1552
6/4/19 8:10 P
Started the gym portion of my Miracle Morning today. 4 miles on the bike, 1 on the treadmill. Ran la TERIBEAR68 4 BILLTHOMSON
6/4/19 7:56 A
Depressed. Keep gaining. Loosing all hope. I'm worthless and my church job of 6 hours a week cost SRITT004 8 BIRBKITTEN1234
5/29/19 4:08 P
Finally, my house guest are gone and I’m back in my home gym! 😂 SPOKENWORD 23 DEE107
5/30/19 12:09 A
Hi everyone! I'm getting married in April. I want CHARPER19 103 LIBERALGODDESS
5/26/19 5:34 P
Strong Curves: Booty-ful Beginnings Weeks 9-12 Workout C 🏋️‍♀️ Plus some additional upper body wo MOM0F2_DANNIE 12 DLDMIL
5/23/19 8:10 P
Support and healing prayers needed. My eldest daug COOKWITHME65 23 GARDENCHRIS
5/11/19 1:23 P
Right now I'm the heaviest I've ever been and it's so depressing. I feel like I use food as comfort SRITT004 117 CRAZEEK9S
5/30/19 8:44 A
Oh my gosh!!! I flipping did it!!! I’m crying! I made it to onederland y’all!!! I am bawling! TEXASHSMOMOF3 306 JUSTDOITSUZY
8/18/19 10:53 P
For the past week I've been out of control with my eating. I was weighing 177 now I'm back up to 183 NOOKIE95 19 FREECOLOGY
4/18/19 2:25 P
I am starting yet again for about the 10th time. But I am determined. DECLARENCE2 16 JOCELYNH711
4/18/19 8:01 A
I THINK there’s some difference in my face now...right? #BeforeAndAfter FILMINGLIFE 60 TAYGRL
4/22/19 7:48 A
I am having a terrible experience with the Premium Coaching feature. I feel like they don't really k XUCAEN 9 LUANN_IN_PA
4/17/19 8:02 A
Hello! I am new to Spark. I just found out that I have multiple autoimmune disorders and I have been HUMMINGPOEE 27 MCFITZ2
4/11/19 3:52 A
My first bikini-ever! Is it too risqué for a 42 year old? Still need some work on my middle I know KENNYBARBIE12 98 SPARKLEIGH61
4/14/19 11:24 A
Purchased this to add to smoothies. I have a peanut butter weakness and never purchase it because I’ THE_FAE 21 TEENY_BIKINI
4/9/19 2:25 A
Last night I had a rage quit with my sugar level and food.. No matter what I did, it would not go pa CASTAWEIGH19 5 GEORGE815
3/25/19 3:45 P
I feel like everything is spiraling out of control right now. I have been able to stay on my calorie MSJOSIEFOREVER 123 ALLYLIZZY
3/25/19 6:28 P
Feeling a little (a lot?) discouraged this morning. Instead of eating my feelings (which I Really wo JEHOVAFAN 140 KAS10001
3/7/19 8:50 P
How often do you weigh in? GWE204 311 MARYJOANNA
10/29/19 7:24 A
Posted a photo SJOYOUS 30 JAMER123
2/23/19 12:19 A
In celebration of my 51st, I'm committed to 51 minutes of cardio at least 5x daily! I do it, I move JACQUELINEJAX1 83 JACQUELINEJAX1
2/18/19 9:00 A
2019 has been rough so far. My boyfriend and I broke up, we were together 6.5 years and own a house LITTLEMISSMOUSE 59 PWILLOW1
2/16/19 1:43 P
Anyone have tips on going Gluten Free? HLTHAPPINESS4C 18 SOAPSANDROPES
3/1/19 12:12 P
I started eating 1500 calories or less and exercising more around 2 and a half weeks ago. I kept see SARAALEXTRACY 12 SARAALEXTRACY
2/16/19 7:01 P
Anyone else trying keto? KETOCURIOUS 78 TERIBEAR68
2/2/19 11:06 P
Back after a long absence JOEYSPOOK 12 LISALU910
2/14/19 4:49 P
I apologize in advance for this rant but I didn't know where else to post and I am feeling very depr GLAMGAL88 62 MOJOZEN
2/1/19 3:48 P
Let this day go down in history...I made it to #ONEDERLAND!!! It may not be by much but I’m not goin NVRGIVINGUP 140 SDEHNKE
1/15/19 7:39 P
Today is day 1 with Sparkpeople! I am just learning about all this community has to offer and am g ERINSJOURNEY444 303 LEWISTOMPSON651
11/2/19 8:10 P
1/13/19 8:15 A
How did you do Christmas? GRAMCRACKER46 20 LIN1263
1/16/19 2:50 A
Happy New Year! I’ve lost about 20 since sept but gained back 2 over holidays, 😒. Back at it! Do yo HISTORYTEACH72 13 ALLYLIZZY
1/2/19 12:41 P
Just starting and I have a long way to go. Had to be admitted to hospital on Christmas day and foun SMHATTON 23 GOALGETTER1211
12/29/18 4:45 P
Posted a photo ~INDYGIRL 121 TANGERINESPY52
3/3/19 8:01 P
I hate saying again, but here we go... Again MOM2JTD3 25 MIZKAREN
12/27/18 11:12 A
Struggling so hard with this plateau. I was less than a pound from onederland then my body got trapp NDSTOIC44 57 FUTUREFOCUSED
12/27/18 5:49 P
Hi.... Ive just started here. I want to lose at least 44 lbs to get me to 200. I'm starting to feel JMILOSEVIC 39 DININA48MN
12/23/18 6:52 P
How Long Have You Been Using Sparkpeople? THEFITTCHICK 16 MAWMAW101
12/25/18 9:52 A
So I’ve had my twins.. And just like that I have 5 children now! The twins will be 4 months on Chris SIMPLYKEN32 70 WOMANOFLOVE
12/22/18 1:10 P
Your A1c came back at 5.9% which is great! Keep up the good work! - Text from my doctor just now. TERIBEAR68 7 GEORGE815
12/17/18 1:23 P
Enough is enough! I can't keep going like this! Eating and binging whenever I want! 🐖😝 I'm startin HAPPILY_C 55 IVANHOE64
12/29/18 11:05 A
Hello Onederland!!! ❤️ ECKOKITTEN 14 ALLYLIZZY
12/9/18 1:35 P
Good morning guys!! So since I’m focusing on #NSV and proud moments here’s a big one for me... I ha TEXASHSMOMOF3 181 GEORGE815
12/9/18 4:22 P
Did you eat breakfast? If so what? LITTLE-SASHA 98614 BIGTOSS03
11/17/19 11:53 P
Going to be 58. I'm tired and over weight, I don't want to be like this at 59. I have no one to do t NEWYAWKAHBROAD 18 TKFRIEND
12/7/18 7:34 A
This is my first day starting to track and actually follow a healthy lifestyle. The first step seems XADRIXNA 254 TANGOJAVA43068
12/5/18 5:11 P
#BeforeAndAfter still going strong💕 F54484 71 LUCYSMOM14
12/7/18 8:30 P
Eating out tips? BUTTERFLY179 29 FREEMONT12
1/7/19 1:41 P
Just now getting back to the workout game after a long hiatus. Wish me luck! BARBARAJANE06 28 ALLYLIZZY
11/23/18 4:00 P