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Hey all! I took an unintended break from SP. I went to visit family for 3 weeks and ate delicious, h SUSIEGETBY11 27 CHERRYZMB60
9/24/20 9:03 P
As a friend of mine said recently, the air feels b SUSIEGETBY11 8 WAYDOWN20
8/27/20 12:25 P
Help...I need somebody. it’s always been something SUSIEGETBY11 19 SUSIEGETBY11
8/24/20 7:43 P
Wow, I’ve forgotten how GREAT I feel when I stick to my calorie total for the day. It’s amazing how SUSIEGETBY11 16 CATWMNCAT
8/23/20 8:12 P
The Purpose of the Spark Cafe?? SUSIEGETBY11 19 MLAN613
8/17/20 7:47 A
Hey everyone...a little about me WORKING4ABTTRME 8 SUSIEGETBY11
8/11/20 11:06 A
(Re)Introduction and Happy Friday!!! SUSIEGETBY11 3 SUSIEGETBY11
8/8/20 4:51 P
Who else is starting over again? BIRDLOVER-CJ 23 DORIE53
8/22/20 3:01 P
I ate too much yesterday;( TBOYD5000 7 RICHE38
8/7/20 12:35 P
Getting Back on the Horse!! SUSIEGETBY11 6 SLIMMERKIWI
8/5/20 6:44 A
How to stay on track PLUTONIANGIRL87 24 MARYJOANNA
10/23/20 7:50 A
9/5/20 9:50 P
I'm New-ish..How Do I Make Friends on This Site?? SUSIEGETBY11 11 MA_DIDDLES
8/8/20 3:29 P
I played tennis today for the first time in two years. It was hot and exhausting. But also exhilarat SUSIEGETBY11 13 CD26054119
8/2/20 6:32 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 160489 PENNYSAVER2
10/24/20 3:04 P
Hey all you non-cooks! Or is it just me? Lol! In my BC (Before Covid) life, I would buy fresh meals SUSIEGETBY11 9 DENNIS99707
7/30/20 11:08 P
How many times does one person have to start over 🤔😒🙄? I guess if I would stop giving in and givi HJUDIE1 39 RAYLEALISA
7/29/20 7:20 P
Intermittent Fasting. Going to try it. 16:8. This is day 2. Let's see how the next 10 days goes. If JENNIFER_STRONG 4 CONNIET88
7/29/20 6:23 A
Masks have been too easy to hide behind. Because I carry weight in my face, they’ve been a bit of a SUSIEGETBY11 4 BAILE1MA
7/28/20 10:02 P
First I want to Thank everyone for yesterdays compliments I was asked did I have some kind of wt lo GRNEYEDSPANIARD 24 JOY468
7/28/20 11:44 A
I’m baaaccckkkkk!!! I’m not sure what brought me back here, but I know there’s a reason and I ain’t SUSIEGETBY11 28 CD26171086
7/25/20 11:52 P