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I think I may be addictive to McDonald's. Traveling on the road isn't good for my health. 😟 SMILE7737 3 CNUGIN
5/29/20 2:28 P
Life is good. SMILE7737 2 SUZIEQIAM
5/3/20 4:24 P
Having an off day. I feel heavier and bloated and we ordered pizza tonight with all of the toppings. SMILE7737 3 CLAIREMC65
4/18/20 7:41 P
Or kid got his homework today. I'm feeling anxious about when I go back to work when I can't help hi SMILE7737 2 S_NABBIT
4/16/20 7:53 P
I have been exercising for 54 days. I'm getting in a rut and not wanting to do it but I will continu SMILE7737 9 EVIE4NOW
4/15/20 12:03 A
3 Item To Do List LOSTBETH 8840 KBEHNKE81
5/31/20 12:14 P
Did you exercise today? GETTO140 93276 PCSPEER
6/1/20 1:25 A
I'm loving resistance training! SMILE7737 7 CHERRYZMB60
4/2/20 7:44 P
How are you staying active during this time? MLAN613 47 IFFILAYO
5/31/20 12:03 A
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 10951 SUNSHINE99999
5/31/20 1:57 P
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 72227 EEJAA70
5/31/20 11:24 P
It was cold day today and I definitely move slower when I'm cold but 2 miles hiking! #gymshark66 #wo SMILE7737 8 KAYDE53
3/21/20 9:03 P
What did you do today to work towards your goals? SEARCH4BALANCE 950 LOCKAMENKA
4/17/20 8:59 A
I worked out, house is clean and I'm bored! This staying home from the stroke and the virus I'm goin SMILE7737 7 EVIE4NOW
3/20/20 12:56 A
Started today in a horrible mood. In just one mile of hiking I am starting to feel like myself. SMILE7737 3 IMPROVINGME
3/19/20 1:19 P
I'm getting back into hiking. I miss it so much. At my heaviest at 260. SMILE7737 4 SUZIEEQ91
3/18/20 8:08 P
I feel anxious about sitting inside but right now I just feel like it's too cold today outside. SMILE7737 3 GEORGE815
3/15/20 5:31 P
I feel like tv has all of the answers. Limit tv time and be productive! SMILE7737 2 TAMMYAND
2/27/20 6:09 P
I've not given up. Stroke no matter how! SMILE7737 2 IMPROVINGME
2/11/20 6:53 P
Pain flares are terrible but it doesn't mean I'm giving up! SMILE7737 2 TCANNO
1/29/20 3:13 A
I can do this! No more festivities until March. Time to get strong! đŸ’Ē SMILE7737 6 ROXANNE98
12/30/19 9:28 P
Christmas is over and getting back on track with water! SMILE7737 1 SMILE7737
12/25/19 4:41 P
How do YOU work in excercise? QUEENOFHELL91 2 SMILE7737
12/24/19 3:06 P
Small Successes PUPPY_QUEEN 2 SMILE7737
12/24/19 3:04 P
Wish List for an Animal Shelter SMILE7737 4 WHITEANGEL4
12/25/19 11:39 P
What is your energy level today? SEQUOIAJA 1059 USMAWIFE
5/30/20 9:53 P
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 60255 LWLAR7
5/31/20 9:49 P
And walking pneumonia strikes again. SMILE7737 7 EVIE4NOW
12/17/19 10:39 P
How come every time I seem to be motivated to actually do something about my health I get a cold. :/ SMILE7737 10 LIBR@RYL@DY
12/14/19 6:58 P
I said no to fast food three times today! Lots of cravings when stressed at work. SMILE7737 5 _RAMONA
12/11/19 11:21 A
I may have gained a lot of weight these last few y SMILE7737 12 _RAMONA
12/9/19 1:35 P
I ate fast food this morning but instead of stressing about it, I'm going to get back on track tomor SMILE7737 3 L1VEL1FE
11/30/19 9:28 P
Came back from Thanksgiving with a renewed commitment to eating no junk, including cheap fast food a DJAYBX 25 GEORGE815
11/29/19 8:51 P
Chest pain and a cold... Bring it on life. Nothing can knock me down for long SMILE7737 10 MJ7DM33
11/23/19 8:31 P
Down 8 pounds! Didn't expect that and Will continue to track my food! SMILE7737 10 HEALTHYMOM241
11/14/19 11:03 P
Fibro sucks. One day I can concur the world. The next I can't even take a shower. SMILE7737 5 EVIE4NOW
11/13/19 11:09 P
Freezing and exhausted... Yay pain flare warnings ☚ī¸ SMILE7737 5 ALLTHINGSNEW81
11/13/19 8:09 A
I live with a rare, chronic illness and no one knows what to do for it. I have my manageable days an PIXIEDUST04 15 LE_SIGH
11/13/19 8:25 A
Starting small by just tracking SMILE7737 7 URBANREDNEK
11/8/19 10:43 A
Bad pain flare the last few weeks. Took a bad toll on my health improvements. SMILE7737 6 DSPARKYRN2
11/8/19 12:58 P