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83.4 pound difference 19 months and counting 😉 Do you see that collarbone yippee 😁 Love yourself TMP0418 85 MIRAGE727
4/9/19 7:16 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 96 HOLLYBARKER1
4/8/19 12:50 P
Not losing weight as fast as I want but something in better than nothing 😊 _K_OTA 76 REYNAJUST4KIX
4/8/19 3:14 P
Was 300, now 219. Every pound lost is significant. I love updating my visual trackers in my kitch SCRIMP1 129 KNEESOCKS1945
4/8/19 5:23 P
First day "on the road". I'll need to focus! Southwest Mexican Traditional Food - choices will matte SANDDUNEBUNNY 3 ITALIANGAL44
3/25/19 10:31 A
I'm so excited the weather is getting warm enough for pre-breakfast runs.! JDRANCHER 21 ALLYLIZZY
3/24/19 1:08 P
I went without eating junk at work today, and I held out til the end of my shift for my meal! Had a SHIMMYSHAKER 20 CHERRELL45
3/25/19 3:21 P
I broke my leg and gained 40 lbs. UGH. Starting new weight goal #BeforeAndAfter BONNIBECKETT 25 52CHRIS
3/27/19 9:50 P
Have done pretty well, losing some wt. and exercising. Feeling a LOT better about 50+ days in. Start SANDDUNEBUNNY 4 KOALA_BEAR
3/24/19 1:05 A
Feeling so proud of the progress I've made! Down 95lbs which is 75% of my total goal of losing 125lb JULIHC82 135 CHARTHESTAR
3/28/19 4:27 A
Posted a photo COOKIES450 12 GEORGE815
3/20/19 3:43 P
The thing I am enjoying the most about clean eatin HEAT730 13 GEORGE815
3/20/19 3:43 P
After almost a full week off due to illness I was finally able to get back to my 30 day True Yoga Ch ITSPURPLESPICE 12 GEORGE815
3/20/19 3:40 P
Feeling better altho tired & preparing for 2 wk road trip to the Southwest - SoCal & AZ. Any tips f SANDDUNEBUNNY 3 GEORGE815
3/20/19 3:48 P
I love, love, love skating and I'm glad my mini me does too! We had a blast! Brings back good memori KERRIBERRI86 36 ALLYLIZZY
3/20/19 3:59 P
I was surprised I lost a pound in the last 6 days since I was sick. Sure glad I didn’t throw in the SANDDUNEBUNNY 2 REYNAJUST4KIX
3/19/19 8:49 P
At the gym for an “Easy Does It” Class. A lot of fun last time. 3 days post “virus-flu”. Let’s Do Th SANDDUNEBUNNY 2 ALLYLIZZY
3/19/19 4:51 P
Left: chaperoning Prom 2014 (about 30 lbs lighter than my heaviest weight, spanx and girdle in actio WINDMILLS18 170 SILNEA
3/20/19 5:30 A
I have been sick for 7 days. Today was better. Diet & exercise went out the door. It is my hardest c SANDDUNEBUNNY 3 ZRIE014
3/19/19 12:36 A
Today I walked but it was more than to get steps in. It was to clear my head, to worship God, to pra RUTHIE2315 205 KRISTYGAL
3/19/19 1:36 P
Making progress, slow but steady. 27 pounds gone! CUPCAKEGURL913 107 CGARR442
3/15/19 11:08 P
I’m wearing clothes I thought I’d never be able to wear. I’m doing the things I thought I couldn’t d ALLYLIZZY 212 JRDUPREE
3/15/19 11:49 P
I'm really doing it this time and feeling fabulous. 53 years old is looking great on ME...💝 #Before NOLAGEM1 154 BROSEH139
3/16/19 7:50 P
Suffering the flu. Thought it was a cold but man oh man are we sick. So to track my reach for Werthe SANDDUNEBUNNY 13 EOWYN24241
3/14/19 1:18 A
I made so much progress in 2016, and now I'm starting over from square one. I'm trying to think of t COMETALISK 5 LASOLA1
3/13/19 2:14 P
Today is my birthday. The big 5 0 TRICIA-13 12 SUZGREENTEA
3/19/19 12:02 P
Have you ever seen someone so KERMIE67 14 KERMIE67
3/13/19 4:50 P
Stop comparing yourself to are YOU, they are them. You've got everything needed to achi ARTGIRLJENNL 17 STAR135000
3/13/19 11:50 P
Dang! Day 5 and slayed by a virus. This sucks. Haven’t been this sick in a long, long time. SANDDUNEBUNNY 3 ALLYLIZZY
3/13/19 11:50 A
Ahh! I’m on track and beat my weekly goal! 194.8 today. I haven’t seen that number in 3 years! Thank CONNIET88 15 KEEPITUP05
3/12/19 9:28 P
Hearts are wild creatures, that’s why our ribs are cages. TUFKAS 2 SANDDUNEBUNNY
3/12/19 9:30 A
3/13/19 12:53 A
Day 4 of an awful cold & little willpower to eat “right”. Would just like to feel better. Even a 10 SANDDUNEBUNNY 2 JANIMOEN
3/12/19 9:37 A
Part 2 of last night’s sky. ☁️🌤💙✨🌧 ALLYLIZZY 20 SPARKLINGME176
3/11/19 3:17 P
Good Monday morning spark friends. Just a friendly reminder the our plans sometimes are different th CARLOSLAKELAND 141 MHUMBERS1950
3/11/19 9:18 P
If April Showers bring May Flowers, what do May Flowers bring? PILGRIMS! supposed to go to a Master JUSTFURKIDS 24 I-AM-TITANIUM
3/12/19 12:11 A
I read all of the positive post and I can't figure out why I can't make it work for me! I tell mysel KATIBUG49 29 GEORGE815
3/10/19 5:59 P
Happy Sunday! I woke up with a cold -husband too, so water & stretching today. I’ll miss my book cl SANDDUNEBUNNY 5 ALLYLIZZY
3/10/19 1:17 P
Here’s why I need to stop playing games on my iPhone at bedtime... JENMAYMARVIN 18 JENMAYMARVIN
3/10/19 2:15 P
Meanwhile, spring has still not sprung, it has gotten lost on the way to MN! Stay warm and have a gr HOLLYM48 106 HOLLYM48
3/11/19 5:52 P
Posted a photo ANIA0422 7 ANIA0422
3/9/19 2:40 P
I'm down fifty pounds! WLLMS1988 187 JANA58
3/10/19 9:04 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 26 CINDY247
3/10/19 6:16 P
70 pounds gone, 80 to go. I’m almost halfway there. I didn’t think I’d ever see the day. Woo hoo! TIGGER2908 16 DLDMIL
3/9/19 9:25 P
It just happened. Woke up and something shifted in my brain! THIS IS HAPPENING! EO4WELLNESS 6 NANASUEH
3/10/19 11:10 A
Ugh. Husband is down with a cold & Im feeling sick. Darn it! Any advice on exercise? SANDDUNEBUNNY 4 KPARTX31
3/9/19 4:20 P
Posted a photo MISSALISSA1575 13 CANDY_ANNE
3/8/19 12:59 P
Posted a photo LT3AG4S 15 SPARKLEIGH61
3/8/19 1:54 P
I’m back ...I got away from thinking about me and what I need.... Here’s to starting over again, aga DELLIELYNN4 9 CGARR442
3/8/19 10:27 P
Haven't lost more pounds but feeling so much better. Stronger, esp. in my legs (squats & cardio), h SANDDUNEBUNNY 16 GEORGE815
3/8/19 3:17 P
Dang! What a workout today. And I passed up all the sweetie treaties at the store too. 2x Win! So SANDDUNEBUNNY 2 LASOLA1
3/7/19 11:24 P
Yesterday was my 4 month anniversary since I started my weight-loss journey! 11/14/18- 277 3/6/19 - TANYANIKITA 161 TAYGRL
3/11/19 7:56 A
I’ve incorporated an Apple into my eating almost every day. It’s a great snack to stave off that hun SANDDUNEBUNNY 22 LIZZIE138
3/6/19 11:41 A
Good morning 💪🏽 VLRPRKS 25 ALLYLIZZY
3/6/19 1:07 P
Today is day 3 of getting all the water in. Feels good to be hydrated and it also helps with the ha SANDDUNEBUNNY 12 BONNIE1552
3/5/19 9:08 A
My last semester of nursing school killed me. Needless to say I gained all the weight back I had lo KORNY14 105 TANGERINESPY52
3/2/19 6:09 P
14 pounds shy of my goal weight. Had some ups and some downs but I know I can get there!! I know wha KIBBGIRL 65 TAYGRL
3/5/19 8:06 A
"In every walk with nature one receives more than one seeks." - John Muir RCLYKE 18 MONIBELLY
3/2/19 11:41 A
Posted a photo KMICHELLEB 24 GEORGE815
3/2/19 3:07 P
I have lost 6 pounds since Monday, when I started tracking my food again!! Why did I ever stop??? JDBUSTILLOSJB 6 ALLYLIZZY
3/2/19 11:54 A
Meeting today and there will be a potluck. Second day in a row that eating “out” is challenging me. SANDDUNEBUNNY 2 QUADCMOM
3/2/19 9:53 A
Perfection is attained by slow degrees; it requires the hand of time. Voltaire #h2whoa AZMOMXTWO 3 SANDDUNEBUNNY
2/28/19 11:37 A
New week and a new start to the water challenge. I'm all in! #h2whoa SANDDUNEBUNNY 6 TOMATOCAFEGAL
2/28/19 2:16 P
Posted a photo LOVEMOTIVATES 47 -POOKIE-
2/28/19 6:39 A
110 lbs GONE!! 44.5 to go!! If I can do it, so can you! LINZHORN 243 KAS10001
2/28/19 9:25 A
I fell short of my 8 cups I think. So I'm going with 5. I'll do better tomorrow! #h2whoa SANDDUNEBUNNY 3 1CRAZYDOG
2/28/19 1:39 P
This was in May of last year, I was down 20lbs. Gained 14 of that back. Hopefully, with this app and FSANNER 14 TLV106
2/26/19 10:47 P
Gym time... it was a serious press to go today but I made it THANK YOU LORD ELDERSARAHYSMIT 8 WOMANOFLOVE
2/26/19 9:41 P
My darn back is hurting - day 2. Think I screwed up when trying a Coach Nicole workout the other day SANDDUNEBUNNY 2 REYNAJUST4KIX
2/26/19 8:52 P
2/26/19 11:25 A
6 weeks post hip surgery. 138.4lbs. Joining a gym on Thursday and plan to get back the muscles I l PICKLEFISH7 13 FUTUREFOCUSED
2/26/19 1:37 P
Decided as part of my journey to head towards a vegetarian diet. Beginning with "Meatless Mondays". SANDDUNEBUNNY 7 123THERESA123
2/26/19 12:19 P
I've reached about a pound under my goal weight, and I haven't felt this great in years... have a gr PRINCESSBLUBIRD 133 GEORGE815
2/26/19 2:46 P
This was me before I started utilizing this app. I’ve lost almost 80 lbs. I was 353. I have about KARENBJACKSON20 295 GIRLINMOTION
2/26/19 9:29 P
I started my journey at 303 lbs ,would like to be MSLEEN58 198 DIXMUDE1
2/26/19 10:16 A