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Question of the Week, Oct 14 PIXIE-LICIOUS 5 LOSER05
10/14/19 10:44 P
10/13/19 11:40 A
Switching back to SparkPeople after trying WW for the last year. Could use some encouragement. Been MPOTTER22 9 JAMER123
10/13/19 11:16 P
Going to try to have three lighter days eating this week and plan better rather than doing it for a DSJB9999 5 SWEETENUFGILL
10/13/19 2:27 P
I have lost hope of losing weight or getting my hip surgery. Can’t have it until I lose 100 lbs. I c SUZANNEE5 9 ALLYLIZZY
10/13/19 12:04 P
This is my first year to substitute teach. I'm going to talk to the other 4th grade teacher next wee QUADCMOM 7 GABY1948
10/14/19 10:58 A
I took a brisk walk this morning, I kept up my pace to keep warm, as it’s 37F out and I am a delicat LESLIELENORE 15 _RAMONA
10/14/19 2:03 A
I started Wednesday 10/8/2019 eating fat more and little carbs like keto after I saw my weight going WAILNUHA 6 YMWONG22
10/13/19 8:33 A
Problems, Problems: A problem is a chance for you to do your best...Duke Ellington TWIGBISKIT5 8 YMWONG22
10/13/19 8:16 A
10/13/19 4:21 P
I know it may not sound much to most people however this is a major milestone for me! My overall is: NVRGIVINGUP 57 YOYONOMA
10/14/19 9:42 A
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 29 JAMER123
10/13/19 11:15 P
Keto pumpkin “bagels”! Thanks to @L1VEL1FE for the recipe on #keto . They came out great, they real GANBA20 14 L1VEL1FE
10/12/19 11:20 P
3.88 mile walk tonight! Whoop whoop DB1167 4 IAMAGEMLOVER
10/10/19 9:16 A
Setting a goal to lose 32lbs...Blood Pressure is up. I'd rather lose the extra pounds than take hig UWOELL6569 7 MJ7DM33
10/9/19 10:13 P
Keto spinach stuffed chicken breast and salad EJBLANCO1212 19 CLOUDWALKING
10/10/19 1:20 A
walked 2 miles and did a 30 circuit training video #fitnessfeats CECELW 8 KAYAHSLOANE1
10/11/19 4:41 A
17722 steps omg I'm beat NONYAGUPPY 14 ALLYLIZZY
10/10/19 12:22 P
My hard work is paying off! I gained a lb last week but that's ok!! I'm just working harder this wee TINAPHILLIPS215 62 SMILEY82
10/13/19 1:34 P
This weekend we are going to a family reunion at a resort hotel in the Poconos. Pictures of the bre GOLDTAG1 13 DJAYBX
10/9/19 6:38 A
Rainy day, wish I could put on my wellies and jump in some puddles lol SCHMUNZELN 5 LIZZIE138
10/8/19 10:10 A
My tip of the day: Don't do yoga right after using lotion. #slippingandsliding #moveit STUCKINMYCUBBY 10 TOMORROW-C
10/8/19 3:30 P
10/8/19 2:02 P
I lost a i go.... JAHNAH 4 DLJONES50
9/29/19 7:16 P
Today is my 45th birthday! To celebrate/challenge myself I added 45 burpees to my workout........AND CONRAAMY74 6 JAHNAH
9/29/19 7:41 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 2 QUADCMOM
9/29/19 6:25 P
#lowcarb. Dinner tonight was chicken breast. A sa DEEO12 12 RDHDINWV
10/1/19 10:57 A
Yay back to maintenance weight! Now to keep going! It's a difficult road but all of us got this!!� KENNYBARBIE12 22 CHEIVOUS
9/30/19 10:04 A
Colored this during my morning relax, coffee time, kitty lap time. I thought this little pair of fri BOSCOPUD 11 MADEINBRITAIN
9/30/19 4:32 A
Hi Had a great walk today all most got to 5000 steps Iam going to give it a dam good shot this week CHRISCARRINGTON 5 BUTTERFLY59
9/29/19 8:06 P
Great on the calories and I got myself to run today. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 7 GREEN_EYES2
9/29/19 7:59 P
Posted a photo WOLFMUSIC102374 7 ELFISHER56
9/28/19 7:17 A
Steps Yesterday!!! We LOVED the "True Rumours" band who sang all Fleetwood Mac Songs!!! Taking our FLASUN 23 LIS193
9/29/19 2:40 A
Going to be a fun day. Going to a quilting class to learn English Paper Piecing. Love quilting. CLEOALLEN 10 JLPEASE
9/28/19 7:54 A
I subbed yesterday on the second floor of a two story school. I didn't count how many times I went u QUADCMOM 8 GABY1948
10/1/19 11:46 A
Someone in my class noticed my efforts and asked w FREEDOMSKEY 7 ALLYLIZZY
9/26/19 6:13 P
Saying Hello. Spent the last two days resting, reading mail, washing, after two week vacation. More DONNA_CPS2 13 DONNA_CPS2
9/28/19 8:16 A
Posted a photo MA_DIDDLES 31 75HEALTHYME
9/27/19 7:58 P
I did it! I made WW Lifetime! Again. I am not done losing, but I am done paying! I have about 15 NANCYANNE55 34 OHMEMEME
9/26/19 8:33 P
Yesterday, I subbed with 7th grade classes. On my way home I stopped at Dollar General for chocolate QUADCMOM 3 1CRAZYDOG
9/26/19 5:12 P
Lost 75 pounds but put 10 back on this past year. Instead of focusing on the 10 pound gain, I have CLEOALLEN 12 ORTATK
9/25/19 9:04 A
We did not plant this sunflower 🌻. It was a happy accident that brought a bit of everyday sunshine SCHMUNZELN 24 GMACAMI
9/25/19 6:41 P
This is a lifestyle change, not a sometimes change! I pushed myself to walk for 25 min. today before BOMBCHELL23 58 EVIE4NOW
9/25/19 10:34 A
Dragged myself to the YMCA and did 60 minutes of cardio. Ordered a new, smaller bathing suit as a re ALANA48 7 RETAT60
9/24/19 12:59 P
After struggling and binging for 3 days I woke up feeling motivated again. Starting my day off with TESS8807 6 SSUUEE1
9/24/19 9:51 A
I know we talk about non-scale victories, but seeing my scale go down is very motivating for me. Go DLVASSALLO 4 QUADCMOM
9/24/19 9:26 A
I finally hit the 50 lb weight loss mark!!! VICKYLYLES 14 ISNESS
10/5/19 2:01 A
9/24/19 11:03 A
Good morning! NEPTUNE1939 7 URBANREDNEK
9/24/19 11:26 A
I have been stressing about getting to the gym but ALOVEBEAM 6 GEORGE815
9/22/19 1:41 P
9/22/19 5:22 P
9/22/19 8:15 P
A man walks into a store to buy a Barbie doll for his daughter. “How much is that Barbie in the wind NANASUEH 9 GABY1948
9/23/19 8:57 A
It's Business Women's Day! The American Business Women's Association was founded this day in 1949, NANASUEH 5 TERMITEMOM
9/22/19 8:17 P
I celebrated my 70th birthday this week. I did not eat any sweets as my birthday gift to myself. ( RUTHIEBEAR 30 GGRANLDY
9/23/19 3:39 P
Today’s happy: I HAVE LOST 50.5 POUNDS!!!! My BMI is NORMAL! I am no longer officially overweight. THE_FAE 174 ARNETTELEE
9/23/19 7:46 A
I have exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 6 CHERIRIDDELL
9/22/19 1:08 A
Well, I wouldn't recommend it for everybody, but crippling depression that has left me zero appetite MOONBEAR7 6 QUADCMOM
9/21/19 4:21 P
Stress got the best of me today and I binged. Starting fresh tomorrow TESS8807 10 TESS8807
9/21/19 6:54 P
I bought 4 candy bars to support my coworkers son, and immediately gave them to my other coworkers b ELISE15615 28 ALLYLIZZY
9/22/19 12:06 P
So this is what my husband brought home for dessert I asked if there were sugar free and he said yes CINDYWINKEL 10 ALLYLIZZY
9/22/19 12:07 P
Good morning everyone one 2 years ago I weighted 416 as of today I am weighing 212 I have lost 204 p BROWNBUNNY43407 131 _RAMONA
9/22/19 12:44 A
Today I got under 250 weighed in at 249.8 YES! INPRAYER 20 EEJAA70
9/20/19 11:25 P
Walking at sunset by the lake. "You create your own experience. Acknowledge and accept accountabilit J2002HEIDS 17 EVIE4NOW
9/20/19 10:40 P
Working hard and tracking daily for 142 days straight. My food choices aren’t always perfect, but th SCW0091 106 MSTEENA
9/23/19 1:00 A
Sunday brunch. Vegetarian, 31 grams of protein, 374 calories, 11 grams of fiber. Impromptu and delic MICHELLE_391 21 GMACAMI
9/15/19 9:48 P
Remember, it's how you look at things that matter LOL DAD_AINT_HIP 21 RREDFORD5
9/15/19 9:28 P
9/16/19 4:54 P
Today marks one year since I joined Sparkpeople. And if you had told me I would be where I am today TARDISGIRL1 178 GMAM48
9/15/19 10:07 P
I'm tired of not making progress, so I finally joined a gym. Got my key card and bought gym clothes, REZNUT 29 ALLYLIZZY
9/12/19 11:53 A
Have a great day everyone. BARKER_77D 18 KIMAC87
9/12/19 7:49 A
Good morning Spark friends. I hope you had a restful Wednesday. I did. I abstained from social medi PAMBROWN62 25 GREENSAPPHIRE
9/12/19 8:44 P
Yesterday I subbed in a P.E. class at an elementary school. I played a little dodge ball with the 2n QUADCMOM 8 AUNTRENEE
9/12/19 8:41 A
I'll find a way! #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 40 LIS193
9/13/19 4:07 A
Have a Terrific Thursday! MINILOVER1 9 FISHGUT3
9/12/19 10:39 A