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Taking the weight off is as hard as paying down those credit cards. _BELINDA 22 CANICE
4/1/20 7:45 P
Best Day #fitnessfeats CKEYES1 15 FISHGUT3
2/27/20 12:46 P
Good morning M33624 21 1BLAZER282005
2/26/20 5:34 A
My goal is to eat around 1100 calories per day. Ho MUSICLADY923 6 MUSICLADY923
2/20/20 3:40 P
Feeling good ROMAMO 6 CANDLES9103
2/20/20 10:40 A
Good morning M33624 20 1BLAZER282005
2/19/20 8:53 A
Down 3lbs this week! That's the most I've lost in 1 week in over 2 months! Happy Friday, everyone! A PRECISELEE180 7 CANDLES9103
2/14/20 12:25 P
I had a moment today in the dressing room at Norby’s. I found this amazing dress and jean jacket tha BEAGLEGIRL79 310 SILVAS7
2/27/20 8:38 A
I’m really just starting the program. From everything I’ve seen I really think I’m going to like thi TONIEB29 13 GEORGE815
2/7/20 10:24 P
Skyler 7 months old... I love when her tongue is out. RAINBOWFALLS 44 KATD13
2/18/20 9:39 P
Today, I am officially 49!! Can I tell you all something? It’s the best birthday yet! If you don’t l MIAMI_LILLY 159 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
2/12/20 7:45 A
what are you drinking right now? RENE333 69910 KWOOD1955
4/9/20 11:28 A
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 77829 BANKER-CHUCK
4/9/20 10:27 A
Animals A-Z!!!! HAPPY_HEART_JEN 24522 CHERIJ16
4/9/20 12:05 P
4/9/20 7:59 P
A - Z Things you buy at Walmart KAEDE... 39927 PATJOONWW
4/9/20 9:35 A
Word Association III COCOA999 27479 PEGJW111
4/9/20 8:37 P
5 letter words A-Z OLDSCHOOLDIVA 19810 PENNYSAVER2
4/9/20 12:19 P
Make a sentence using Last WORD as First... OREGONHOPE 24655 ARNETTELEE
4/9/20 7:35 P
NEW! 10 Pound Challenge 2- Let’s Go ~INDYGIRL 94 POSITIVEHOPE
3/25/20 10:02 P
Having a hard time this week. Not seeing much progress in the last 2 weeks. These pics are 2 weeks NESSA5210 183 LDB122012
1/27/20 6:24 P
So excited! I actually got up Early and went to the gym Before Work! What an awesome way to start th ASEARLE223 11 GEORGE815
1/24/20 5:49 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! Yesterday felt like a ‘real’ day of work - there were TEXASHSMOMOF3 94 SNOWYOGA
2/18/20 6:51 A
Down 13lbs in the new year. Tracking my food has been a lifesaver. APRILFUDGEY 7 GEORGE815
1/21/20 11:39 A
Time to lift weights? #moveit BONNIE1552 8 GEORGE815
1/21/20 11:35 A
Everyone have a Beautiful Tuesday❤️ MCADENA4 13 GEORGE815
1/21/20 11:32 A
I'm taking a stab at intermittent fasting this month. I've tried it before, but it was years ago. An PRECISELEE180 6 PRECISELEE180
1/20/20 3:00 P
After falling off the SparkPeople wagon for a bit, I am back and ready to get healthy and happy for DEEDEERAIN 8 PRECISELEE180
1/20/20 10:22 A
Non-scale Victories!! What are your favorite? What are you looking forward to? What are you seeing n FERALFLOWER 21 L1VEL1FE
1/27/20 9:17 P
For anyone following my Snowpocalypse posts this i LITTLEMISSMOUSE 36 DUCKTURNIP
1/19/20 8:06 P
I'm coming in at 216 this morning down 40lbs since october finally! LUCKY1964 6 CD25375190
1/17/20 11:13 A
Well, I signed up for a 10k. Training starts next week, the race is in April. Wish me luck. I've bee KATRINAPOPOV 9 LITTLEWIND53
1/16/20 9:52 P
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 24280 HAPPYCPA1965
4/9/20 12:14 P
Please note the start date on my post is wrong. It should be May 29, 2018 not 2019. I don't know w BEAGLEGIRL79 308 _RAMONA
1/14/20 4:10 A
Good morning! I never track my coffee. It’s the sa NEXTCHAPTERPLZ 11 JULESFORD
1/13/20 11:12 A
Posted a photo VHAYES04 23 _RAMONA
1/9/20 11:04 P
1/9/20 8:18 P
This week has been a rough one for me. I know i have probably gained. But today is a new day and i a SBLACKWELL93 6 STEEPERSLOUNGE
1/9/20 10:08 A
I started my journey in May 2018. I have lost 132 pounds to date. I would still like to lose about BEAGLEGIRL79 151 KATELEYNES
1/17/20 4:54 A
Only 4 days left until Christmas! Is everyone ready?! I am finishing off my shopping this weekend. H PRECISELEE180 4 GEORGE815
12/20/19 5:31 P
Twenty-five lbs gone, hopefully forever. Lots more to go, but so excited for what I've done so far!! KAT808 18 GMACAMI
12/18/19 2:42 P
Happy weekend Sparklers! 11 more days until Christmas! Are you ready? PRECISELEE180 3 GEORGE815
12/13/19 6:30 P
Face 2 Face Friday - I've hit my lowest weight in a decade! I have cheek bones LOL Happy Friday eve CMCCLELLAN521 134 KNEESOCKS1945
12/14/19 7:39 A
Good morning everyone. Today is my first day. Anyone have any tips? Inspirations? CCANDREWS2004 5 GEORGE815
12/13/19 6:31 P
I don't often announce my birthday..but I am grateful to have been given 70 years on this earth! KAMEL622 195 LAH1222
12/12/19 11:20 P
Good Morning everyone. I had lost about 10 lbs, but now I have them all back, so I will have to get KLBAUSSIE 6 HOWBADDOUWANTIT
12/11/19 9:24 A
Good morning Everyone, as of today I've eliminated 22.8 lbs of fat, gotten in a pair of jeans I have JULIEISA 33 GEORGE815
12/11/19 5:19 P
I set up an app on my phone that reminds me when it's time for next cup of water. Helps me a lot. SPARKER36 11 RDCAGAIN10
12/11/19 10:59 A
So I just found this community. I wasn't sure it was for real at first, but it seems to be! Yay! I'm JAMIWOLF 15 CHRISTIELEEEMT
12/10/19 12:31 P
Good morning Sparkers Day 711 processed sugar and gluten free This is my Birthday Weekend ! Yes, Wee STEEPERSLOUNGE 21 GARDENSFORLIFE
12/6/19 10:31 P
And the soup is on 😋 Turkey sausage, cabbage, peppers onions, garlic, parsnips, kohlrabi, carrots, TMP0418 29 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
12/6/19 1:27 P
Ok this is a stupid question, but have to ask....white bread has 120 calories serving size 2 slices CLARE_B08816 5 CLARE_B08816
12/6/19 12:29 P
Yep that's right...I hit the Big 5-0. NEVER thought I'd see this. I'm completely stunned. MATTHEWP24 70 QUARTERMASTER3
12/4/19 9:10 P
5am run done! Feeling great! PRECISELEE180 6 AIYANASMAMA
12/2/19 11:32 A
Happy Thanksgiving to my American SparkFriends! Enjoy your day. :) PRECISELEE180 2 JANTHEBLONDE
11/28/19 9:55 A
Got myself a new running buddy this past weekend after my much older one bit the dust. In love! Purr PRECISELEE180 18 EO4WELLNESS
11/26/19 7:23 P
Good morning sparklers! Our football team won the championship last night so today is a great day! : PRECISELEE180 7 EO4WELLNESS
11/25/19 11:19 P
Down six pounds more!!! Coming in at 224 today! Happy friday everyone LUCKY1964 21 HEALTHYMOM241
11/22/19 2:46 P
I am looking forward to a great weekend ahead! Up here in Canada it is Grey Cup weekend (pretty much PRECISELEE180 4 EO4WELLNESS
11/22/19 1:07 P
Enjoying the fall colors, though the leaves are falling. My plan for today is to spend some time ou RUTHIEBEAR 58 AQUAGIRL08
11/22/19 8:48 A
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 12 KWOOD1955
11/18/19 10:48 A
Good morning everyone! Have a great week! PRECISELEE180 1 PRECISELEE180
11/18/19 9:47 A
If I place my scale in one place it says 6 lbs. less than in my usual spot. Floor surface is wood i HEALTHYME98 6 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/19 9:30 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 16 CD23398155
11/14/19 7:14 P
It's almost the weekend! Have a great day Sparklers! PRECISELEE180 3 GEORGE815
11/14/19 3:02 P
How much weight did you lose before someone noticed and said something??? CMC302GO 5 PEGJW111
11/13/19 12:49 P
Back at the treadmill this morning after being sick all week. It felt good to be running again. Oh, PRECISELEE180 4 EO4WELLNESS
11/8/19 8:46 P
Happy Thursday everyone! Make it a great day today! PRECISELEE180 4 GEORGE815
11/7/19 6:08 P
Not giving up this time! Cant WEIGHT for onederland! WALTONWINNING 13 GEORGE815
11/5/19 8:03 P
Hi y'all, I'm trying to get more followers to build a support network (I just started Sparkpeople la WENDOFISH 3 PRECISELEE180
10/30/19 10:01 A
Happy tuesday everyone! Make it a great day! PRECISELEE180 4 GEORGE815
10/29/19 5:13 P
Halloween #BeforeAndAfter JUSTICELEAGUE 141 123THERESA123
10/29/19 8:38 P
I let myswlf go and now I feel like garbage. I am back! I need to keep it that way! One day at a tim KBRADY83 5 EVIE4NOW
10/28/19 11:21 P
Down 4 pounds! :) PRECISELEE180 8 JANTHEBLONDE
10/25/19 12:39 P
As of today I am 92lbs down! Start weight 358lbs. Wow CD24115281 60 CD24115281
10/25/19 8:03 A