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No Good News? Who Says? NITEMAN3D 2 SPARK_MERLE
11/19/19 2:56 P
One of my favorite quick meals. Vanilla Two Good yogurt topped with Diabetic Kitchen cinnamon pecan SHAKTI816 8 SPARKLE1908
11/19/19 2:47 P
“We count by years, but we live by days.” ― Ivan Doig, Dancing at the Rascal Fair KIMJ01 4 DAWNWATERWOMAN
11/19/19 7:17 P
Transformation Tuesday! When I started this whole thing I don’t know that I really believed I could HIKINGGIRL16 25 NOCALORIES
11/19/19 8:04 P
Staying motivated! #ShreddingForTheWedding JANETHERRING88 18 _RAMONA
11/19/19 4:47 P
Have hit yet another plateau, yeah I know why and all. But they are frustrating and draining on moti WENDAR42 6 BANEWLAND
11/19/19 3:36 P
Put on 4 pounds this weekend. I was at a youth retreat, the food was really good and I was SO hungry WENDOFISH 7 RREDFORD5
11/19/19 2:40 P
I get three points for this? MARTINFRIED 26735 NITEMAN3D
11/19/19 12:41 P
Three points, is three points CHACHIDAWG 28193 NITEMAN3D
11/19/19 12:40 P
Points on the wheel?? MSB4L1 4057 NITEMAN3D
11/19/19 12:37 P
Spark Points MACGRAW 14412 NITEMAN3D
11/19/19 11:47 A
Wow, another 3 points! DEW1960 12300 NITEMAN3D
11/19/19 11:45 A
An unexpected benefit of Sparkpeople? I no longer have to take my GERD medicine (I consulted with a CAREGIVERBEAR 32 ALLTHINGSNEW81
11/19/19 7:24 A
I joined the City’s Maintain Don’t Gain campaign for the holidays. We get a prize if we lose and/or GCWILLI1 20 ALLTHINGSNEW81
11/19/19 7:32 A
11/19/19 6:45 P
The class I teach on a Monday evening its body Cir ENNAZUS176 7 _RAMONA
11/19/19 6:44 P
Made keto cheese taco shells tonight. 🌮🌮The taco FITSTER9 9 ALLYLIZZY
11/19/19 12:38 P
What do you do when you've messed up your day calorie wise? LEAPINGPLANET82 10 -POOKIE-
11/19/19 7:55 A
Not feeling well but still trying to eat right. So happy I did a meal prep this week. Dinner: Itali IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 12 LE_SIGH
11/19/19 8:10 A
Hello Everybody! BRENCESS12 4 NITEMAN3D
11/18/19 7:28 P
Stayed inside today, but here's another from a previous walk. Duck... Duck! NITEMAN3D 17 CGARR442
11/18/19 8:12 P
Posted a photo 618LILY1 12 ALLYLIZZY
11/18/19 1:22 P
Sooooooooo, the ski machine and I finally learned -50HEIDI 4 NITEMAN3D
11/17/19 11:54 P
Some people have given me a bsd time about my having one cheat day a week. I have a cheat day not a CHANGING-TURTLE 13 KURTZIE1998
11/18/19 3:58 P
I have been at a plateau between 176 and 179 for a couple of months. Finally today I weighed in at 1 RAYEANN51 12 ALLYLIZZY
11/18/19 1:32 P
Hello Super Sparkers...! ! ! HAZEL2278 8 SMALLERMELORIE
11/18/19 4:53 A
11/18/19 11:22 A
I was a little late getting to my water exercise class this morning. The only flotation belt left on SALEX52 18 GEORGE815
11/17/19 2:35 P
I'm back to lower my cholesterol, lose some weight and hopefully ease some of the crippling depressi ERLEICHDA 9 GEORGE815
11/17/19 3:03 P
Woke up super late this morning so didn't have tim MSGNIX 18 GEORGE815
11/17/19 2:34 P
Looking for a Weight Loss Buddy JOONBUG1425 3 SLIMMERKIWI
11/17/19 3:11 A
I'm 50 pounds down from my top weight. WOOHOO! SASSIBUNNY 16 ORTATK
11/17/19 7:44 A
Happy Saturday, Sparklers ❣️ RAERAERAE62 21 DESERTDREAMERS
11/17/19 12:45 A
Too cold to walk today, but this guy is from yesterday's walk... AFLAC? NITEMAN3D 13 CGARR442
11/17/19 8:04 P
Hi, I decided to give SP another try. I have an Apple Watch which I have linked to the SP app but it N1FFER28 5 EVIE4NOW
11/16/19 10:13 P
Beauty of winter RSSSLHB 24 29WINEGAL
11/17/19 6:43 P
Good afternoon spark friends, pictures from my lunchtime walk. Saturday work, 😔 got to make the bes CARLOSLAKELAND 28 CGARR442
11/17/19 8:04 P
Not only did I make time for myself, I also did something nice for someone, my daughter. She & I wen POGIRL17 34 VALLEYGIRLSPAGE
11/17/19 11:46 A
Diet Soda...Yay or Nay? DIZZZY_BLONDE 1448 MARYJOANNA
11/17/19 4:55 A
so excited and not so confused CARRIEDDAILY 4 MARILYNS481
11/16/19 1:45 P
Hiked 3.5 miles a Van Patton Woods Forest Preserve this morning. Beautiful ice & snow. VICKI27655 40 GARDENCHRIS
11/17/19 11:13 A
Exercising has given me a whole new level of to develop a plan to keep going strong JENNDAVIS25 6 EVIE4NOW
11/15/19 11:58 P
Night MARJOHN164 29 AKELLY45
11/16/19 7:26 P
11/16/19 8:11 P
11/15/19 8:11 A
Starting to Put Inches & Weight Back On Despite... STRONGAND50 4 STRONGAND50
11/15/19 4:12 P
I am trying to be honest whit myself about what I eat so I can learn from it GWENDOLYN809 5 NITEMAN3D
11/15/19 3:00 A
11/15/19 6:43 A
I love that it's mid-November and I can still get a hike in! #moveit KEVSHAS 31 LAURALLANCE
11/15/19 10:28 A
I'm new here and haven't been motivated in a long time to lose weight (and feel healthy and pretty a LTSPARKY 11 DJAYBX
11/15/19 5:56 A
A good day! I stayed in my calorie range, too! SYZYGY922 21 FISHGUT3
11/15/19 8:51 A
What do you like about your health insurance? DAWN121988 5 MLAN613
11/16/19 7:57 A
Here we go again! PALEO_LISA 5 MARILYNS481
11/17/19 4:15 P
Back, but will i be here long? NOLAZYBUTT011 6 NOLAZYBUTT011
11/17/19 2:02 A
Spending the next get in deep reflection. Have a great night my friends! NOVMBRBLUE 13 TERRAMAR13
11/15/19 11:08 A
When you're car is this nice.... Subaru Love! (Das BCHARIE 12 HAPPYDAZ1
11/15/19 12:51 P
Mmmm- a little homemade mu-shu pork for dinner tonight- under 400 calories and so delicious!! Ho KENNYBARBIE12 18 CHEIVOUS
11/15/19 12:43 P
Even through the clouds and the rain, the sun will still persist... and on your harder days, so will ALLYLIZZY 20 LITTLEWIND53
11/14/19 10:50 P
I'm trying to motivate myself to lose weight despite my bad depression this year. So I decided to ha KINYA4571 7 DUCKTURNIP
11/16/19 12:23 A
My “breakfast” today at 2:00, I went about 19 hour GANBA20 10 _RAMONA
11/14/19 9:53 P
Day 6 of using my treadmill!!! Yay! I've done almo ANIMAI27 21 GMACAMI
11/14/19 6:30 P
I caved and had 3 no bake cookies today. I really let myself down!!! I hope I can do this with than WALTONWINNING 18 MARYPHONE
11/13/19 8:46 P
Do you have a cheat day? BANDIIIT 6336 GABY1948
11/19/19 3:48 P
Happy Wednesday! I’m up only 1 pound from my last weigh in! I honestly thought it would be worse. ALLYLIZZY 59 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
11/17/19 7:12 A
I switched to the plateau plan last week. Quit weighing and used tape measure instead. Measured food NTHOMAS02 10 GEORGE815
11/13/19 5:36 P
Feeling under the weather today so my daughter made me this lovely avocado toast for breakfast ALLTHINGSNEW81 16 GEORGE815
11/13/19 5:24 P
Spent the summer adding 5 pounds and the fall trying to get them back off. Very humbling is the fail NEEDBU66 8 GEORGE815
11/13/19 5:22 P
First time doing before and after. Wow. That’s about a 45 pound difference. I can’t stress enough ju DAD_AINT_HIP 70 _RAMONA
11/14/19 2:59 P
11/13/19 4:56 P
Hoping for some good news today for alomost anywhere. TWEETYKC00 5 GABY1948
11/13/19 4:17 P
11-12 3rd attempt at humor . 75HEALTHYME 53 WALLAHALLA
11/14/19 3:28 P
Today is weigh in day for me. Day 8 no sugar no flour = 9.6 pounds lost Over the moon about this MARILYNS481 6 GORDONED
11/13/19 12:47 A
Beachbody's Country Heat exercise BOOKKEEPER1 4 NITEMAN3D
11/12/19 4:10 A
Welp...I'm definitely not a happy camper about the OPTICALXILLUSIO 13 JRDUPREE
11/12/19 12:03 P
Day 7 of eating healthy. I had gotten back up to 201lbs. Down to 194lbs. Short-term goal is to get d MUSICLADY923 10 GERRYH2
11/12/19 7:27 A