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I haven't spoken to my wife in years. I didn't want to interrupt her. Rodney Dangerfield LOL...thoug MASTERCARE 21 URBANREDNEK
10/15/19 10:25 A
Posted a photo FMAX168 23 GEORGE815
9/26/19 6:35 P
Good morning spark family! I want to share that today is my birthday ..I'm 69 and blessed! I'm so g MHUMBERS1950 307 GMACAMI
8/3/19 2:07 P
Today is my bday and today is the day I got to open the letter I wrote to myself back in April. Some 2B-ME-AGAIN 225 KREAKYJOINTZ
8/1/19 8:23 P
I am a little discouraged today, but will carry on. SHIRLEYJG7 10 SNS1968
7/31/19 2:31 P
Today is my birthday. The big 60. Hmmmm. Don’t feel a day over 59. Lol!! My husband is taking m KARMANNPOWELL 32 MYTIMEOK
7/31/19 5:20 P
Good morning spark friends, have a wonderful Wednesday! CARLOSLAKELAND 87 TEXASHSMOMOF3
8/1/19 1:07 A
Posted a photo NIKOLALALA 24 GEORGE815
7/30/19 3:03 P
I am back. I have regained the 30lbs I had worked so hard to lose previously. I have had multiple qu MISSHARTUNG1 39 AMYBRO1
7/30/19 4:25 P
"Boy, I'm a wreck if I don't get my 21.5 hours." NANASUEH 13 TERMITEMOM
7/30/19 10:00 P
Finally made it into the 180s...barely, but happy nonetheless! Down 7.6 pounds! PHATABULOUS 62 NYARAMULA
7/30/19 11:12 P
Please keep my son in your thoughts today, he stopped breathing in daycare yesterday and has been ad GOODFELINE 287 CMRKSU12
8/4/19 5:44 P
Good morning! I'm feeling pretty good these days 😊 It's more than weight loss. It's healing your mi HELLOHOLLY76 193 DOLPHINAGGIE
8/8/19 4:33 P
Day 1, week 2. I am up at 5:30 am. About to get breakfast before dressing for work. With traffic it' CJSLOVE 11 THETROUT
7/29/19 7:30 A
Starting over....again ITSMECHRISSY 16 FELICIA1963
7/29/19 8:47 A
Morning! Weigh in day! My eating as been all over the place last week, mcdonalds, ice cream, extra s 2B-ME-AGAIN 27 FELICIA1963
7/29/19 8:42 A
Good Friday Morning 🌞 The weather here in New Hampshire is heating up again for the weekend. 🥵 Sta DXTECH 7 BYEFATNANNY
7/26/19 1:32 P
Don't be a ciuch potato, I don't want sprouts! BOWL200LB 34 GEORGE815
7/26/19 3:25 P
I did it. I hit my second goal. I have now as of today lost 50 pounds. I am half way there to mainta TABATHA_CAIN 8 GEORGE815
7/25/19 6:37 P
21 lbs lost! Finally beginning to recognize the woman looking back at me in the mirror for the firs LEEANNER1 22 GEORGE815
7/25/19 6:31 P
Lila Rahab. Born June 28th, 2019. Recovering now but quickly gaining back the energy to start back u WILDHUNTRESS 22 SWEETGABROWN1
7/25/19 6:47 P
I just turned 70 on July 16! Happy Birthday to me! lol Just found out I need minimally invasive he LESTERJ5VA 19 LESTERJ5VA
7/25/19 11:52 A
Forgot to post what my husband made me for lunch yesterday. YUM! Kind of a reconstructed taco. Taco JENNOTESMUSIC 19 GEORGE815
7/24/19 4:36 P
Since January 1st I have lost 82 pounds. I went from a waist size of 58 inch to 46 that's 12 inch go FAIRAHARRIS 59 FAIRAHARRIS
7/24/19 5:39 A
One day I just quit. It was November 4 years ago. Not only do I remember that day I remember how I OCEANLORD 32 ALLYLIZZY
7/24/19 12:46 P
My green beans are starting to grow up! Can't wait to enjoy them steamed in my IP. #eattherainbow BLESSED2BEME 15 KEKEIKO
7/24/19 11:49 A
Posted a photo MA_DIDDLES 27 75HEALTHYME
7/24/19 7:11 P name is Ben. I have used this app on and off for a few years. Never really got serious wi BENBRYANT888 13 BENBRYANT888
7/23/19 8:08 P
Have a peaceful day! HEALTHYME98 18 PATRICIA-CR
7/23/19 9:02 P
Took my nephew fishing in 100 degree , full sun yesterday.... sweated the entire 2 .5 hours... caugh DEE230 11 SWEETGABROWN1
7/19/19 6:52 P
It has been a minute since I have posted anything but I am feeling the need for some accountability LUCKEE50 28 GEORGE815
7/18/19 4:54 P
I'm a little tardy on the post, but from June 26 to July 9 (14 days), I rode my bicycle from Memphis MNCYCLIST 49 FITWITHIN
7/21/19 7:05 A
Fresh catch walleye and colorful bell peppers. TINACALLTINA 22 GEORGE815
7/18/19 4:54 P
Which workout today? DUSTYPRAIRIE 1633 GOODYBAR58
11/21/19 11:46 P
Good morning so excited I officially got rid of 60lbs that will never get back on me ever again... S JASMINEFAT2FIT 188 FITWITHIN
7/21/19 7:03 A
Hit the halfway point in the July's Beach 200,000 Step Global Challenge 😙! WILD_ONE 20 WILD_ONE
7/19/19 11:20 A
I'm following the Wendy Plan this. It's when you take your culminative WW points (daily and weekly) AMGONYEA10 7 GEORGE815
7/17/19 3:56 P
Yessssss! Have a great day! Hit those goals! #keepsparking N33D2LOSE50 19 _RAMONA
7/15/19 1:56 P
Are u guys ready for that scream here it goes "SCREAMING LOUDLY" ok I'm done. Omg I did it y'all my JASMINEFAT2FIT 246 QSHEPP
7/15/19 10:46 P
Been a while since I've been on here. I had to get medications situated, home life in place, and wor SUNFLOWER524 21 ELENAWEST1
7/12/19 10:16 P
I am sad that the meal plans here on spark include things like juices and processed foods......does NETTY129 7 GEORGE815
7/12/19 6:21 P
I've had this planted in my front yard at least 5 years and it always grew these huge long green lea WILD_ONE 25 KAYDE53
7/12/19 7:39 P
Getting back into the habit of tracking everything that goes into my mouth (except supplements). For CINDY4JOY 5 GEORGE815
7/12/19 6:22 P
7/12/19 9:20 P
thankful for a beautiful place to walk ☀️👟 SHINEFROMWITHIN 33 ALLYLIZZY
7/12/19 8:35 P
On July 12 1990 I married my best friend. Today 29 years, 2 sweet & awesome kids and a "little" ov DEM-TOM 179 CRAZYEXWIFE
7/14/19 7:50 P
My daughter and her family will be moving near us soon---I look forward to burning more calories cha BOOKNUT52 9 MLR_00
7/12/19 7:38 A
Not my official weigh-in for the week, but I haven’t seen the 160s in maybe ten years. 😃 VESTENRAIDER 165 LIZZIE138
7/12/19 6:48 P
I over did it yesterday. After, missing much of the summer at the gym. And only doing spin Monday & UASK4ITDAVE 11 GEORGE815
7/11/19 8:29 P
The more veggies I eat, cooked or in salads the wo ONMYOWN2019 15 ONMYOWN2019
7/13/19 9:59 P
I was probably closer to 280lbs in the first pictu MSJESSICARENEE 62 _RAMONA
7/12/19 3:00 A
Adding a serving of each with a sugar free lemonade packet in 16 oz water has me feeling better. TAYLORSWIFEY 12 GEORGE815
7/11/19 8:27 P
Last Saturday I joined the Daisy Team. I weighed 275; my highest weight ever. VHAYES04 35 NONYAGUPPY
7/22/19 11:04 P
Intermediate fasting... anyone ever done it? LAM200514 11 _RAMONA
7/12/19 2:46 A
Maybe an odd question but how tall, sw weight,cw weight, and gw you are going to reach? I am 5'4" st 2B-ME-AGAIN 10 BAILE1MA
7/11/19 9:09 P
Yesterday, I stumbled across the salami that I’ve been craving for months. I’ve not seen it anywhere ALLTHINGSNEW81 15 -4HEISTHEANSWER
7/28/19 9:12 P
Back at this again! 10 lbs down and another 17 to get back to my low from last time I tried to lose CPTNHOWDY4 40 KAYDE53
7/11/19 10:29 P
Saw this on Insta this morning and got a kick out of it. If the first three words we see is what we MIAMI_LILLY 68 DRINKALOTH2O
7/12/19 1:03 P
First 2 weeks, I've lost 9 lbs. Dr. Was happy with the progress but asked what my salt intake was... KATHYIAM 8 MLR_00
7/11/19 8:55 A
Scale is moving down, WOOHOO!! JODIRICHARDS 6 NIKO27
7/10/19 5:00 P
Posted a photo ITALIANGAL44 22 LITTLEWIND53
7/10/19 10:58 P
Sometimes it is good to be reminded that I am not alone on this journey. Thanks! CCUELLAR4YOU 4 JANBROS
7/10/19 3:05 P
I am still in disbelief. 121 pounds gone in 13.5 months. I have had my good days. I have had my BEAGLEGIRL79 306 TREKPURRSON
7/19/19 8:27 A
I have lost 52.8 lbs. Not where I wanna be yet but I will get there.. here is a before/so far pictur AMBERBGRIDER 49 KHALIA2
7/12/19 12:57 P
My tiny pink flamingo plate, I eat all my meals from to remind me of my upcoming beach trip....#lowc SOFT_VAL67 39 _RAMONA
7/10/19 2:47 P
7/10/19 8:31 A
Good morning! What better time to review my goals (and evaluate my process and progress) than on my LESLIELENORE 259 HAPPYSOUL91
7/11/19 12:45 P
Lost my first five Lbs and am under 180 lb. Now to work on the next five 😆 CAROL_SHANTZ 16 ALLYLIZZY
7/10/19 11:11 A
I'm ready to change! #foodfeats JSTETSER 13 LIS193
7/11/19 3:02 A
Walk in Willemstad, Curaçao CGARR442 12 FLASUN
7/10/19 4:45 A
Posted a photo IMUSTLOSEIT1 17 PICKIE98
7/10/19 11:43 A
Saying goodbye to Dinky, who’s been with us for almost four years. She wasn’t 100% well, but the di MIMAWELIZABETH 28 DEE107
6/28/19 12:13 A
Hubby made ratatouille! Beautiful dish loaded with veggies. First time trying it and it was amazing! HEAT730 30 HEAT730
6/20/19 9:23 P
Ohmigosh, the struggle is real. I feel like...." HOW? HOW is this done?" BRENDA196122 6 NETTY129
6/19/19 10:57 A
I'm not feeling well today. It hit me yesterday afternoon. Today is going to be a clear liquid kind CJSLOVE 6 SWEETGABROWN1
6/19/19 11:23 A