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Part of getting back to my self care routine is logging all my food and drink. I'm challenging mysel NEBRASKANNIE 7 CKEYES1
11/11/19 8:24 A
10 minutes on the recumbent bike. It's been 3 surgeries and I'm happy to get back at it #moveit NEBRASKANNIE 3 GEORGE815
11/10/19 11:59 A
I stopped sparkpeople and worrying about eating/exercising on the first of july for 3 surgeries. I'm NEBRASKANNIE 7 GEORGE815
11/10/19 12:02 P
I'm starting over after taking a break for surgeries. They're done and I'm feeling better. I can't e NEBRASKANNIE 5 HAPPYSOUL91
7/23/19 10:05 A
2nd day after surgery. I can walk 5 min at a time so my goal this week is walk 5 min before each mea NEBRASKANNIE 9 MAYIE53
7/5/19 9:29 P
Wondering how everyone does their fruit/veg prep? Container types, best veg/fruit to use, etc...cur KRISTAWG 2 NEBRASKANNIE
6/28/19 4:43 P
Posted a photo update: I like the taste of water. TAI_TYE 57 GEORGE815
6/28/19 9:27 P
I am seriously ready to give up! Started purposeful dieting 5 weeks ago with the goal to lose 10 of MARYBLEW 10 MARYBLEW
6/27/19 12:30 P
Anyone out there with fibromyalgia or other chronic pain issues that make normal workouts hard? I re TBURD831 5 PAULAP18
7/17/19 8:38 A
This is actually how I feel this morning..but no, I must keep going!..I have been having a Fibro fla SIMPLY_JAE 16 MADEINBRITAIN
6/28/19 4:04 A
Here is the new motivation bouquet. My husband gives me one every two weeks. I like getting somethin RED-LICORICE 47 DLDMIL
6/27/19 7:47 P
accomplished my goalfeat last night! #goalfeats NEBRASKANNIE 3 KAYAHSLOANE1
6/26/19 4:22 P
This is a tough goal for me. Sigh... #goalfeats NEBRASKANNIE 8 KAYAHSLOANE1
6/25/19 8:50 P
Thanking everyone for their prayers and well wishes since the car accident yesterday. I'm thankful t RAMONA1954 31 -SPIRITSEEKER2-
6/29/19 8:58 A
I am trying to loose 70 lbs any great tips, EJMMARY15 7 GEORGE815
6/25/19 5:12 P
This so true. Binging for 2 weeks was my choice. Gaining 8 pounds is my consequence. Time to get bac LORI-K 18 1CRAZYDOG
6/27/19 1:43 P
I was given a Weslow Momentum 750 Elliptical over the weekend. OMG I need to build up my stamina. A RMCKITTRICK 10 CFRIEDMAN44
7/8/19 10:05 A
New Binge-Free 21 Days Streak! Join us! MARYONE 41613 CHANGING-TURTLE
11/14/19 6:48 P
My mom died last night in the home she lived in for 50 years. She was predeceased by my father thre LT3AG4S 28 DUCKTURNIP
6/27/19 11:36 P
can't seem to stop night eating! NEBRASKANNIE 3 OOLALA53
6/24/19 11:59 A
I'm creating a goalfeat challenge for myself. I want to try to go 7 days without night eating, stick NEBRASKANNIE 9 CKEYES1
6/23/19 8:35 A
Sadly, I was only able to get in 10 minutes. Very busy day, then... tornado warnings, a tree fell i SCRAMMER 11 COUNTRYCAROL1
6/22/19 1:46 P
PT/yoga, cardio, and with the driving and other chores, I'm doing good today on exercise! #moveit NEBRASKANNIE 7 HAPPYSOUL91
6/22/19 7:25 P
How do you stay motivated? JAZPIRIN1 6 URBANREDNEK
6/22/19 11:08 A
Hello everybody! I've been using Spark, on and off for years, but I've never taken advantage of the HD-HONEY 6 NEBRASKANNIE
6/21/19 2:26 P
Happy Friday!! I've been a bit down lately. I've had a few health problems I've had to deal with and FEMPTRESS 3 NEBRASKANNIE
6/21/19 2:24 P
6/23/19 10:19 A
I've been struggling a ton with my weight for almost 8 years now, but I've been doing some thinking GHOSTILYUSHA 5 NEBRASKANNIE
6/21/19 2:20 P
Did heavy garden work. That has to count for something. N33D2LOSE50 8 ALLYLIZZY
6/21/19 2:39 P
Posted a photo ALLYSONBETH1 30 CGARR442
6/21/19 11:23 P
How do you guys stay on track when your husband and kid eat like well kids? My house is always full LASTDIET88 8 URBANREDNEK
6/21/19 11:52 A
starting over with exercise at 10 minutes! #moveit NEBRASKANNIE 8 TARDISGIRL1
6/21/19 3:52 P
I planted a garden. Chipmunks and rabbits. I put in recommended fencing. Chipmunks and rabbits. I tr CLAYMACT 6 NEBRASKANNIE
6/20/19 12:08 P
Do any of you just periodically "fall off the wagon"? I will be doing great for a while and then I s SAVEDJEN2017 7 AMYCURTIS01
6/24/19 10:53 A
Feeling anxious, heading across the country to spend 2 weeks with my parents. I have cultivated my n WENDAR42 6 WENDAR42
6/25/19 9:59 A
It's my first day back after 2ish years. I'm 26 with 2 girls. I would like to start off with having CATWILSON92 6 BAY1067
6/27/19 4:41 P
Through all this rain, I try to remember the sun is shining somewhere, and it will here again! NEBRASKANNIE 2 MINILOVER1
6/20/19 1:54 P
YAAAYYYY!!! Did it! I kept up a long exercise streak for me! 5 days, and not counting on stopping no FOREVER_AGAPE 31 _LINDA
6/18/19 2:06 P
#newbie #friendfinder I'm back on here after many years. I'm a serial starter. The last time I did LADYM8204 11 LAVENDERGIRLL
7/13/19 11:44 A
I have a question? When did bottled water become the norm? What happened to drinking water from th DENISE_RE 2 NEBRASKANNIE
6/18/19 10:50 A
Here's my motivation. When it's full I donate it and buy myself something that fits 😊 JDRANCHER 117 EDWARDS1411
6/18/19 6:25 P
Good morning SparkFamily! This last month has been a roller coaster. Due to some family issues, I co LIVINGHEALTHY16 16 MAYDAY62
6/17/19 9:38 P
subbed canning for biking today! #fitnessfeats NEBRASKANNIE 3 BONNIE1552
6/17/19 5:12 P
Did 90 minutes in the garden planting flowers. This little guy kept me company! I got them all in be NEBRASKANNIE 16 NEBRASKANNIE
6/15/19 4:08 P
Nothing is worse than denying all those things you want so badly, but nothing feels better than seei TARYN_XD 3 GEORGE815
6/15/19 3:34 P
gardened for 90 minutes instead of the bike! #fitnessfeats NEBRASKANNIE 6 BONNIE1552
6/17/19 5:14 P
subbed gardening for biking. Fighting a cold... #fitnessfeats NEBRASKANNIE 7 BONNIE1552
6/14/19 8:15 A
Sons wedding this past Saturday. So embarrassed about photos.would like to have someone to chat with KDSTEACHK 16 CHERRYZMB60
6/13/19 5:29 P
Food addict here. (Not everyone believes in this term, I get it). Who else identifies as a food add SOMERPALMER 17 LESLIEHUFF04
6/12/19 11:16 A
gardening subbed for the bike today. Bad cold and just couldn't do more... #fitnessfeats NEBRASKANNIE 5 BONNIE1552
6/14/19 8:17 A
Today's a new opportunity to push myself into a healthier place! #fitnessfeats NEBRASKANNIE 4 TOMATOCAFEGAL
6/9/19 8:54 P
I haven't been able to accomplish my goal for exercise this week, but I subbed other stuff! #fitnes NEBRASKANNIE 1 NEBRASKANNIE
6/8/19 2:13 P
What health issues do you deal with that effect your weight & goals? What helps you stay/get back on MAINGAL 8 BOHODIVA58
6/5/19 4:02 P
Starting over 10 years later and 150 lbs heavier. I have mobility issues and even though I’ve done PREVENIR2 10 GEORGE815
6/5/19 8:09 P
I need some lunch ideas. I pretty much have breakfast under control but struggle at lunch. My habits DAWGLOVER2 3 URBANREDNEK
6/3/19 10:40 A
"All you need is love" – Beatles NEBRASKANNIE 1 NEBRASKANNIE
6/3/19 8:16 A
Monthly weigh and measure. I lost 2 lbs and some inches! I really thought i'd gain! NEBRASKANNIE 9 JAY61
6/1/19 9:21 P
Had a foster parent demand children be moved TODAY. The stress I feel cant be anything compared to w HUFFELPOWELL16 6 GEORGE815
5/31/19 6:18 P
"Go forth on your path, as it exists only through your walking." Augustine of Hippo NEBRASKANNIE 3 GEORGE815
5/31/19 6:15 P
Used up all the mulch I had on the flower beds and counted the minutes as exercise. It looks WAY bet NEBRASKANNIE 2 ALLYLIZZY
5/31/19 2:00 P
So I am just starting another attempt of many in the last 8 years to lose weight. I have 100+ to go DUTCHIEDOLL 7 NEBRASKANNIE
5/30/19 9:53 A
Keep me in your prayers today as I head into surgery this morning. In reality I am very scared and I BOMBCHELL23 15 CKRAMPUS
5/30/19 1:38 P
Trying to kick my no breakfast habit with oatmeal and blueberries! What are you eating for breakfast CSCARBIN 25 FISHA30002
5/30/19 10:08 A
Posted a photo RACHELSZER 11 SANNESM
5/30/19 9:50 A
5/31/19 11:05 A
Good afternoon! I have been battling with my weight my whole adult life. I'm going to be 44 this yea C34314 7 NEBRASKANNIE
5/29/19 5:25 P
New today. I'm here to track my nutritional intake as my doctor says I need a lot more protein in my ECHEVERIA 28 BLESSOME
6/1/19 4:17 P
A long time ago OPTICALXILLUSIO 10 GEORGE815
5/29/19 7:36 P
Been stressed and depressed...We have black mold in our house & have to stay at my dad's house until NOOKIE95 6 LGTCHSOSU
5/29/19 10:29 P
Trying to drink more water... Does anyone have any tips that reminded or helped them? I would love t GABRIELLEN1 9 GABRIELLEN1
5/30/19 12:38 P
Well I managed to maintain my weight after the long weekend, but I've lost my motivation to exercise MIKKYB1984 5 NEBRASKANNIE
5/28/19 9:29 A
"Slipping backwards? You may be backing up to get a running start." - Dan Millman NEBRASKANNIE 2 HAPPYSOUL91
5/28/19 9:59 A
Fitness feats accomplished today and yesterday! #fitnessfeats NEBRASKANNIE 3 PENOWOK
5/28/19 9:05 A
My nerves are starting to set in! I started this weight loss journey because I had to lose weight i TARDISGIRL1 8 FRISKYCRITTER
5/27/19 12:44 P
I started a new food plan last July at 194 pounds. Set my goal to hit 160. Finally today I got the FKATEA 12 NEBRASKANNIE
5/27/19 9:43 A