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Count 1-100 until 10 points SLIMMERJESSE 1564868 SLIMMERJESSE
11/11/19 3:44 P
Good morning spark friends. Hope everybody had a great weekend and is ready to make today so awesome CARLOSLAKELAND 23 CGARR442
11/11/19 4:50 P
Both FALL 🍁 and Maturity show us how BEAUTIFUL 🌺 it can be to let things go! #gainsnotlosses #sere STILLSPARKLEIGH 21 MIAMI_LILLY
11/11/19 7:24 A
Good morning, Spark friends! Hope your weekend was wonderful. Another Monday has begun...set your si MIAMI_LILLY 11 ALLYLIZZY
11/11/19 12:35 P
2 for 2, y’all! Trying to make a comeback here. JUSTME_MRSK 19 MIAMI_LILLY
11/10/19 9:08 P
Good evening spark friends!! I hope everybody had a wonderful weekend and a blessed Sunday!! Let's a GPALMER2019 29 WOMANOFLOVE
11/11/19 12:33 P
Just for giggles 😆 KERRIBERRI86 28 PEGJW111
11/11/19 5:41 A
Yesterday I went shopping & bought stuff in my new size. Can’t wait to get my next paycheck to treat TARYN_XD 9 L_DROUIN
11/11/19 2:23 A
Post 'til you get your 10 pts for every 100 posts GOOMBASHOES 779940 MIAMI_LILLY
11/10/19 5:03 P
So proud of today’s run time...3 miles in 37:41! I’m actually faster than I was 3 years ago! MIAMI_LILLY 21 BERRY4
11/11/19 11:39 A
Posted a photo MYAN1959 13 DEE107
11/11/19 12:11 A
Goodmorning my friends, finally getting some steps in, last week was not that great so I have some m JUSTSTICKWITHIT 28 DLDMIL
11/10/19 7:06 P
Breakfasttt. Tofu scramble 🥰 Organic tofu scrambled with turmeric, garlic powder, and unsweetened a ELIZABETHEDEN08 15 GEORGE815
11/10/19 11:54 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 19 SPEDED2
11/10/19 7:49 P
We've adopted a new family member. He's already been walked twice, today. I'd like to introduce Band RLEWIS02 21 MIAMI_LILLY
11/9/19 7:21 P
Just a reminder that I am what I am! NVRGIVINGUP 21 TEXASHSMOMOF3
11/10/19 6:30 A
Posted a photo RSSSLHB 18 GABY1948
11/11/19 9:40 A
Side by side comparison HUFFELPOWELL16 14 GOODGETNBETR
11/10/19 1:50 A
Spiritual Time Early, then OUTSIDE for planting pansies and doing some yard clean up...... I love ev STILLSPARKLEIGH 20 ROSALIE28
11/10/19 9:21 P
Goodmorning my friends, it's been an eventful 2 weeks, first, while closing the pool, my phone decid JUSTSTICKWITHIT 29 CONNIET88
11/9/19 8:01 P
Posted a photo DARKLADY79 27 ERIN_POSCH
11/9/19 11:37 A
..... But I am forever HOPEFUL 😂 .... took magnesium and melatonin earlier, and sipped on sleepy ti STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 ROSALIE28
11/10/19 9:23 P
Starbucks Tall Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte- where have you been all my life with your 90 calorie sel MICHELLE_391 5 MIAMI_LILLY
11/8/19 9:20 P
Happy Friday and weekend, our daughter is here visiting, she got us matching pjs. KURTZIE1998 21 DUCKTURNIP
11/10/19 9:55 P
Posted a photo EEVEE7S 6 GEORGE815
11/8/19 5:45 P
#BeforeAndAfter Down 129 pounds! Spark works if you work it ! STEEPERSLOUNGE 16 SPEDED2
11/8/19 10:36 P
Hello everyone.. thought I would post lunch today. It has been a few days since I have been on here. HIMELISSA2007 12 GEORGE815
11/8/19 5:56 P
11/10/19 12:37 A
I made this a few days ago and was hesitant to post.... Why I have no clue.... It's crazy to be thi PHOXYM 160 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
11/9/19 8:38 A
Good morning and happy Flex Friday spark friends!! Time to get your butt up and get out there!! You GPALMER2019 33 LILIWHEELER
11/9/19 10:52 P
It was the first foggy morning of the year. I could hear the fog horns in the distance. So tranquil. ALLYLIZZY 20 OPTICALXILLUSIO
11/9/19 12:17 A
Good evening spark friends!! I am dead tired and worn out!! Had to deal with a lot of heavy lifting GPALMER2019 23 DRINKALOTH2O
11/8/19 7:13 A
Posted a photo W-OO-F 22 DSPARKYRN2
11/8/19 12:53 P
Green Apple Pecan Salad with marinated chicken JANETHERRING88 22 EVIE4NOW
11/7/19 10:36 P
Good morning!! Hope everybody got rest and is read GPALMER2019 59 DEE107
11/8/19 12:13 A
MBW makes my pie chart HAPPY 😁!! I think that sleep wedge may be a bit big 🤪 #sipsip #magicbeanwat STILLSPARKLEIGH 40 STILLSPARKLEIGH
11/10/19 7:57 A
Posted a photo KRISUA 18 KRISUA
11/9/19 5:03 A
The tattered picture on the left is from 2006. It looks that way because it is stuffed into my gym b MIAMI_LILLY 196 BERRY4
11/9/19 3:52 P
Goodnight spark friends!! Hope everybody has a wonderful evening!! Get some rest and let's kick some GPALMER2019 33 LLOURAY
11/7/19 5:53 P
On Wednesday we wear pink for cancer awareness. Now, I know that wearing a color does nothing. But, UASK4ITDAVE 7 MIAMI_LILLY
11/6/19 7:34 P
My daughter’s yorkie Chewie who passed away after 2 weeks and three days. Some neurological disorder NEEDBU66 9 DANCINCAJUN1
11/6/19 7:37 P
Woke to the sound of thunder this morning. Hit my 10,000 steps goal by 8:30am. Went to a friend’s KARMANNPOWELL 10 ALLYLIZZY
11/6/19 9:33 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!!! Thank you all so much for the love on my post yeste TEXASHSMOMOF3 40 AZMOMXTWO
11/7/19 6:35 A
Happy Wednesday friends!! Hope everybody had rest last night!! But get your butt up today and get it GPALMER2019 34 CHERIRIDDELL
11/7/19 1:31 A
Happy in My Skin These Days 😊 Content to Do the Work 💪🏼 Trusting Authentic Connections 👭 Gratefu STILLSPARKLEIGH 21 DAD_AINT_HIP
11/10/19 2:50 A
Vegan French Lentil Stew. I’m not the biggest fan MIAMI_LILLY 32 GETITDONE79
11/6/19 9:22 P
Posted a photo 2BDYNAMIC 38 SPARKFRAN514
11/7/19 11:50 A
😊 Just A Really Good Afternoon! Date with Gym for lunch break🦵🏻🦵🏻 workout, ate a really tasty STILLSPARKLEIGH 35 KENNYBARBIE12
11/6/19 10:52 A
Harvest Tuesday! Look It! My baby lettuce is all grown up in only 3 weeks! Started from seed on PELESJEWEL 25 -POOKIE-
11/6/19 7:28 A
Checking in here after being away too long. it is November and I am not where I had hoped to be. Su BEACHCHICA08 28 JOYCEHARRIS3
11/6/19 5:54 A
My Stepmom made two banana bread loaves last night - one with walnuts, and one with chocolate chips. ALLYLIZZY 27 COMEBACKKID12
11/5/19 9:16 P
This is for my Spark friend, @texashsmomof3. Faith, courage, and patience are three virtues that are MIAMI_LILLY 18 JRDUPREE
11/5/19 3:37 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!!! 🎉 Guess what today is???? IT’S MY TWO YEAR SPARK-A-V TEXASHSMOMOF3 247 POGIRL17
11/6/19 11:47 A
4.98 miles for Monday!!(nope didn't mean to cut it off before 5) 165 squats done for the squat cha KEEPITUP05 20 AMYINTHEWILD
11/5/19 7:19 A
I know some will judge me... but I am hoping these will help me get started again. I just need a li SHARKTOOTH84 9 PURPLEMOON1
11/4/19 11:47 P
Workout 🏋️‍♀️ ✅ just look at those arms. Loving 🥰 it CBULLIS1 18 CGARR442
11/5/19 2:00 P
Happy for some sunshine even in cold temps. Finding our sunshine even in what seems like dark times STUCKINMYCUBBY 31 WHITEANGEL4
11/4/19 11:26 P
Posted a photo ANIMAI27 15 DININA48MN
11/5/19 1:59 A
#BeforeAndAfter Good Monday morning!! Hope everybody had an awesome weekend!! I just want to say wha GPALMER2019 136 TREKPURRSON
11/5/19 9:19 A
Happy Monday, Spark Friends! May you all have a strong, productive week! And reach for the sun! MIAMI_LILLY 34 AMYINTHEWILD
11/4/19 6:25 P
The most awesome bee's nest ever! Spotted today on my walk. 3.4 miles walked today. Hope everyone e MSMITCHELL2696 26 -POOKIE-
11/4/19 6:05 A
Happy Sunday SparkPeople!! Wishing everybody a wonderful day... full of love and happiness!! I'm goi GPALMER2019 32 DEE107
11/4/19 12:17 A
For the life of me I cant get the gut to go away but the rest is coming along nicely I think 2AWESOME4U 51 EVIE4NOW
11/3/19 3:47 P
Greek salad for dinner. MARSHASHADOW 16 TCANNO
11/3/19 2:52 A
When I posted these muffins last week, I got a lot of requests for the recipe, so here it is. Enjoy! ALLYLIZZY 20 -POOKIE-
11/4/19 6:06 A
fastest 1-100 for 10 ROBFIL 319049 DWROBERGE
11/10/19 8:40 P
Good morning and happy Saturday sparkers!! Cold is here to stay for awhile in Georgia!! But you got GPALMER2019 35 CHERIRIDDELL
11/3/19 1:44 A
Today people, TODAY marks my 13th year of sobriety!! Can I get a hell yeah?! Dammit, it feels incred J2002HEIDS 84 HAPPS819
11/2/19 4:52 P
Lunch today was avocado toast and some really ginormous shrimp. MIAMI_LILLY 18 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
11/2/19 1:08 A
Weekly Landing Bonus Information! HICIM705 152 QTEALADY20031
11/10/19 7:20 P
I'm a treadmill addict. I'm ready to step outside of my comfort zone. What exercise is challenging y KRYSTALKAYE 9 RO2BENT
11/1/19 10:18 A
Who's got a Halloween candy "hangover" from eating sugar? My Nutritionist told me a study was done ASF220 11 PYNETREE
11/1/19 11:12 A
Thankful for the New Month/ New Goals/ New Blessings!!! ☀️His Mercies are New 😊 #bettertogether STILLSPARKLEIGH 39 FLASUN
11/2/19 6:23 A
Happy Friday, Spark fam! Did you over-indulge on candy yesterday? Worried about the upcoming food-ba DAD_AINT_HIP 21 NANHBH
11/1/19 5:20 P
Happy Flex 💪 Friday sparkers!! Another holiday over and a new month begins!! This is the time of th GPALMER2019 19 CHERIRIDDELL
11/2/19 2:02 A