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Don't you just love it when you don't feel like working out but then you do and you get that awesome ACTIV4LIFE 7 LOF7203
8/8/20 3:20 A
Had an amazing ride with my hubby this evening. Finding new (to me) places and pushing myself to bec LORI-K 9 LOF7203
8/8/20 3:18 A
This is my weekly total of my exercise 7 day a week Routines: 🔻 126,000 steps👟 21 hours total walk ANNIEROKOV 9 LOF7203
8/8/20 3:19 A
A collage of mom alone, baby alone, and two photos of them reunited. This was a tense trapping situa MIMAWELIZABETH 6 MCFITZ2
8/8/20 2:33 A
Day 7 of exercising every day for the month of August ST3PH 9 MCFITZ2
8/8/20 2:33 A
Favorite childhood foods you now dislike? MICHELLEXXXX 123 MCFITZ2
8/7/20 5:22 P
In case you want to make a #lowcarb stuffing recipe, I highly recommend this one! L1VEL1FE 11 L1VEL1FE
8/6/20 12:03 P
An hour picking beans... followed by something like an hour snapping beans (not certain, because I d LESLIELENORE 14 GARDENCHRIS
8/6/20 11:50 A
So excited to share my progress. I knew it would t GETFITWITHNIC 131 TCANNO
8/4/20 2:12 A
Day 272 - 🌦️. Walk, core and lower body workout modified, plank, knee raises, leg lifts, wall push- CSEGUIN2 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
8/2/20 8:24 P
11,500+ steps and stretching today. JERICHO1991 8 ROCKYCPA
8/2/20 11:14 A
Monday will be 5 weeks on my new healthy lifestyle BRITTSAVAGE09 18 MCFITZ2
8/2/20 4:25 A
Walked this morning while it was still cool. #moveit MILPAM3 15 BILLTHOMSON
8/3/20 6:48 A
Yay! A good day! Recorded vocals for a virtual choir. Tomorrow I’ll get the visual recording done. W GMAM48 7 GMAM48
8/3/20 3:12 P
Got my work out in! FOTOLEXIC 37 JAMER123
8/2/20 9:01 P
Hello my Spark Friends 🌹 Walking to Church and then to the market downtown 😊 Food for the Soul and COMEBACKKID12 34 _RAMONA
8/3/20 1:33 A
My July Fitbit total. Monthly Totals 545,535 steps 234.95 miles 87,136 calories GOLDENYEAR66 11 _RAMONA
8/3/20 1:34 A
91 min walk today MISSPIGGEY 13 _RAMONA
8/3/20 1:33 A
8/2/20 7:52 P
Really happy with my run today, tested out a portion of the half marathon course and it was so nice HIKINGGIRL16 19 _RAMONA
8/3/20 1:32 A
Didn't nod off and forget my step goal for Saturday, so I just made it over 10k by a little. Anothe NITEMAN3D 27 CGARR442
8/2/20 10:26 P
Posted a photo BOOKNUT52 14 GRALAN
8/5/20 9:42 P
Fundamentals of Ease LIS193 8 RYCGIRL
8/2/20 2:00 P
Oh Dear Lord Baby Jesus, don’t let me kill him!! Ok, so I have to plan EVERYTHING I eat. Can’t wing LILMEMEJEAN 7 MCFITZ2
7/31/20 2:55 A
I aced my recertification exam tonight! I’m notor AMYINTHEWILD 32 IAN2409
8/5/20 8:51 A
TREKPURRSON is trying to stay as cool as this dolphin I colored today in Colorscapes App! Our heat i TREKPURRSON 19 HAPPYDAZ1
7/31/20 5:44 P
7/31/20 9:06 A
Day 30 of exercising every day for the month of July ST3PH 18 MCFITZ2
7/31/20 2:47 A
Amazing results in 4 weeks, from sore knees to pain free. I modified weight stengthening exercises f ZOOMTHOM 15 RYCGIRL
7/31/20 7:27 A
Feeling good post hike with my dog! This is the first time in a year that I didn’t have knee pain af MONTANAMEESH 27 ZOOMTHOM
7/31/20 4:19 A
7/31/20 8:51 A
Getting my water in by freezing my water bottles. In the hot weather, the frozen water melts but kee ATHENA2010 7 BILLTHOMSON
7/31/20 9:06 A
Nothing like a unicorn to make your day! GRAMMY065 13 GABY1948
8/2/20 10:49 A
My crazy girls say Goodnight🌜🌠💖 CATWMNCAT 33 LILIANN400
7/31/20 3:30 P
8/1/20 3:46 P
My sweet baby girl Cricket ate pieces of a cork coaster two days ago. She has not been feeling grea BMHINER 27 ALLYLIZZY
7/31/20 1:41 P
I am still suffering through a fibro flare. My body and brain are only working at half capacity. Sti SBLACKWELL93 5 BECK56
7/30/20 8:42 P
Woohoo I am doing my Happy Dance my car is fixed it was just missing a belt cost $233 to fix. But no BOMBCHELL23 19 JRDUPREE
7/30/20 11:06 P
Posted a photo JUDY1676 23 GABY1948
7/31/20 3:04 P
Best time of the day to walk is before sunrise because it's cooler and there is less smoke in the ai 7STIGGYMT 22 AOKDIET21
8/3/20 11:15 P
How is it possible I got up and did a full workout this morning, made breakfast, and managed to drin JAMEY2318 4 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 2:11 P
Feeling a little bit sick to my stomach. I chewed on some mint gum and it helped. Plus getting some AUNTRENEE 4 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 2:10 P
BEEP! BEEP! I had a cop following me for some time yesterday while I drove to the park. Besides worr KAREN_EDMONDS 9 1CRAZYDOG
7/27/20 8:16 P
Good morning and happy Monday everyone! Hope everyone has a great Monday filled with motivation..... SWEETTEANFRUIT 16 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 2:07 P
It was a long weekend. My youngest daughter had teeth pulled so we can get her braces on soon. It wa MISTYMORROW75 4 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 2:06 P
7/27/20 2:05 P
Good morning, everyone! One hour of weeding around the house before 8am! OMGoodness, I can't let it AMYNOW40 8 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 2:04 P
Figured out how to get more steps in while watching grandson play baseball. Find the restroom farth LJBOWSER1 4 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 2:03 P
It was lovely to walk outside, knee brace and all!!! #SlowAndSteady BDJOHNSON 5 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 2:02 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Monday! Yesterday was a pretty decent rest day y’all. I got in a TEXASHSMOMOF3 44 TOMSGAL85
7/28/20 5:58 P
Goal and fitness feats met for the day...starting the week off strong (69 min walking and jogging, 4 NEWRUNNERCLARE 7 NEWRUNNERCLARE
7/27/20 8:34 P
Nice walk done this morning and will soon have water down 😊 CHALLENGER15 5 JAMER123
7/28/20 9:56 P
2020 what a year. I’d like to make the best of it by focusing on self-care. I’m an “essential” worke ZOGGIRL 3 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:59 P
Great workout this morning!! 🎉🎉 UGAGIRL719 19 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:58 P
It’s a hot one today....... MIMIGETSHEALTHY 5 CHERRYZMB60
7/27/20 4:22 P
I tried a new routine today! Callanetics followed by some weights. Who new 3lb weights were so heavy BEATACROCHETS 4 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:57 P
Posted a goal MOMBOYS2 4 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:57 P
Posted a goal MOMBOYS2 3 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:56 P
when i get frustrated at not seeing progress, i remind mysefl that i started this process at 333! t SAMITHESWEET1 4 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:55 P
Last week, without having gone to the gym or done any exercise sessions, I achieved and crushed my w LOOTJE69 11 LOOTJE69
7/28/20 6:53 P
I did some more grocery shopping yesterday, and I managed to leave the store without buying my favor ALLYLIZZY 27 PCK12J
7/28/20 1:42 P
I have lost 21 pounds. PORCHASCHLOSSER 34 SILOBEND1
7/27/20 5:40 P
55 min pool aerobics to JLo #moveit SBELMONTE 4 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:46 P
Exercise videos today #goalfeats CKEYES1 3 BIGRENTMAN
7/27/20 4:02 P
Week 1 of Barre: Monday - Total Body and W1D1 of 10K Runner. New workouts and a new meal plan. I a GIRLGETTINGFIT 7 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:45 P
I have weighed less than 130# for the past two days. I bought a Concept2 rowing machine due to Covi MOINSDEMOI 6 LIZZYMITCH
7/27/20 3:53 P
Outdoor Exercise Class DEEGIRL50 18 DTHOR6
7/28/20 5:57 A
Posted a goal IAN2409 7 PICKIE98
7/28/20 2:58 P
"It takes skill to trip over flat surfaces!" NANASUEH 27 GABY1948
7/29/20 3:42 P
Bike ride #14 complete! So far this summer I’ve go TORRIESJOURNEY 17 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:40 P
20 minute walk with Jessica Sanson #moveit NJHALL52 4 BILLTHOMSON
7/28/20 6:40 A
Took today off from work and relieved more stress by taking a 4 mile walk. NOFAILTHISTIME 3 MCFITZ2
7/27/20 1:39 P
I needed a little dose of humor this morning! CRYSTALBROOKS 26 ASF220
7/27/20 5:54 P
Woke up feeling really good my broken toe doesnt hurt so on to my 8 mile walk really beautiful outsi ANNIEROKOV 11 ASF220
7/27/20 5:55 P
Question: how would you log stacking firewood as an exercise? I collect +/-10lbs of wood from a pi FLORIDABELLE83 3 FLUTTERFLI
7/27/20 3:50 P