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Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday was a rough day for me emotionally! And I at TEXASHSMOMOF3 31 AMYINTHEWILD
8/11/20 3:48 P
Starting over eatting tips. BEACHBUM18918 5 BEACHBUM18918
8/11/20 9:47 A
Hi! Always following but first time posting. I'm one of those "slow" weight loss persons, but really DFARINHA2 19 SUZIEEQ91
8/10/20 10:54 P
Day 10 of exercising every day for the month of August ST3PH 23 GARDENSFORLIFE
8/10/20 10:59 P
Change one Word 2BDYNAMIC 13900 52BINCE
8/11/20 10:12 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Monday!!! Some things came up and it ended up being another late TEXASHSMOMOF3 51 TOMSGAL85
8/11/20 6:57 A
Ready for Monday? Yeah, me neither! LOL. Let’s look at Monday and laugh right in its face! This one MIAMI_LILLY 39 ALLYLIZZY
8/10/20 1:16 P
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Sunday!! ☀️ Thanks for all the birthday wishes for my newest teena TEXASHSMOMOF3 39 TOMSGAL85
8/11/20 7:00 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 19 LAH1222
8/8/20 11:35 P
All of this time wearing these shoes and low socks and never before have they had my ankle bleeding. LOTTALOX 12 GEORGE815
8/8/20 7:12 P
Made a promise to myself 10-yrs ago to commit to a lifestyle change. My goal then was to get to ON GO_GAL_GROW 133 CATHYSFITLIFE
8/9/20 4:30 P
💯 M33624 15 MJ7DM33
8/8/20 9:42 P
Heyyyy sparkers! Today is the day! Today I reached my goal weight!!! #BeforeAndAfter MISSMONMON 280 BLOND1E
8/11/20 11:36 A
Miles and Marcella are coming home Tuesday morning! 😃 JEWELRYLOVER 14 CATHYSFITLIFE
8/8/20 1:17 A
Going for a walk with my son is always a treat! I love watching him enjoying nature! YAYALA1974 15 GEORGE815
8/7/20 7:51 P
Keeping the Friday laughs going... MIAMI_LILLY 45 JER-BER
8/9/20 11:29 A
Garmin & Spark Peopkle CRABBITLADY 7 SPARK_MERLE
8/6/20 11:20 A
Well, here I go. I have gained 40 pounds in two years. Haven’t been to the gym in 7 months and have LILMEMEJEAN 114 KOSHIE1
8/6/20 5:48 P
Garmin Outage MARTHA324 19 MARTHA324
8/5/20 4:00 P
Garmin not syncing with Sparkpeople site HEDSTS58 28 SPARK_MERLE
8/9/20 8:58 P
Staying Positive!! CINDY247 31 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
8/1/20 6:48 P
Picture day! FOTOLEXIC 246 JAMER123
8/1/20 10:50 P
Havent lossed or gained in almost 4 weeks CELTICCAPERGIRL 10 MARTHA324
7/29/20 4:41 P
So not feeling it today... I'm just sad, sad about things out of my control... But, I'm trying to b CINDY247 51 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/30/20 7:40 A
Day 2 of pre tracking every bite..... it starts with toggling between the good stuff 💦#h2whoa and t STILLSPARKLEIGH 68 AOKDIET21
8/6/20 7:01 A
The serenity of a sunrise (no filter) across perfectly calm waters; here's wishing you all get to ex J2002HEIDS 18 GMACAMI
7/28/20 1:24 P
I DID IT! I'm finally in ONEderland!! KASUTPHEN87 205 PURPLEMOON1
7/27/20 11:22 P
Happy Sunday dear friends. Have a great day! HOLLYM48 22 1CRAZYDOG
7/26/20 4:07 P
For Garmin users; site still down due to a ransomware attack. The Guardian reports that the company MARTHA324 2 1CRAZYDOG
7/24/20 5:21 P
This would also provide much needed relief from the inevitable stress in dealing with events nowaday MIMAWELIZABETH 135 DEE107
7/25/20 12:14 A
Going for a swim #goalfeats JSTETSER 48 KEITATP
7/27/20 5:32 P
Good morning enjoying my homemade Cinnamon Cappuccino on this beautiful morning. SHEILASANFORD20 21 ALLYLIZZY
7/22/20 1:35 P
Happy Wednesday!! Just some humor to start the day. The weather is a nightmare, and I’m dreading dri MIAMI_LILLY 34 BERRY4
7/24/20 11:41 P
Good morning sparkers! We get a brand new day to make all the right choices that we may nit have mad SWEETTEANFRUIT 23 BANEWLAND
7/21/20 9:23 A
Today is my Birthday and YES.. I will eat cake❤️ SYDNEYSHERMANAU 236 PWILLOW1
7/21/20 9:48 P
All you need is confidence and a pair of sneakers! #sneakers #running #runnersofinstagram #workoutmo RASMUSSEN5 12 GETITDONE79
7/20/20 9:55 P
I'm at the doctors office. And there's a mirror, in front of me. Usually I see myself from the neck IMPOSSIBLE511 83 CARBY220
7/20/20 4:23 P
Still have lots to go, but so proud of where I am! BLESSEDMOM0F3 224 EDWARDS1411
7/20/20 1:46 A
This is me. I'm new here and hoping to get healthy and lose some weight. WENDYPARSON35 122 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/18/20 6:20 P
I’ve increased my walking since my gym closed and now I found my favorite shoes on sale! I can’t wa CONNIET88 26 ENNAZUS176
7/16/20 11:58 A
I’m back after being gone from here for about a year. I am ready to recommit! I have 80 pounds to EDDIEBEAR71 18 KEENRN
7/15/20 11:09 P
Swim suit transformation 😁 2018-2020 TASHADSLOVE93 63 GIRLINMOTION
7/16/20 9:47 A
Message Removed CD24291603 227 MADEINBRITAIN
7/15/20 4:17 A
We are having a girl grandbaby! We are thrilled. I hope you all have a beautiful SUnday! RUTHIEBEAR 179 LUVS2BIKE101
7/13/20 6:36 A
Make it a great day! HOLLYM48 32 LUVS2BIKE101
7/13/20 6:37 A
Request for prayers for Lisa Hernandez and all suffering with Convirus and Convid-19. AOKDIET21 32 SPARKNB
7/11/20 2:56 A
I bought my wedding dress yesterday! VHAYES04 81 GEORGE815
7/9/20 1:37 P
3034 days of Sparking EVERYDAY! My adventure to health is fabulous! Today is my actual BDay. Staying SPARKLINGME176 68 AMYINTHEWILD
7/7/20 9:05 P
Happy Monday,friends. You will notice my posts will be minimal for a bit. I'm trying to focus on the SOUTHERNJAVA 17 JRDUPREE
7/6/20 11:19 P
Good morning to all. This is my first day. I am feeling really down. I had recently lost 30 po DELINNH 188 GEORGE815
7/6/20 4:59 P
Last week I set a goal to achieve 143 fitness minutes and I achieved 165 fitness minutes, the highes LOOTJE69 34 SECAFF
7/6/20 9:45 A
“Slow Progress Is Better Than No Progress.” MARTHA324 6 SPEDED2
7/6/20 9:45 P
Went to bed at 8 p.m. after a day of binging on 3, CANNAWRITER2020 46 CD25862409
7/7/20 11:04 P
FRIDAY FUNNY 😂 Before I start getting serious about the #h2whoa 💧💦💧 goal, you KNOW I gotta have STILLSPARKLEIGH 71 7STIGGYMT
7/5/20 9:37 P
Lunch on day 8....Day 8 of my trying to get back on track... I had no idea it would be so slow and d MISSKRISTIPANTS 13 GEORGE815
7/2/20 7:52 P
Diagnosed with Covid19. Also found a mass on my lung. In hospital. Being treated, no need for vent PAMBROWN62 77 TREKPURRSON
7/4/20 7:56 P
Four years ago our youngest was married at our house. Taken by the photographer on our dock at sun RUTHIEBEAR 42 COOKWITHME65
7/12/20 8:44 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 90 GABY1948
7/2/20 4:57 P
Chubby cheeks, gone! 30 lbs #BeforeAndAfter #lowcarb #fitbit PRIMEOFMYLIFE 26 LEARN211
7/23/20 7:24 P
Laying here thinking about my goals today. Not for the week, month or year, just the day. Meals, exe SWEETTEANFRUIT 11 KOSHIE1
6/30/20 9:23 A
✨Monday Mojo!! I L🌸VE Opening the Door to a New Week Here! Confidence ( ok, coffee ☕️ 😉) coursing STILLSPARKLEIGH 45 FLASUN
6/30/20 4:53 A
Posted a photo JER-BER 30 ERIN_POSCH
6/29/20 11:27 A
It’s been a crazy journey but I’m happy to say I’m now 4 pounds away from my goal weight! I started WILLIAMSNSTL3 199 _RAMONA
6/29/20 3:14 A
-42.4lbs 168.0 I have officially passed my “struggle weight” the point that I give up, every time. I LITTLEMISSMOUSE 30 HAZEL2278
6/28/20 3:24 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 15 JUDYD207
6/27/20 11:55 A
😆🤣 Do you use Spark’s number for your base burn daily 🔥? Now that I’ve lost the weight, I find th STILLSPARKLEIGH 69 JRDUPREE
6/26/20 1:42 A
Always happy to check in after a holiday, and to return to my normal eating #eattherainbow🌈 #h2whoa STILLSPARKLEIGH 48 TOMSGAL85
6/23/20 5:30 A
Something that I think of when I have no motivation to workout or plan my meals. KBJB89 10 BLUE7684
6/20/20 8:55 A
Drinking coffee on the front porch over looking the lake. The good life! ❤️ SHIRLEYABAGWELL 14 GEORGE815
6/20/20 1:15 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Thursday!! Yesterday was a good day! I went and picked up my ren TEXASHSMOMOF3 89 TOMSGAL85
6/18/20 11:39 P
Happy pump/weigh in day! I can’t wait Tonight I am getting my Hi lights and hair cut. It been since AMYBRO1 16 ROCKYCPA
6/17/20 9:39 P
I Miss Gary!! GEORGEDUNBAR1 9 ASF220
6/17/20 9:12 A
Kind of wonder if his wife got my DH lol. EVIE4NOW 82 MDOWER1
6/16/20 3:15 P
Good Morning Spark Family! Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday was a good day! Did some chores, gave Jack a TEXASHSMOMOF3 32 AQUAGIRL08
6/17/20 9:11 A
A small rain shower interrupting the sunrise on Lily Lake; a bit of beautifully wild chaos for us th J2002HEIDS 36 COOKWITHME65
6/14/20 12:57 P