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Prayer Requests & Updates JUDITH316 14 LYNMEINDERS
7/29/21 3:36 A
I don't have the answers! DLBEASYRIDER 7 EVIE4NOW
7/28/21 11:25 P
Perspective can make our problems look bigger than they really are. Gail Lynne Goodwin 1CRAZYDOG 6 EVIE4NOW
7/28/21 11:24 P
This morning's sunrise during my walk. Later I walked again before TOPS with the other ladies. It ra 7STIGGYMT 12 MDOWER1
7/28/21 8:14 P
Two of your favorites @CATWMNCAT ... Anna and Pooh! ❀️ ALLYLIZZY 20 DLBEASYRIDER
7/29/21 6:40 A
I got 40 minutes on my peddler this morning. First time in almost 2 weeks that i have been able to e SBLACKWELL93 7 LYNMEINDERS
7/28/21 4:45 P
Back from being sick and tracking all the food I chow down on now that I am feeling (almost) better. HMKITTEN 6 ARNETTELEE
7/28/21 10:54 P
Today 30 min rowing, 5,153 m, 28% fat burn, 281 kcal. Happy Wednesday, friends, smile! πŸ€πŸ™ŒπŸ’₯πŸ’«πŸŒŸπŸ’ͺοΏ½ ISNESS 22 NOCALORIES
7/29/21 12:36 A
7/29/21 8:36 A
Lunch with Dave... Smashed Chickpea Salad SandwichπŸ˜‹ CATWMNCAT 28 PATRICIA-CR
7/29/21 8:37 A
I took Sabrina for a walk β˜€οΈπŸΆ KASANNMIL 24 CFITZ1
7/29/21 12:02 A
Happy Choose-Day! I choose to multitask today!😜πŸ€ͺπŸ˜„ BARBIEE52 21 HICKOK-HALEY
7/28/21 10:17 P
The Cooper-dog has been hanging out in a darkened room with me for the past two days, except for sho LESLIELENORE 20 1CRAZYDOG
7/27/21 8:40 P
Lunch is 1/2 cup tomato soup with 5 saltines crumbled in it, a grilled cheese sandwich and water. Ha QSIESUE1960 11 CATNURSE1
7/28/21 12:30 A
7/27/21 8:47 P
One of my neighbors was throwing this away in good working condition, so I grabbed it. 😊 BECCAWEBB123 18 FLUFFBUSTER
7/28/21 1:26 A
Early Morning Farmers Market In Santa Fe, NM, (the featured products must be grown in New Mexico). GO_GAL_GROW 29 PATRICIA-CR
7/28/21 11:52 A
Progress is in also when you show up. πŸ™ŒπŸΎ TAYGRL 18 STILLSPARKLEIGH
7/28/21 6:48 A
Happy Tuesday, Sparkies! FLUFFY83 15 RAPUNZEL53
7/27/21 7:23 P
Oatmeal Pancakes w/ Fresh Blueberries and Turkey BaconπŸ₯žπŸ₯“πŸ˜‹ Hope You are having a Terrific Tuesday CATWMNCAT 23 PATRICIA-CR
7/28/21 10:36 A
Almost bought these scrub pants size large at our goodwill I loved them but my mom said they were a HEATHER12O 12 ALLYLIZZY
7/28/21 2:09 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 16 LIS193
7/27/21 2:51 A
I took Sabrina for a walk around the neighborhood πŸΆβ˜€οΈ KASANNMIL 20 SNOWYOGA
7/26/21 3:52 P
7/27/21 9:59 A
After doing some more looking into spark360 and talking with my hubby i probably will not be joining SBLACKWELL93 10 SKY214
7/26/21 9:03 P
Lunch was Loaded greek chickpea chopped salad wit Dave's killer bread with butter. I forgot to add k BECCAWEBB123 29 DMEGERLE
7/26/21 7:53 P
🎢 Wouldn't it be nice πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒπŸ˜€ if this could really happen? 🌟✨🌟 BARBIEE52 23 REGILIEH
7/27/21 11:46 A
Got my hair cut. I just love it! So glad I did it! JEWELRYLOVER 35 DMEGERLE
7/26/21 7:53 P
Getting on the healthy track! JULIE12766 21 EVIE4NOW
7/26/21 10:43 P
Coffee, Steak and Eggs over Savory Steel Cut Oats and a Naval Orangeβ˜•β˜•πŸ˜Š Hope You're Having a Magni CATWMNCAT 24 PATRICIA-CR
7/27/21 9:59 A
Here is a picture of Anna I picked out just for you 😊 @CATWMNCAT πŸ’• ALLYLIZZY 27 ISNESS
7/27/21 2:18 A
@CATWMNCAT Here’s another one. She’s as soft as she looks, just like a teddy bear. I wrap my arm aro ALLYLIZZY 35 SPARKNB
7/26/21 11:51 P
Having cataract surgery on the other eye on this Thursday! Hurrah! SISSYFEB48 27 LIS193
7/27/21 2:51 A
I have been struggling with the scale for a while now so I stopped weighing myself and set a new goa SPARTAN2PANTHER 52 CHERRYZMB60
7/26/21 6:21 P
7/26/21 11:54 P
7/26/21 11:53 P
Have a great week! IMLOCOLINDA 37 GODSCHILD2_2011
7/26/21 6:07 P
I am so sad to learn this site is shutting down. I MISS_AM 23 CHERRYZMB60
7/26/21 6:22 P
DAILY CHAT! CD5807913 9380 TINATC26
7/22/21 10:31 A
Start of my weight loss journey MYHAPPY1985 18 PWILLOW1
7/20/21 9:03 P
Choose laughter. If at your spouse, you may be joined in laughter or then again, you may die! haha EVIE4NOW 27 STILLSPARKLEIGH
7/21/21 8:15 A
Brunch - Creamy chocolate fudge banana blueberry protein smoothie!:) πŸ˜‹ Have a wonderful afternoon! NAVYWIFESKI 19 ALLYLIZZY
7/21/21 12:02 P
Lunch is salad, an orange and chocolate skim milk. The guys are doing burgers and fries for dinner, QSIESUE1960 12 GEORGE815
7/20/21 4:56 P
8 done #h2whoa CKEYES1 13 ROBBIEY
7/21/21 8:22 A
Time to get my munch on... Coffee, Egglife Wrap and Protein Overnight OatsπŸ˜‹... Have a Terrific Tue CATWMNCAT 30 BECCAWEBB123
7/21/21 7:23 P
Happy Monday Spark Friends! Moshe came home for visit -Itchie loved playing with him. Back to camp FLASUN 24 IAMAGEMLOVER
7/20/21 8:43 A
There's Cottage Cheese under there... somewhereπŸ‘€! Have a Marvelous Monday and Sparkle Onβœ¨πŸŽ†πŸ’– CATWMNCAT 18 PATRICIA-CR
7/21/21 9:35 A
7/19/21 8:12 P
Breakfast was PB banana toast with cinnamon. Lunch was turkey meatloaf with brrussel sprouts and par BECCAWEBB123 17 TMP0418
7/20/21 7:05 A
Another great haul at E. Nots Mot garden. Double bonus, foraging and hunting at same time. Caught 5 TOMSTONE1 13 GEORGE815
7/19/21 5:16 P
Beautiful roasted spaghetti squash just olive oil , salt and pepper roasted for 55 minutes on 375 th GOALGETTER1211 17 GOALGETTER1211
7/20/21 12:28 A
7/21/21 9:34 A
Posted a photo LUVS2BIKE101 28 75HEALTHYME
7/18/21 9:20 P
Brunch - Protein waffles with maple syrup and local blueberries!:) πŸ˜‹ Have a relaxing day! NAVYWIFESKI 35 STILLSPARKLEIGH
7/21/21 8:28 A
Hey!! I'm back after a long hiatus... this time I'm going to try Weight Watchers Blue but doing it KICKDRUMHEART68 7 KICKDRUMHEART68
7/18/21 3:36 P
Posted a photo OLDSKOOL556 25 DEE107
7/18/21 10:06 P
Starting the day out right with mango and coffee on my balcony. OCEANXSONG 19 JLPEASE
7/18/21 6:02 P
7/21/21 8:28 A
Coffee, Savory Oats, Dave's Raisin Bread w/ Almond Butter, Mango Yogurt Smoothie and more Coffeeβ˜•β˜•πŸ˜Š CATWMNCAT 25 GODSCHILD2_2011
7/19/21 8:23 A
So many people go through life standing tall and being a tree with their roots in the ground and let 1CRAZYDOG 15 BONNIE1552
7/21/21 5:51 A
7/17/21 9:40 P
I'm down about 27 pounds and I'm really happy about that. I feel like it shows too especially since GOINGFORSKINNY 16 NOCALORIES
7/17/21 11:55 P
All veggie meal for lunch today… and everything was from our garden (except the cheese) greens were LESLIELENORE 34 GARDENCHRIS
7/18/21 11:29 A
Haven't posted in a month, down 17 pounds total as of weigh in this morning, its been 2 months and o SHANDA78 12 NOCALORIES
7/17/21 11:57 P
Taking another day off. I know it isn't the best thing to do but i woke up this morning with my left SBLACKWELL93 8 GEORGE815
7/17/21 7:07 P
7/17/21 7:07 P
Took Sabrina on a walk πŸΆβ˜€οΈπŸŒΈ KASANNMIL 16 GEORGE815
7/17/21 7:07 P
Lunch is salad, an orange and water. We are doing breakfast for dinner. The guys are doing sausage QSIESUE1960 16 GEORGE815
7/17/21 7:06 P
Affirmation for today: I know what I have to do and nothing can stop me from getting it done. KALANTHA 12 NOCALORIES
7/17/21 11:52 P
I should have went to the beach today instead. Started out mowing in shorts and a tshirt until a la CARLOSLAKELAND 39 TMP0418
7/20/21 7:12 A
Our little creek is rolling right along, but it’s nowhere near flood stage like they have in the sou LESLIELENORE 24 GARDENCHRIS
7/18/21 11:28 A
Lunch Time! Sweet & Savory, when you want both! Sweet - Rosemary Toast, Cherve w/Honey Cheese drizz GO_GAL_GROW 29 TMP0418
7/20/21 7:13 A
7/16/21 6:11 P
Coffee with Super Creamer and Deconstructed SCO Yogurt Protein Bowl... didn't track it first so who CATWMNCAT 20 PATRICIA-CR
7/18/21 10:35 A
My journey has challenges and rest stops but always points forward - to success πŸ†! SMITHDEB1 5 RO2BENT
7/16/21 6:14 P