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Post until you get your 10 pts! EVILCECIL 193563 EVILCECIL
2/22/20 9:12 A
Count 1-100 until 10 points SLIMMERJESSE 1617092 YMWONG22
2/22/20 9:04 A
Hi Sparkers! Dropping in quick to wish Ya'All a Wonderful Weekend 8~) HAPPY-CATHE 18 1DAY-ATA-TIME
2/22/20 3:30 A
Sorry I didn't come up yesterday we were out of town But I did veggies and my fruit #eattherainbo ALVEDAPERO1 3 LAURALLANCE
2/22/20 8:06 A
I drank 9 cups of water today. #h2whoa PATRICIAANN46 8 JOCELYNH711
2/22/20 7:53 A
Happy Friday Evening enjoy your weekend . My workout for today 1BUGZZY 19 _RAMONA
2/22/20 2:19 A
My first day of the Whole Foods Plant Based Nutritional Courses I’m taking. I have 2 days to complet GINGERMONKEY21 12 KOALA_BEAR
2/21/20 11:20 P
2/22/20 6:47 A
2/21/20 11:52 P
Dinner-Honey Sriracha Chicken Salad NAVYWIFESKI 30 ZELDA13
2/22/20 12:58 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 14 GRAMMYEAC
2/20/20 10:57 P
"Remember: a glass of wine counts as a serving of fruit." NANASUEH 17 GABY1948
2/21/20 8:22 A
Growing green indoors with a little helper. NURSECATHE638 15 GEORGE815
2/20/20 3:19 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 14 GABY1948
2/21/20 8:22 A
This morning I was fine And then All of a Sudden I can hardly walk.... It took everything in me to CINDY247 22 TYMBERWOLFE
2/20/20 4:40 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 19 JUDY1676
2/20/20 8:51 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 24 GABY1948
2/21/20 8:22 A
Up @ 4:30AM to hit the gym at 6AM. 45 Min Gymflow 32Min walk with the dogs and morning errands. Im a DEDICATED2ME32 42 GEORGE815
2/20/20 3:13 P
…::I am thankful for sparks community-and caring people! 2BDYNAMIC 42 SHOAPIE
2/21/20 6:16 P
Today's my birthday! 66 today! But, still 27 in spirit! Sort of a big deal since I was critically i ASF220 163 ASF220
2/21/20 11:45 A
2/21/20 6:13 P
Finally out of the slow cooker! I've been looking forward to this dinner all day. GHOSTILYUSHA 14 ALLYLIZZY
2/20/20 12:51 P
My fur baby Gracie NONI1012 17 LAH1222
2/19/20 10:56 P
Posted a photo REDMANCHRONIC 20 CGARR442
2/20/20 8:25 P
And today’s . 1BUGZZY 14 RETAT60
2/19/20 10:47 P
Love this App. Has helped tremendously! Went from 290 lbs to 183 lbs. Tracking my daily caloric inta TADJAX5149 15 ARNETTELEE
2/19/20 11:49 P
Used to be true...but now that I gotta get my 8 glasses in, the struggle is real😆 SYDNEYSHERMANAU 14 LITTLEWIND53
2/20/20 12:57 A
Oven roasted chicken with mushrooms and onions over rice. Green beans on the side. DEDICATED2ME32 21 JOCELYNH711
2/20/20 5:18 A
2 days no sodas. No fast food. No cafeteria at work...until tonight. Only purchased 2 waters. Smal LOWCOUNTRYDAVE 61 7STIGGYMT
2/20/20 1:15 P
Another day in the books. I really, really wanted a chocolate chip cookie this afternoon and on my w RASOCKS 5 GLORYB83
2/19/20 9:03 A
My husband didn’t want to wait for me to make dinner because he was “starving” - he and the kids wan LISAMARIE2015 41 EVILCECIL
2/19/20 5:48 A
Soup for flu... SISSYFEB48 25 FAITHANNNB
2/19/20 7:19 A
Kanobi keeping me company while my tummy hurts. After surgery, body is fine one day and not so good NATURALSPIRIT 12 TLV106
2/18/20 10:06 P
I purchased an egg cooker a while back and love how it cooks eggs. I got a hair brained idea and won JOANHAGEMIER 32 JOANHAGEMIER
2/19/20 12:25 P
The walk was chillier than expected but got my first outdoor walk in for the season. DOUBLEBOW 15 _RAMONA
2/19/20 1:31 A
...A few years older and a whole lot stronger! (Non smoker now too!) Lifting weights has changed my LORI-K 56 ALLYLIZZY
2/20/20 2:25 P
Posted a photo SAINTBERNARD6 24 YMWONG22
2/18/20 1:22 A
Meeting got out early so I was able to make it to the gym and since I had prepped my dinner, I had a RUNNINGBEARS80 9 _RAMONA
2/18/20 1:47 A
Scale jumped today without reason but sticking with it. Za’tar fish and Chips from Bon Appetit magaz SHLEE24 17 _RAMONA
2/18/20 1:48 A
I won the challenge for weekend Fitbit. However now I'm sick with bronchitis will be in bed a few da KETTLEONE 25 YMWONG22
2/18/20 1:23 A
Sick and my Winnie won't leave my side. KETTLEONE 33 SNOWYOGA
2/18/20 6:07 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 18 SIMPLY_JAE
2/18/20 9:02 A
Just had a rough weigh in today and this before picture showed up on my Facebook memories. Great re SWORTHING6 83 DININA48MN
2/18/20 2:30 A
Easy recipe from a master of vegetables, Yotam Ottolenghi. Roast Sweet Potato with Tomato and Feta. JANETEMILY 7 LINOVER
2/16/20 9:57 P
Few pictures from our day ANTMAID81 6 LINOVER
2/16/20 9:57 P
Our view for lunch today with the family AFWWTX 18 LITTLEWIND53
2/17/20 12:28 A
I'm struggling to keep my food choices on the healthy side. The last three days have been hard, but JEANNEW691 7 GRALAN
2/17/20 2:28 A
Heppy Healthy Week To All! Start Fresh! Lettimg The Old Go, Moving On! PELESJEWEL 27 NANHBH
2/17/20 6:41 P
So much goodness in my home-cooked dinner tonight! That's a chicken breast braised in a tomato puree SHIRA2325 9 CFITZ1
2/16/20 11:55 P
Posted a photo JEANNEW691 19 HOBBESIS49
2/17/20 2:43 A
Still sick with whatever is going around. I going to make a trip to the doctor tomorrow. TBOYD5000 8 SPARKLE1908
2/16/20 10:38 P
I managed to catch this while grilling. So glad I did because it was gone so quickly! A rainy day ma AUGUST131 25 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
2/17/20 12:28 A
Spaceship clouds in the sky tonight! GRAMMY065 51 GABY1948
2/18/20 2:24 P
Hubby wants to have wine with me... Well mine is a DDDRIZA126 8 DDDRIZA126
2/17/20 12:32 P
Can't wait till summer! 🌞 OPTICALXILLUSIO 12 AMYINTHEWILD
2/15/20 8:09 P
The Cara Cara oranges are REALLY good this season! NAVYWIFESKI 5 _RAMONA
2/16/20 3:18 A
Food, food, food! Make good choices and our bodies won't fight, they'll work properly and give us th LRJUSTUS1 15 KHALIA2
2/19/20 8:20 A
2/15/20 8:03 P
Lunch - Season brand sardines in olive oil with grey poupon country dijon mustard and grilled squash NAVYWIFESKI 4 NAVYWIFESKI
2/15/20 5:49 P
I had some broccoli, tomato's black beans, spinach #eattherainbow CECELW 5 TOCONNER
2/16/20 8:20 A
Hope You are All Feeling L♡VED this Valentine's Day! ❤ PYNETREE 13 TUBLADY
2/15/20 9:31 A
Happy Valentine's Day SparkFriends, I was looking for a shirt today when I came across this shirt (X JULIEISA 18 CHERRYZMB60
2/14/20 11:28 P
My heart is so full after work today. Every student gave me something from their valentines. I work RREDFORD5 39 TREKPURRSON
2/16/20 12:54 P
Saw this on another site. JPISME 20 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:08 A
woohoo! received a 2,000 Lifetime Miles award today! KAWLIGANZ 8 1BLAZER282005
2/15/20 2:36 P
Posted a photo GODSCHILD2_2011 11 ARNETTELEE
2/15/20 6:47 A
The sunset in California this early evening. Happy Valentine’s Day! 💖 ALLYLIZZY 19 CHEIVOUS
2/15/20 9:58 A
Great workout today MRSJENKINS85 20 ARNETTELEE
2/14/20 6:24 A
Sphinx pose WILSOD1 18 PATRICIA-CR
2/14/20 10:43 A
Been up in my sewing loft all day. Almost finished STEEPERSLOUNGE 33 RREDFORD5
2/14/20 1:02 P
Like eating an Almond Joy candy bar! #lowcarb L1VEL1FE 12 ACG123321
2/15/20 12:43 A
Fitness Feats are met. #fitnessfeats PATRICIAANN46 2 LINOVER
2/13/20 9:53 P
TREKPURRSON is enjoying the Valentine's Day roses my dh brought home for me today! TREKPURRSON 29 1CRAZYDOG
2/14/20 4:48 P
Them cravings though... my version of a risotto with spinach, onions, peppers, cauliflower rice & sh IMAJUSKEEPMOVN 23 FAITHANNNB
2/14/20 5:55 A
Happy Valentine's Day STARMONICA 17 JOY468
2/14/20 1:18 A