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happy healthy Tuesday everyone stay safe TRAILWALKERJO54 32 GRAMMY065
8/19/20 12:29 A
So hot and humid. Did workout four miles now pool time DEBSANKS 11 CGARR442
8/18/20 8:46 P
8/18/20 10:32 P
Good morning spark friend Happy Tuesday. Have a beautiful day and God bless. #pray #vote #letyourlig CARLOSLAKELAND 30 PCK12J
8/20/20 10:58 P
8/18/20 8:56 A
🌟⭐️💫✨ It ALL starts with a Healthy Mind 🌟⭐️💫✨ #bepositive #beanencourager #lightheway STILLSPARKLEIGH 93 AZMOMXTWO
8/19/20 7:10 A
Liquid gold. Thunder and lighting storm is bringing us rain we so desperately need. We are in a dr DIANEDOESSMILES 33 GRAMMY065
8/19/20 12:28 A
Posted a photo JUDY1676 27 GRAMMY065
8/15/20 10:44 P
Good morning! Today I am sore all over! It's a good sore... I wish I could walk tho... lol! CINDY247 60 FLASUN
8/15/20 2:56 A
Back in the dress 8/12/20. It’s not comfortable at all and my belly pooches out. But I got it zipped GLIMLADYMERMAID 50 GEORGE815
8/14/20 3:42 P
🤔 I mean.... I want abs 😂 and I have a kitchen..... 🤷🏻‍♀️ .... finding most of my choices this w STILLSPARKLEIGH 51 PCK12J
8/15/20 11:20 A
Good morning spark friends, happy Friday! Today is the day that the .... has made, let us be glad CARLOSLAKELAND 44 PCK12J
8/15/20 11:19 A
Happy Friday my dear spark friends! Things have been a bit hectic and stressful as you can imagine COOKWITHME65 22 BLESSOME
8/15/20 2:33 P
8/14/20 8:54 P
TGIF!!! Yeah, this sweet Sparker has an alter-ego when dealing with the Ex. Kindness rules don’t app MIAMI_LILLY 24 LILIANN400
8/14/20 6:21 P
Happy Friday Spark Peeps! It's been a fairly uneventful week. My husband just found out his temporar LIVINGHEALTHY16 30 AMYINTHEWILD
8/14/20 5:25 P
8/14/20 10:58 A
Posted a photo NANASUEH 25 GABY1948
8/15/20 10:17 A
Today is my birthday so I'm wearing my birthday tiara MSAAMAANDAA 204 BECK56
8/13/20 9:47 P
Wednesday's No-Carb dinner...Avocado Chicken BLT.. KSIMMONS36 24 OCIKAT
8/13/20 10:59 A
Too hot really for the oven... But roasted vegetables are too good to give up! -POOKIE- 108 MADEINBRITAIN
8/14/20 4:44 A
Take a chance. Are there steps along a cliff that are worth taking? Thoughtful Thursday to everyone GRANDMOTHER20 9 CHERRYZMB60
8/13/20 5:30 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! I’m still struggling y’all! Lots of decisions to ma TEXASHSMOMOF3 44 MLR_00
8/14/20 7:19 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 11 SPEDED2
8/13/20 7:55 P
Good morning on this Thankful Thursday. Make it an awesome day. Smile, be thankful and be blessed! BANEWLAND 18 MOMMACAT57
8/13/20 1:08 P
Posted a photo TIMELADY23 49 PATRICIAAK
8/13/20 10:07 A
Why trust what THEY say?!?! Do your own research and figure out what BALANCE means to YOU ;-) #sips STILLSPARKLEIGH 58 -POOKIE-
8/14/20 4:02 A
Wishing you all a wonderful day and keep on sparking. Happy Thursday! :) ROSIE432 18 LIVINHEALTHY9
8/13/20 9:27 P
I feel so excited for real me and my two beautiful girls worked out with me today ya RIAH52 26 CNUGIN
8/4/20 7:12 A
I drank 9 cups of water today. #h2whoa PATRICIAANN46 9 IAMAGEMLOVER
8/4/20 10:35 A
Message Removed CD26217930 6 EVIE4NOW
8/3/20 11:13 P
Meatloaf, Sweet Potato and Roasted Cauliflower w/ FF Cheddar Have an amazing evening💖 CATWMNCAT 22 PCK12J
8/4/20 7:41 P
CLICK if you love Spark! SONYA_J 121087 HAPPYCPA1965
10/31/20 5:27 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 159377 BENDER7
10/31/20 9:40 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 160574 EEJAA70
10/31/20 5:29 P
Did you walk today? RICK1947 136690 KEEPITUP4LIFE
10/31/20 6:23 P
How often do you weigh yourself? AV_MOM2 25039 HAPPYCPA1965
10/31/20 5:27 P
How did you start your day??? PUYALLUPSARAH 16976 FLUFFY83
10/31/20 3:05 P
Do you have a cheat day? CD15841637 7331 REJOHNSON3
10/31/20 2:19 P
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 73250 JIACOLO
10/31/20 6:15 P
name one non weight related goal for today TRIBEKAH 23338 JIACOLO
10/31/20 6:16 P
I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 15640 PMSLIVES
10/31/20 8:31 P
Are you happy with your progress? ZIGGYSTARSHAY 1316 SBURDEN
10/27/20 11:48 A
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 39875 EEJAA70
10/31/20 5:28 P
Do you drink alcohol and still lose weight ? GREEN-EYED-LADY 4390 BOB5148
4/17/20 10:29 A
Poll: Today I feel.. LIANNALIANNA 60875 JIACOLO
10/14/20 11:41 A