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How many points on the wheel? LESSOFMOORE 2991 USMAWIFE
11/21/19 11:02 P
I didn't drink soda, I stayed in my calorie range, but I'm pretty down right now so I just took a me MOONBEAR7 7 EVIE4NOW
11/21/19 11:47 P
Posted a goal ANNEARIAS 7 EVIE4NOW
11/21/19 11:46 P
Just got off my new home treadmill and noticed something. Faster pace. And I am eating again. I feel 6PACKKKK 6 EVIE4NOW
11/21/19 11:46 P
Hello Wonderful Motivated And Motivating team! I last posted a month ago when I was on a plateau. Th TINAFIT2019 14 GORDONED
11/22/19 1:30 A
🌮For dinner tonight🌮 Taco bowl with crock pot shredded beef Perfect meal for after dance class KAITLABOO0 15 EVIE4NOW
11/21/19 11:44 P
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 12 DININA48MN
11/22/19 2:59 A
Today is my first day here with a new tribe. Here is my why. I don't want to be that Grandma that ca JUSTSTORYTELLER 50 DININA48MN
11/22/19 2:57 A
General Hospital Group Forum CROCBAR 8049 SHAYNE139
11/21/19 9:33 P
11/21/19 8:43 P
November's Grateful list A to Z... TEDDYBEAR662 50 LESSOFMOORE
11/21/19 8:39 P
11/21/19 8:37 P
Making wreaths tonight with my friends. Don’t mind the message. It was still 42deg when I went runni MOJOZEN 18 SARAH_983
11/20/19 11:56 P
Steps finally done. Didn't know if I would get it done today. But I did. Now I can rest. Never give LIVINGLOVINLIFE 16 ALLYLIZZY
11/21/19 12:53 P
Amazing what 10 years does! 45 pounds lighter now than then!!😻😻 KENNYBARBIE12 35 LOWCOUNTRYDAVE
11/21/19 2:14 P
✌🏼Good Vibes Only ✌🏼 Beautiful Fall Day -Maintaining my 40 pound loss! Blessed and Living/L💝VING STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 ROSALIE28
11/20/19 6:30 P
Dinner 1/4 quinoa baked potato broccoli made with Sriracha and honey ENNAZUS176 12 GEORGE815
11/19/19 9:08 P
Made my own dressing! Flaxseed oil, greek yogurt, KGUSHUE 16 MDSCOORD
11/19/19 11:23 P
smoothie time! 😁 KGUSHUE 19 GEORGE815
11/19/19 9:07 P
It’s Transformation Tuesday! Age 43 (left) and now at 51 (right). Consistency with weightlifting in LORI-K 39 QSHEPP
11/21/19 4:48 P
Ham and vegetable for dinner it's really good MSAAMAANDAA 14 GEORGE815
11/19/19 9:05 P
11/20/19 8:40 P
Prayers for Wednesday's in November 2019... TEDDYBEAR662 25 TEDDYBEAR662
11/20/19 7:44 A
I joined the City’s Maintain Don’t Gain campaign for the holidays. We get a prize if we lose and/or GCWILLI1 20 ALLTHINGSNEW81
11/19/19 7:32 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 31 _RAMONA
11/19/19 4:50 P
Wild and Crazy Rock and Roll Days call for Nights at Da Club 😉🤩💤😴💤 #seeyabrightandearly STILLSPARKLEIGH 50 _RAMONA
11/20/19 10:42 A
So I got the all-clear from my doctor still cancer-free now I only have to come once a year for a ch HOOAH19766 200 LOVEDAILYLIFE
11/20/19 6:41 P
Attended am open house at the factory my dad worked at for 30 years. They had lots of cake and choco L1VEL1FE 23 FRABBIT
11/18/19 10:03 A
11/18/19 1:40 P
11/18/19 1:39 P
I'm pretty proud of this! All in all... I'm on a streak of 10 days of getting above 4000 steps. Th ANIMAI27 26 ARNETTELEE
11/18/19 6:15 A
One week in.... JENNDAVIS25 14 ALLYLIZZY
11/18/19 1:39 P
11/18/19 6:14 A
We are NOT happy. Just got back from the Vet. She made me wear this thing. Now to figure out how to MISS_STELLA1 23 CEEDEEJEY
11/18/19 12:49 A
GH -Articles and Spoilers for NOVEMBER 2019 ANGELFINDER 16 LESSOFMOORE
11/17/19 9:07 P
My back was hurting BUT I showed up anyways 💪 ANNEARIAS 22 MOMMACAT57
11/17/19 8:44 A
Dinner tonight. I'm trying to keep my carbs under 75 net grams during the day of eating. I figured c SWEETEMTB 17 PBVHCCVH
11/17/19 12:33 A
Hope everyone is having a good weekend OBIESMOM2 30 ERIN_POSCH
11/17/19 8:49 A
Dinner time! #2020NewMe #Healthy #Food #Keto LEEANNER1 18 TWIGBISKIT5
11/17/19 6:20 A
11/17/19 6:20 A
11/16/19 3:06 A
11/16/19 3:05 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 28 ARNETTELEE
11/16/19 5:40 A
Hiked 3.5 miles a Van Patton Woods Forest Preserve this morning. Beautiful ice & snow. VICKI27655 40 GARDENCHRIS
11/17/19 11:13 A
Have the best night’s sleep, Spark friends! And a Sparky Sat. Good night SPARKFRAN514 34 NANHBH
11/16/19 4:31 P
Night MARJOHN164 29 AKELLY45
11/16/19 7:26 P
So Happy to be here! Ready to place my personal health goals as a priority! ONAMISSION52 25 PRAIRIECROCUS
11/16/19 5:31 A
Tomorrow is going to be my first official day star LIZKNICELY 47 MAUREENESTER1
11/16/19 8:37 P
Still want another 10 pounds off and to tighten things up MISSYJ0507 19 ROSALIE28
11/16/19 8:12 A
Out did myself today, walked for 71 minutes going to the clinic and weed store (for hubby). CHANGING-TURTLE 29 DUCKTURNIP
11/16/19 12:23 A
The sky in California right now. ✨ ALLYLIZZY 16 2BDYNAMIC
11/15/19 1:51 P
Jackfruit and Potato Stew, so good and so filling! -KARMA- 15 LE_SIGH
11/15/19 8:23 A
Was ice on the harbor this morning. Not much, but the ducks don't care if its cold. Went for a walk. DIANEDOESSMILES 18 PATRICIA-CR
11/15/19 9:40 P
First run since I fell down! I kept it slow because, honestly, I'm still a little scared. It went pr SYZYGY922 13 _RAMONA
11/14/19 2:29 P
My steps today. Yay. I remember when 2k steps a day seemed like too much :) NOMASHOTCHEETOS 27 GMACAMI
11/14/19 7:06 P
Absolutely loving spending time with our daughter and grandkids while SIL is out of town. KARMANNPOWELL 36 _RAMONA
11/14/19 10:36 P
#pizza #keto #lowcarb #almondflourcrust #yum Recipie: 2c almond four, 2 eggs, 2T melted butter or co GYPSYJACQUELINA 20 _RAMONA
11/14/19 2:29 P
Pilates for the win!! MLYN92 21 _RAMONA
11/14/19 2:28 P
Is there a better way to end the day than with a doggo on your lap? DAD_AINT_HIP 33 NANHBH
11/14/19 4:05 P
It's my birthday! Had a great day; hubs watched t SUPERMOM_13 89 LILIWHEELER
11/16/19 10:27 P
Woke up feeling terribly woolly this morning so stumbled around making the simplest brekkie. Potato MSGNIX 12 -POOKIE-
11/12/19 7:30 A
Its been a LOOONG process !!!but its totally worth it when everyone tells you they see it also !!!!! ANASITALEKI1315 37 PEGJW111
11/12/19 5:30 A
Avoiding making a cobbler, gave myself a little taste w/out the guilt. Roasted cinnamon ginger pea ELISHARENEE 21 PEGJW111
11/12/19 5:29 A
Sweet and sour meatballs with cauliflower fried “rice” JEDIBUFFY 28 HELLOHOLLY76
11/11/19 11:55 P
Back on@the wagon LASANDRAMOORE 15 MJ7DM33
11/11/19 11:12 P
Mmm chicken tortilla soup! Toasted a 60 calorie wrap instead of chips- just as tasty and way less KENNYBARBIE12 20 CHEIVOUS
11/12/19 10:43 A
Lazy day for me today. I just barely hit 10k steps. With the leaves gone, you can now see the nast NITEMAN3D 21 CEEDEEJEY
11/12/19 12:37 A
Posted a photo MAXKIM92 4 TLV106
11/10/19 9:36 P
Tonight for dinner we had chilli with cheese and a bit of sour cream.... It was also my first time m CSEGUIN2 15 KOALA_BEAR
11/10/19 11:46 P
Lovely views on our evening walk OBIESMOM2 10 GMACAMI
11/10/19 11:53 P
So, day one was very interesting. This was probably the only time in the last 10 years that I've act MINAJOSE42 9 MINAJOSE42
11/11/19 11:41 A
Posted a photo DLDMIL 14 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 12:18 A
QOTD - Alphabet Game TEDDYBEAR662 1005 TEDDYBEAR662
11/10/19 3:19 P
Posted a photo ANNEARIAS 25 LKASOFF
11/8/19 8:15 A
Snack time! #lowcarb L1VEL1FE 5 _RAMONA
11/8/19 11:20 A