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Ugh! I blew my SparkStreak yesterday by not logging in. I thought I had, but I guess I hadn't! Bumme KAY-SUPREME 12 COUNTRYKID3
4/15/21 8:26 A
I only got 2 hours and 52 minutes of sleep last night. Hopefully I can leave work a bit early to com KAY-SUPREME 19 ALICIA363
4/14/21 6:00 A
Instead of going through the drive-thru after a tumultuous day, I chose to run to the store to get s KAY-SUPREME 7 DININA48MN
4/13/21 1:58 A
Today is one of the most Monday-est Mondays to ever Monday. KAY-SUPREME 4 MSMOSTIMPROVED
4/12/21 5:08 P
*New* 25 Pound Challenge ~INDYGIRL 24 GRLTAZ
4/15/21 11:04 A
Had a fantastically chill weekend with my sister. We did NOTHING. And it was terrific. On Friday e KAY-SUPREME 5 GEORGE815
4/11/21 10:59 P
As of today, I am officially down 60 pounds! 🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎈🎈🎈🥳🥳🥳 It still blows my mind that I’ DRBENGSCH2021 30 NVRGIVINGUP
4/12/21 9:12 P
Air Fried Chicken Egg Rolls 365 Calories for 3 Gr NOTJUSTFORMOI78 21 NOTJUSTFORMOI78
4/10/21 12:38 P
28 years ago today, it was also a Saturday and we said I do and we have and we will continue to do s DLBEASYRIDER 60 ALLYLIZZY
4/10/21 11:57 P
Three pounds down. I rule! lol DIZZYBRITCHES 17 WHYTEBROWN
4/10/21 7:11 P
My sister is coming to visit today and my apartment is a disaster. I'm going to do my best this morn KAY-SUPREME 12 KAY-SUPREME
4/9/21 7:18 P
Tracked my food and walked for 25 minutes. Not bad for my first day #moveit CRICKET2021 9 BILLTHOMSON
4/10/21 5:48 A
I will tell you something.... After long time I woke up happy and feeling good about myself, after a MSFIGGY 12 MSFIGGY
4/12/21 2:28 A
Goals to achieve. ( influence by Janet Jackson) DIZEIMAGE 6 CHERYLHURT
4/9/21 7:03 A
This morning I made my final payment to my Wells Fargo credit card. I had a goal to have it paid off KAY-SUPREME 10 SMALLERMELORIE
4/8/21 8:18 A
What are you reading? ACHRISTIANGIRL 11910 SUNSHINE99999
4/15/21 11:31 A
Eating The Rainbow 🌈 Veggie Platter, Ham Off The Grill (3oz. slice) ✅Tracked #eattherainbow GO_GAL_GROW 27 WANAKA
4/9/21 9:44 A
The best part about logging on to SparkPeople is that it's all positivity for the most part. Sure, w KAY-SUPREME 6 MISSDORKNESS
4/7/21 11:06 P
I'm just gonna keep on trying. I've REALLY struggled. My mindset is what is hindering me. I can do YISKAMIRYAM 7 KAY-SUPREME
4/5/21 9:57 P
Posted a photo MARKUS_11111 14 ALLENJOSEPH
4/5/21 11:40 P
I am going to go through all of my old workout gear and pass the stuff on that is too small for me. KAY-SUPREME 6 MISSDORKNESS
4/5/21 11:30 A
4/4/21 11:50 A
Continuing my Financial Weight Loss journey (paying off debt): From January 1 to April 3, 2021, I ha KAY-SUPREME 9 KAY-SUPREME
4/4/21 11:42 A
Week 1 I lost weight and I am doing 10000 steps. 🙂 proud of myself. CMEEGAN8 12 CHERRYZMB60
4/3/21 11:24 P
Since the end of January I've lost 11.4 pounds. It's going slow but it's going. JODI251968 9 JODI251968
3/30/21 9:27 P
I've started weighing myself every day in the morning -- I thought, at first, this would be a bad id KAY-SUPREME 3 OPTICALXILLUSIO
3/28/21 3:18 P
Holy smoke ! I am almost hitting that goal line this morning. My goal weight is 140 but I gave mysel AMUSICALLIFE 30 COUNTRYKID3
3/28/21 10:30 A
The BAMFmobile rides again! The insurance company has decided to pay for the entire repair, minus KAY-SUPREME 4 COUNTRYKID3
3/27/21 9:29 A
Back from the collision place. The damage estimate is right at the threshold of "total" for Michigan KAY-SUPREME 9 GEORGE815
3/25/21 1:55 P
Choosing to be thankful even when it’s hard is a tall spiritual order.... but one that yields beauti STILLSPARKLEIGH 67 TOMSGAL85
3/26/21 4:35 P
I just crossed 272,000 miles on my car, and yesterday morning I clipped the butt of a deer. Bringing KAY-SUPREME 8 BEACHCOMBER16
3/25/21 7:55 A
The sun and color of Spring and 2 inches of snow...this is Montana. CURIOUS2020 28 KAY-SUPREME
3/23/21 3:22 P
Meal prep tilapia with brown rice, Brussels sprouts, and squash with peppers #eattherainbow MSMOSTIMPROVED 32 EBUNNY1
3/25/21 12:19 A
Started at 244 down to 233 COUNTRYMAMA0 5 SWIMSTERLING94
3/23/21 4:44 P
4/5/21 8:51 A
Bringing back to my place my barbell and plates, plus my "The Step" and two eight pound hand weights KAY-SUPREME 5 LASTDIET2017
3/21/21 3:17 P
I'm back I've got to get serious to save my kidney and get control of my diabetes. #newbie DLECROY55 12 DRILLSGT54
4/11/21 1:52 P
After six weeks, I am finally home from the hospital, after fighting off Covid 19. Now begins the r KLBAUSSIE 10 ANGELWENDYMAMA
3/13/21 9:13 A
Glad to be back on spark New beginnings CRYSTAL121212 9 ORTATK
3/13/21 8:56 A
Continuing my Financial Weight Loss journey (paying off debt): From February 1, 2021 to March 1, 202 KAY-SUPREME 7 LANNET
3/13/21 12:46 P
I know this may sound like a silly goal. My current goal is to drink 1+ cups of water a day. I dri LUV2BEFIT78 17 COOKIE268
2/21/21 2:54 P
Friday is here -- one more busy day and then hopefully some relaxing and some much needed "stuff" do KAY-SUPREME 7 CARBQUEEN1969
2/19/21 9:40 A
Been trying to take more time for "me" -- I enjoy being up early in the morning, so when I naturally KAY-SUPREME 11 COUNCILMAN1952
2/17/21 8:29 A
Continuing my Financial Weight Loss journey (paying off debt): From January 1, 2021 to February 1, 2 KAY-SUPREME 6 ALLYLIZZY
2/16/21 1:41 P
From January 2020 to January 2021, I was able to decrease my total debt load* by $6,678.48. I am p KAY-SUPREME 14 COUNTRYKID3
1/23/21 10:07 A
my first ever public progress photo! I've been keeping them for myself because I am so shy I have ne JESSLYNNRISH 121 _RAMONA
10/28/20 1:20 A
#BeforeAndAfter This healthy lifestyle journey ov ALEXDM9248 36 KAY-SUPREME
10/24/20 9:47 P
Message Removed CD1896529 7 SMALLERMELORIE
10/24/20 9:25 A
Posted a photo DAN1964 14 PBVHCCVH
10/18/20 11:16 A
My teenage grandson and I spent an hour doing a corn maze in the beautiful fall weather here in Geor BONNIE1552 29 GARDENSFORLIFE
10/18/20 6:28 P
First 25 lbs. loss. Can’t see much of a difference but I’ve got 50 to go. The journey continues. # SCOTTR4031 47 KAY-SUPREME
10/17/20 7:18 P
Intend to quit smoking from today on. DORINAKT 27 WHITECAT19
10/17/20 11:32 A
10/17/20 12:25 P
Lot of unhappy to lose. Major med change is helping. Fibromyalgia making it difficult. #newbie FAITHANDJOY123 11 KAY-SUPREME
10/17/20 8:24 A
10/17/20 4:18 P
No loss this week. One year ago I started the journey to become slimmer. Anything was better than 20 BESSIEBELL 215 YICHE12
1/11/21 3:44 P
Very long couple of days at work. Going to be this way for the next six weeks to forever. Proud of m KAY-SUPREME 7 KAY-SUPREME
10/14/20 9:25 P
The towel now closes!! It's weird just how many things triggered my feeling uncomfortable or bad abo TH3PH03NIX 46 PURPLEMOON1
10/11/20 10:04 P
I definitely burned some calories giving both pupp OPTICALXILLUSIO 26 MJ7DM33
10/11/20 8:56 P
Our friend passed suddenly yesterday. It still doesn’t feel real. Heart attack. She had fallen an KARMANNPOWELL 62 GMACAMI
10/12/20 1:47 P
This is pretty much my now size and my looks..Looking forward to the New Me in a few months. ALTIMALADY57 22 PURPLEMOON1
10/11/20 10:15 P
For @ALLYLIZZY on national hair day, just got mine cut and highlights about a week ago. 1BLAZER282005 42 ISNESS
11/1/20 1:17 A
Just barely got my 10k steps in, but I did make it. This little zinnia is only about an inch in dia NITEMAN3D 26 SLIMMERKIWI
10/11/20 4:03 A
10/10/2020 TODAY'S TIP Rise & Shine According to Northwestern researchers, late sleepers—defined a JVANAM 14 JOYCEHARRIS3
10/10/20 7:05 A
Long walk and water aerobics! Back on track now! IBHOOKD 16 GMACAMI
10/10/20 2:37 P
Down 40 lbs!! BWALSH4 23 ALLYLIZZY
10/10/20 2:08 P
Tips on sleeping better It's Thursday and I feel like I need a nap .. I wake up at 4:30 am for work HEATHER12O 6 CINDYTW963
10/8/20 8:05 A
I'm starting to learn that weight loss is more than just a number on a scale. After a few ups and do GARDEN_WITCH 20 SHERRYMATI93
12/17/20 4:16 A
Today was such a random day of snacking (on some good stuff and some not so awesome stuff) as I was KAY-SUPREME 2 IMPROVINGME
10/4/20 11:53 P
Woke up at 4 am...Going to try to get a few more z's before starting my day. SWALLIS7 9 QUADCMOM
10/4/20 9:09 A
No added sugar, no butter/oil, wholemeal spiced, banana and pear muffins. Only sweetness comes from -POOKIE- 27 CD4114015
10/4/20 4:44 P
I am $850 away from being under $10,000 owed on my student loans. It has taken me a LONG time to get KAY-SUPREME 10 KAY-SUPREME
10/4/20 8:04 A
Posted a goal SUMMERTIME20 3 HAWKEYE1943
10/3/20 9:41 P
I restarted my journey just over a month ago and I've never been so happy I did...I started out wear PHATGIRL2017 20 _RAMONA
9/26/20 11:25 P
#ketofied #keto #lowcarb Weigh in this morning proved useful! 8 lbs down and 2 more to my first 1 X-TINAKETOFIED 39 LUPTALOOP4
9/28/20 12:26 P