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Posted a photo FMAX168 17 SPARKER36
11/27/19 2:29 P
Haven't done this in a minute... Yesterday's steps JACQUELYN-L-FIT 19 DUCKTURNIP
11/28/19 12:40 A
I haven't seen a count like that in a while! JACQUELYN-L-FIT 33 _RAMONA
11/20/19 10:47 A
So I got the all-clear from my doctor still cancer-free now I only have to come once a year for a ch HOOAH19766 200 LOVEDAILYLIFE
11/20/19 6:41 P
Just walked Episode 3 of #thewalk "The Company of Kings" in 66 min & 4591 steps JACQUELYN-L-FIT 14 4CONNIESHEALTH
8/8/19 8:51 A
Just walked 39 min & 2973 steps for Challenge 1 of #thewalk "Look For Sentries" JACQUELYN-L-FIT 13 GERRYH2
8/7/19 5:28 A
Just walked Episode 2 of #thewalk "...Chaos and Confusion" in 54 min & 0 steps JACQUELYN-L-FIT 10 DUCKTURNIP
8/7/19 1:30 A
I've been stagnant since April. I had gotten down to 192.4 from 272.8 last September. Lots of life s JACQUELYN-L-FIT 27 DUCKTURNIP
8/5/19 7:39 P
Just walked Episode 1 of #thewalk "And the Earth was..." in 33 min & 3165 steps JACQUELYN-L-FIT 19 DUCKTURNIP
8/5/19 7:39 P
How do full time working moms balance it all?!?! I GENKI_LADY 9 GEORGE815
4/7/19 4:16 P
Oh Colorado what are you doing to me? 75 then snow? Not that I’m surprised. Guess who will be outsid COLORADOGIRL95 9 GEORGE815
4/7/19 4:08 P
....but an adult female should only eat 1200-1500 calories a day... SHINEFROMWITHIN 7 GEORGE815
4/7/19 4:12 P
Had to come to walmart to get a couple of things. I asked my daughter if there was anything she want ANNI80 12 75HEALTHYME
4/7/19 8:04 P
Swing into Spring ~ Chit Chat KPACE7 650 LOSINGLINNDY
5/24/19 12:13 P
#BeforeAndAfter JACQUELYN-L-FIT 22 123THERESA123
4/18/19 2:09 P
Progress So far... Front View #BeforeAndAfter JACQUELYN-L-FIT 13 AGIBSON54
4/10/19 11:14 P
Steps for April 1st! Just over 20k! Whoo Hoo! JACQUELYN-L-FIT 15 DUCKTURNIP
4/2/19 11:38 P
Yesterdays steps... JACQUELYN-L-FIT 21 ALLYLIZZY
4/2/19 12:17 P
Adam and I took a little walk today... Saw spring yay! JACQUELYN-L-FIT 13 ALLYLIZZY
4/2/19 12:37 P
Yesterdays Steps! Nearly made it to 20k before it turned midnight LOL JACQUELYN-L-FIT 21 DUCKTURNIP
4/1/19 10:39 P
Adam got to meet 3 new horses today .. Dreamer star and the chestnut is flicks... JACQUELYN-L-FIT 9 DUCKTURNIP
4/1/19 10:39 P
Adams new stroller was delivered... It supports larger children with a much higher seat and a weight JACQUELYN-L-FIT 10 CHERIRIDDELL
3/31/19 1:24 A
I haven't done this one in a long time JACQUELYN-L-FIT 20 QUARTERMASTER3
3/30/19 5:41 P
It started to rain so Adam and I didn't do a second lap. And Fed ex still hasn't shown up today with JACQUELYN-L-FIT 8 CHERIRIDDELL
3/30/19 1:13 A
My physical therapist says I need to do more things for myself... This makes me happy😎 JACQUELYN-L-FIT 13 JACQUELYN-L-FIT
3/29/19 3:56 P
Don't text while. driving today. NEPTUNE1939 6 FISHGUT3
3/29/19 1:54 P
Need help! How does one lower BP when I never use salt, rarely eat out, use minimal packaged food, a SASYPHRAS 16 FRISKYCRITTER
3/29/19 5:25 A
Adam and I went for a little walk today before the sky opened up JACQUELYN-L-FIT 15 -_-HELLO-_-
3/28/19 2:47 A
6/1/19 6:36 P
Here is the rest of the body composition information --- I have to say - this scale definitely keeps JACQUELYN-L-FIT 8 JACQUELYN-L-FIT
3/23/19 12:35 A
On the first day of spring (3/20) I finally got to One-Underland -- here is today's weigh in -- whic JACQUELYN-L-FIT 28 CHERIRIDDELL
3/23/19 1:12 A
…::Happy 1st day of spring! 2BDYNAMIC 23 PICKIE98
3/21/19 11:56 A
Did you know that the 75g glucose water for a 2-hour glucose tolerance test is 300 calories? Neith NANCYANNE55 9 BERRY4
3/21/19 1:54 A
Determined Daisies KALISWALKER 42 CERIUSLY
3/23/19 12:57 P
I was watching, "Irish people try..." on Youtube. Several of the episodes had the group trying diff MCASKEY6 6 BERRY4
3/12/19 2:21 A
3/11/19 1:32 P
Can’t believe we have snow coming again! Good thing I went out and got food for my journey! EQUIPCHICK 3 JACQUELYN-L-FIT
3/9/19 4:52 P
New to site. Is there way to enter a recipe so you know how many calories are in a serving and also JARDINEMICHELLE 2 JACQUELYN-L-FIT
3/9/19 4:51 P
I posted my first recipe on the spark people recipe app. It is for Orange Cream Oat cakes. Try them ALIYAWILSON648 31 ALIYAWILSON648
3/3/19 9:06 P
What are some of the best ways to break a weight loss plateau? I need to lose 20-25 pounds but I jus ANNB517 6 ANNB517
2/26/19 12:04 P
Just sat down outside on my porch... Heard foot st JACQUELYN-L-FIT 14 DUCKTURNIP
2/24/19 5:18 P
Omg I finally did it! I got to see that 1 lol, I've been in the 200's now for over 3yrs!! I know it' LABO2306 306 GMACAMI
2/22/19 9:04 P
Question: Does your blog go out to everyone on Spark or can you make it private? NETTY129 2 JACQUELYN-L-FIT
2/20/19 12:20 P
I’m going at this alone this time. I mistakenly thought that the more friends/people I talk to regar OVERTIME13 12 OVERTIME13
2/21/19 11:00 A
Elliptical this morning as per my P Therapist Ryan, then on to 45 minutes of torture (I really think JACQUELYN-L-FIT 2 WINTERFLOWER
2/26/19 7:41 A
Swinging through here to update my minutes --- or lack of minutes rather for 2 days -- the 14th and JACQUELYN-L-FIT 1 JACQUELYN-L-FIT
2/18/19 9:18 P
Super Snow Moon over the Palouse Valley in Washing JACQUELYN-L-FIT 10 DUCKTURNIP
2/19/19 1:50 A
Lots of shoveling snow. Also my grandson and I made his first snowman today. But it was more me chas JACQUELYN-L-FIT 2 WINTERFLOWER
2/14/19 7:57 A
Down 4 lbs according to my doctor: I haven’t gotten on the scale this week. Had my annual checkup an FREEMJ 25 TKFRIEND
1/17/19 9:06 A
1/12/19 1:13 P
Snow More Excuses~ Chit Chat KPACE7 774 PATTI24
2/15/19 8:00 A
Fat cat is a curious little girl... Just has to be under foot and keep me company as I prowl because JACQUELYN-L-FIT 14 DUCKTURNIP
1/10/19 12:24 A
1/7/19 8:06 P
Adam and I went for another walk today. The horses JACQUELYN-L-FIT 7 CHERIRIDDELL
1/7/19 1:23 A
I started my journey on May 29, 2018 at 297. I didn't get a picture on that date. The first is a BEAGLEGIRL79 307 MYJOURNEY79
1/8/19 3:59 P
Took a walk with my grandson around town JACQUELYN-L-FIT 10 ALLYLIZZY
1/6/19 7:27 P
In the past 3 1/2 months I have lost 58.8 pounds, went from a 66.7% Body Fat % to a 49.05% one. I ha JACQUELYN-L-FIT 15 ALLYLIZZY
1/5/19 2:47 P
In the past 3 1/2 months I have lost 58.8 pounds, went from a 66.7% Body Fat % to a 49.05% one. I ha JACQUELYN-L-FIT 64 ALLYLIZZY
1/5/19 2:32 P
Good Morning everyone! I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I am thankful for the support of everyon GRAMMAGATOR 6 ALLYLIZZY
1/4/19 1:06 P
Ok Spark Friends, I have a question. I was given this package of salmon today and there are no direc RMCKITTRICK 15 RMCKITTRICK
1/4/19 1:31 P
Most steps I've had in a day! JACQUELYN-L-FIT 12 ALLYLIZZY
1/3/19 1:35 P
1/3/19 1:36 P
Treadmill.... Missing those late fall walks outside... JACQUELYN-L-FIT 6 ALLYLIZZY
1/3/19 1:56 P
Short run but 2 minutes longer than my last run JACQUELYN-L-FIT 8 CHERIRIDDELL
1/3/19 1:25 A
1/3/19 1:25 A
*PLEASE HELP* I'm interested in a fitness tracker. Mainly For sedentary reminder. And to track steps MZALEXANDRIACOL 8 FRISKYCRITTER
1/2/19 4:59 P
I took all my measurements, which I haven't put in Sparkpeople in a long time, and then forgot to sa DEEDEEMARIE67 3 GEORGE815
1/2/19 5:48 P
Las Vegas has decided to do winter this year. 😊. We are down in the low 40’s and man, that’s cold! PAMBROWN62 18 INACAR
1/3/19 12:35 P
25k steps yesterday.. Day two of 20k plus JACQUELYN-L-FIT 11 YMWONG22
1/1/19 8:06 A
Yummy burritos 128g no fat vegetarian refried beans 42g shredded cheddar cheese 2 ole xtreme wellne JACQUELYN-L-FIT 17 RHONDALMULKEY
12/31/18 9:12 P
12/31/18 1:28 A
Morning snow shovelling... JACQUELYN-L-FIT 12 MISSDAISY23
12/30/18 5:36 P
Looks like I have 104 feet to shovel today lol and JACQUELYN-L-FIT 14 JACQUELYN-L-FIT
12/30/18 4:38 P
Warming up and loosening up with some morning elliptical... JACQUELYN-L-FIT 5 DLDMIL
12/30/18 9:40 P
The day is finally here, today I turn 40! I’m trying to stay positive and happy today! Usually birth BE_THE_SPARK 265 1RETSGM
12/30/18 5:32 P