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Morning walk done!! Down 1 lb this week and learning to embrace the journey and a healthier way of l IBSHAUN 15 PCK12J
7/10/19 5:44 P
Looking forward to digging into my breakfast today. Made this a few days ago and having it again. Wh IBSHAUN 19 PRAIRIECROCUS
6/28/19 5:19 P
6/13/19 1:39 A
My day pretty much sucked - emergency root canal today. Hope your day was better! IBSHAUN 6 BONNIE1552
6/4/19 8:56 P
So the month of May started out well and then ended in self sabotage. Gained most back of what I had KERRIBERRI86 21 LILIANN400
6/3/19 5:24 P
My little tiny lady is chunkin up nicely πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’— X-TINAKETOFIED 89 DLDMIL
6/2/19 7:25 P
Posted a photo RANDERS33 8 ARLENE2019
6/1/19 5:28 P
Saturday and a nearly empty gym all to myself for leg day IBSHAUN 5 HEAT730
6/1/19 5:39 P
A hike this morning with a friend = workout βœ… It was great to be outside! IBSHAUN 19 GMACAMI
6/1/19 2:49 A
When your a pug in live in the south! πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΅πŸ˜‚ MISSYJ0507 9 NOSALTMAN1
5/30/19 6:06 P
School is killing me!! Coming up on finals and I've been studying too much to work out and I havnt b GABRIELLEN1 5 MCATLEDGE
5/30/19 6:07 P
I was hoping to get to the gym today but had an emergency so just did some walking. Still planning CFRIEDMAN44 4 MJ7DM33
5/30/19 6:17 P
Workout this morning and feeling good about my day. I like changing my workouts up and doing somethi IBSHAUN 6 DLDMIL
5/30/19 8:36 P
Curves for days in all the right places! ⏳Hello ba DOUBLELSMOM 78 DOUBLELSMOM
5/31/19 9:05 A
#BeforeAndAfter My before and after picture as of today !!! QUADCMOM 109 123THERESA123
6/6/19 8:54 A
πŸ™ŒπŸ» πŸ’ͺ🏻 from I don’t want to go to done! βœ… IBSHAUN 18 TAPPER33
5/29/19 10:05 P
That thing where you can’t leave work because the parking lot entrance is blocked. Love my small tow CONNIET88 6 KAYDE53
5/29/19 10:28 P
Last night I really wanted a margarita, but I also wanted to stick to my goals. So I figured that ad TAZANGEL36 12 JENNGROGAN
5/29/19 3:29 P
I had a pretty bad holiday weekend. I think I was bored so I got a bit sad that I was bored and I ju TZIP91 9 JENNGROGAN
5/29/19 3:27 P
Am going on hiatus from spark for a little while. My 15 year old is in the mental hospital, found ou HALSEY2824 12 DLDMIL
5/29/19 7:25 P
Driving 4 hours today to spend the weekend with friends. I’m going to just do my best this weekend a IBSHAUN 3 YMWONG22
5/25/19 11:07 A
This was my main goal this week. It’s unrealistic for me to expect a weight change so I put it out o IBSHAUN 11 S_MHANCOCK
5/24/19 6:38 P
2 cups of popcorn with 1 tbsp of parmesan cheese CHEYNESMOM948 14 SAMITHESWEET1
5/23/19 1:47 P
😊 I lost 10lbs in 2 months since I started again OLIE07 132 EO4WELLNESS
5/22/19 8:28 P
Aaargh - I am so sleepy today!! 😴 IBSHAUN 3 75HEALTHYME
5/21/19 5:21 P
Started off my day by heading to the gym for my workout. I did NOT want to get up and go, but now I IBSHAUN 6 GEORGE815
5/20/19 5:59 P
I’m very proud of myself today. It’s my cheat day and pancakes were on the menu, but I chose healthy MISSMANHATTAN 6 GEORGE815
5/20/19 6:01 P
I've been 1 year Alcohol Free!!!! AMYMBUNCH 121 FOREVER_AGAPE
5/19/19 7:32 A
Is it healthy to go on a liquid diet like diet smoothies and protein powder? KELLYNM1293 10 GEORGE815
5/17/19 7:31 P
Heading out fir a nice walk. ALYONS046 22 GEORGE815
5/17/19 7:27 P
How often does everyone weigh themselves? ALYONS046 10 POKEY4321
5/17/19 7:37 A
First day on SparkPeople and I love the positive & supportive feedback & comments on nearly every po ACES_BABY_ACES 13 NOCALORIES
5/16/19 12:12 A
Ok, memorial weekend is fast approaching, a friend wants to grill out, need good suggestions. SHERYLDANKE 7 URBANREDNEK
5/15/19 11:49 P
Happy πŸͺ Day. LOS101 35 LIVINHEALTHY9
5/15/19 7:33 P
Needing prayers for my 13 year old daughter (turns ST3PH 278 LOVEKOLE17
5/16/19 3:51 P
I am going to make today a good day. It’s the only day I can make a difference in. IBSHAUN 2 TIMZMOM
4/3/19 2:11 P
Oh my goodness!!!! I did it! 100# gone!!! Happy, happy, happy dance. I can't believe it. When I st BEAGLEGIRL79 309 SAMITHESWEET1
5/17/19 3:25 P
*sigh*. Lost myself and my motivation this um... m IBSHAUN 17 JENDALL1
4/3/19 4:51 A
Huge NSV for me. My real wedding rings fit again! It’s been years! LINSEYBAKER82 157 PEGJW111
3/5/19 7:00 A
I've lost 19lbs since the beginning of the year and this weekend i was able to put on a pair of jean T_NOKE 10 REYNAJUST4KIX
3/4/19 2:48 P
Knock Knock Jokes for Cats: Knock, Knock…... (They're hiding under the couch.) NANASUEH 5 TERMITEMOM
3/4/19 8:24 P
Great inspration... but WHO else wants that coffee TROUTPOUT 16 TROUTPOUT
3/4/19 5:59 P
We had a work lunch today and I broke down and had IBSHAUN 9 MYTIMEOK
2/28/19 10:51 P
I overslept this morning and missed my window for my newly planned yoga morning workout. At first I IBSHAUN 4 ALLYLIZZY
2/28/19 11:49 A
Posted a photo LOVEMOTIVATES 47 -POOKIE-
2/28/19 6:39 A
Damn, I binged today and don't even know why. What do YOU do to just snap out of it, forgive yoursel LISAP921 8 IBSHAUN
2/27/19 10:23 P
I really didnt want to but I just knocked out 3 miles on the treadmill! ONTHEPATH2 7 DGRIFFITH51
2/28/19 9:20 P
2/27/19 11:00 P
😁 A Chuckle for Your Evening. πŸ€— CLO333 14 618LILY1
3/1/19 10:36 A
The struggle is real! LOL πŸ˜‚πŸŽ SLYDES-BRIDE 4 CONNIET88
2/28/19 6:09 A
Posted a photo LOVINGCHANGE27 177 LBENNETT1959
2/28/19 9:12 A
110 lbs GONE!! 44.5 to go!! If I can do it, so can you! LINZHORN 243 KAS10001
2/28/19 9:25 A
Ohmygoodness!! My precious 13 year old Silver has been found. The mailman told my mom, he's been sta AMYMBUNCH 140 AIYANASMAMA
2/27/19 12:10 P
My 1yr mark was on February 22, 2019. My goal was to lose 100lbs in the year. I only made it to 89l JENNMELREILLY 14 PWILLOW1
2/26/19 9:01 P
Had a good morning today! Did a 30 min Yoga video; IBSHAUN 7 BEAUTY658
2/26/19 3:48 P
I have had a long emotional day today, but I have not caved in to eat any extra food. I'm sitting at YISKAMIRYAM 9 GOODGETNBETR
2/26/19 12:39 A
Gained back the 5 lbs I've worked so hard to lose (most recently). Trying to remind myself that its MADDIEG0721 22 DLDMIL
2/25/19 7:33 P
I want going to post this picture of myself, but I decided to just step out of my comfort zone and d ALLYLIZZY 172 ALUNA1975SS
2/27/19 9:48 P
Hello Sparkers! Taking it easy tonight! But getting it in! SPOKENWORD 25 AZMEMA
2/25/19 12:06 A
πŸ€” Good Question! πŸ€— CLO333 42 PATRICIA-CR
2/25/19 10:25 A
My co-worker stated that everyone has an inner fat kid (we were discussing food). I told her that mi WALKING_TALL 10 IMPROVINGME
2/25/19 10:53 A
I’ve given myself a lot of excuses lately about exercise. Not today - committed to one lap around my IBSHAUN 4 LKEITHO
2/24/19 5:22 P
30 mile an hour winds, temp is -4- and I get to go out and do some more of my favorite- shoveling! KENNYBARBIE12 6 GPALMER2019
2/24/19 4:54 P
I did it. After yo-yo yo-yo the past month I am finally down 40 pounds. Yeaaaa. Four more and I will DONNAJANE14 7 PEPERNOOTJE
2/24/19 4:16 P
Trying to get into a new place is so stressful. I wish this was over already so I could get on with MAMANAVYBRAT7 5 LUANN_IN_PA
2/24/19 4:06 P
Small win i reached for a water instead of a soda... all day yesterday :) R_BEATTY 6 LASOLA1
2/24/19 3:51 P
2-21-19 I pick my bonus points for my 33 teams, 1 time a week! Hope YOUR world is FABULOUS!! Health SPARKLINGME176 13 MADEINBRITAIN
2/22/19 6:34 A
I just got to work and realized I forgot my lunch 😣 IBSHAUN 3 KITT52
2/21/19 2:48 P
Posted a photo ALLYLIZZY 7 618LILY1
2/23/19 5:56 P
Do y'all do alternatives for "Snacky" foods, or do you try to stay away from anything that reminds y MAMAKIMMI 17 NICO_2023
2/21/19 3:33 P
Ok, so ummm I kinda did a thing today... 😬😬😬 TEXASHSMOMOF3 135 RECOVERYMAMA
2/22/19 9:55 A
Super busy and super anxious this week..but so far still managing to stay on that is a win GHELBY 18 GHELBY
2/20/19 6:21 P
Day is at halfway point and I’m staying on track! IBSHAUN 2 GEORGE815
2/20/19 5:17 P
Posted a photo ANIMAI27 19 _RAMONA
2/15/19 11:32 A
I have NO discipline any more! Not when it comes to cooking, eating, or exercise. I have lost and CATDUCK1 7 CATDUCK1
2/15/19 10:14 A