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Let's talk CD11232210 3379 HMKITTEN
10/22/20 2:37 P
Looking forward to what will probably be my last camping trip. 45 degree low this weekend and 31 as HMKITTEN 13 GMACAMI
10/22/20 1:53 P
Looking forward to an easy afternoon of nobody else in the office. This is my Friday! HMKITTEN 4 SHERYE
10/15/20 3:16 P
My mother brought home one of my favorite desserts--Heath Dilly Bars. I'm distracting myself with a HMKITTEN 6 SILVAS7
10/15/20 12:34 A
Have a day and a half of steady work before I can go camping again this weekend. I'm going to be cou HMKITTEN 5 OPTICALXILLUSIO
10/15/20 12:08 A
Spent the last few days out (car) camping. Got to go for a couple gorgeous hikes, even though they w HMKITTEN 20 GMACAMI
10/11/20 12:08 P
Hoping to kick my butt into gear and out to go camping for a bit this birthday weekend. 80s during t HMKITTEN 4 ALLYLIZZY
10/8/20 1:55 P
Looking forward to a two day work well. May even have the gumption to get up and go hiking on my bir HMKITTEN 4 RUTHIEBEAR
10/6/20 9:48 A
I feel so inadequate watching everyone's step goal or advice on how to run for a marathon. I do well HMKITTEN 7 GMACAMI
10/4/20 5:27 P
I'm feeling truly happy, despite the craziness in the world... Which scares me. HMKITTEN 4 ALLYLIZZY
10/3/20 3:34 P
General Chat Thread LARISSA238 180 CROUCHINGFLEA
10/10/20 8:02 A
Here's to not having a reason to stress eat tonight after fixing a monster bug at work! HMKITTEN 2 LEARN211
10/1/20 6:28 P
Pets, Do have pets LWLAR7 72 CORVETTECOWBOY
10/21/20 6:48 A
What made you smile today? MARINERSFAN 73193 CORVETTECOWBOY
10/22/20 4:26 A
I am NOT going to let ________ get me down today! ANDREWMOM 15591 FURRYMOM1
10/22/20 7:58 A
I need to know how to weigh in.I cant update my we BELLE! 3 DARKMORNING
9/30/20 5:42 P
Made it through a rough and anxiety-filled workday without resorting to the snacks in my emergency s HMKITTEN 5 SEBARTLETT1
9/30/20 6:35 P
My family is having some decadent casserole tonight. I said thanks but I would cook for myself. Mom HMKITTEN 16 MJ7DM33
9/29/20 8:15 P
Three bags of platelets down for donation today, but am still nursing a headache that showed up righ HMKITTEN 8 -POOKIE-
9/26/20 4:12 A
Yesterday I allowed myself a day to eat as I chose. Eat I did. Now I am faced with a problem: my bod HMKITTEN 22 BLOND1E
9/24/20 5:22 A
If you had to choose, would you rather exercise outside in the morning or evening? (Assuming fall--> HMKITTEN 14 BBFABSTAR
9/20/20 3:43 A
This is what I come home to, no matter how good or bad a day it was. I can't refuse that snoot. 55 p HMKITTEN 23 FURRYMOM1
9/19/20 6:01 A
Backyard BBQ for dinner. Don't forget to roll in t SUMMERCRAIN63 8 SPOKENWORD
9/22/20 11:31 P
Got my flu shot and all good to go! Now to focus on more pressing matters... Like what's for a snack HMKITTEN 4 HAZEL2278
9/19/20 1:13 A
Planned out my day's meals so that I could pig out on sushi for dinner (cheap but tasty sushi). It w HMKITTEN 3 ZELDA13
9/18/20 1:14 A
Daily Chit-Chat/Check In KAYDE53 3185 KRYS210
10/21/20 7:48 P
Set up a new way to put in sneaky exercise: every tv commercial break I run up and down the stairs. HMKITTEN 9 LUANN_IN_PA
9/17/20 8:56 A
Is going to take out the stress from a day of HTML coding (and failing) on the house stairs. HMKITTEN 2 RO2BENT
9/16/20 6:33 P
Today marks twenty (yes 20!) pounds lost since starting back in July. Granted, I have 80 more to go, HMKITTEN 15 SLIMMERKIWI
9/16/20 12:00 A
Heading towards twenty pounds down (with still 85-80 to go). I'm so happy that I can fit back into m HMKITTEN 8 BBFABSTAR
9/11/20 1:13 A
93 degrees yesterday and snow today. My pup that WINTERRAIN 45 LIVINHEALTHY9
9/9/20 8:19 A
More fresh fish for the freezer. LJBOWSER1 21 NANCY-
9/6/20 3:59 P
Today continues the journey. Make it count. HMKITTEN 2 KATHYJO56
9/6/20 2:28 P
Are you feeling Positive or Negative today? BIGMAMA4U 63193 CHERYLSCOTT54
10/22/20 1:01 P
Today I am thankful for... MARIHELEN 2700 HEALTHYANDFIT27
9/27/20 10:22 A
Finish this sentence...Today I'm Thankful For.... IWANNABEALOSER 28226 FITMARY
10/21/20 5:59 P
My weapons of choice for today's munchies: squats/planks and a side of popcorn for munching. HMKITTEN 4 MOOKBALL
8/29/20 8:04 P
For the first time in two months I gained a little weight back this week. I tried to blame it in a f HMKITTEN 4 HAWKEYE1943
8/28/20 11:40 A
So glad it's my Friday! Need to get a good night's sleep to be ready to give some platelets tomorrow HMKITTEN 1 HMKITTEN
8/27/20 10:56 P
Milestone rewards? HMKITTEN 8 JILLIAN0216
8/29/20 10:09 A
What do you drink most frequently during the day? TRI_BABE 39774 NASFKAB
10/22/20 12:31 P
How much do you weigh and what size do you wear? MOMOF2GIRLSLV 1411 HAWKEYE1943
9/25/20 2:08 P
Milestone rewards? HMKITTEN 2 ZELDA13
8/27/20 12:46 A
Say one positive thing about yourself each day... TAZLADYOK 34345 GBOOMER
10/22/20 5:27 A
What is on your music playlist? BEACHBUM18918 9 CD23803456
9/30/20 6:51 P
Say it in A WORD! ROG190 4239 FITMARY
10/21/20 5:59 P
Trying to think of a reward for 230 pounds--26.5 pounds down from my original 256.5. HMKITTEN 11 LOVELIFEHAPPY
8/26/20 11:29 P
Ate out tonight and savored every tasty bite of my healthy entree and didn't feel deprived at all. G HMKITTEN 8 ZELDA13
8/24/20 12:29 A
I'm back into the 230s down from 256.5! This is a much needed push to walk past the minefield of mun HMKITTEN 3 MTN_KITTEN
8/23/20 3:39 P
I need opinions. I have Alopecia Universalis so I have no hair (if you did not already know this lol REVENGETIME40 178 ERIN_POSCH
8/23/20 10:34 A
Too funny not to share!! Lol!! CINDY247 20 2BDYNAMIC
8/23/20 12:02 A
Feeling in a funk. Had a severe lack of judgement last night (not food related) and the guilt is set HMKITTEN 9 LORRAINE_S
8/21/20 5:11 P
It's so strange to see myself and feel, yes feel, the way those piddly 14 pounds I lost have changed HMKITTEN 21 ELIR_KVOTHE
8/18/20 9:08 A
On track with both the weight loss and physical changes--I fit back into my jeans too! While I have HMKITTEN 8 CHERRYZMB60
8/17/20 9:52 P
It was the hottest day so far of the Summer in California today. The temps reached 105 degrees. It’ ALLYLIZZY 25 LILIANN400
8/15/20 1:26 P
Had a case of the Mad-Raving-Munchies, but I pushed it back! A giant batch of low sugar, low fat vin HMKITTEN 1 HMKITTEN
8/14/20 10:27 P
After a hard workday all I want to do is go home and eat salt, fat, carbs, and sugar. But I won't. J HMKITTEN 4 RO2BENT
8/13/20 5:28 P
Walked outside for 23 minutes in 102 degrees, it wasn't easy...BUT I DID IT!! FITFORME17 46 FLASUN
8/11/20 5:06 A
My first physical goal: fitting back into my gardening pants! Only took 13 pounds, but it felt like HMKITTEN 3 JANIMOEN
8/10/20 4:45 P
The scale didn't have much to say about this month, but fitting back into a set of pants that was to HMKITTEN 7 BARCLE
8/9/20 8:23 P
Made banana walnut muffins today. Yum DBLYNKPT 24 DININA48MN
8/8/20 2:07 A
Just remembered my love for roasted golden beets with a smidge of feta cheese tossed in. Healthy too HMKITTEN 4 GEORGE815
8/7/20 7:52 P
Not losing weight as fast as I expected. I blame one of the meds that wiggled into my metabolism sin HMKITTEN 2 CARBY220
8/7/20 8:49 P
Dinner - Crab legs and a side of crab legs with some Martini & Rossi!:) πŸ˜‹ πŸ¦€ 🍷... Have a wonderful NAVYWIFESKI 23 NAVYWIFESKI
8/5/20 10:59 A
Well huh, I'm actually down ten pounds since I started! Granted, half of that is probably water, but HMKITTEN 4 CSROBERTSON621
7/27/20 9:21 P
After the monster weight loss of my first week (probably a lot of water weight) I only lost a half p HMKITTEN 4 SLIMMERKIWI
7/25/20 11:03 P
I'm firmly standing my ground against the allure of a giant banana split like the one my father has HMKITTEN 7 KATHRYNGC
7/22/20 11:30 P
10/22/20 10:48 A
I've managed to be within 50 calories of my goal for 10 days now! HMKITTEN 4 RETAT60
7/21/20 10:48 P
I was so proud today. Twice. First, when I offered to make fajitas, my Dad asked if that would cause HMKITTEN 4 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/21/20 6:37 A
Enjoyed attacking the ditches and rocks with my little SUV, dog happily bouncing around and looking HMKITTEN 4 JUSTSTICKWITHIT
7/18/20 6:17 P
If I am already dead tired mentally and physically after my three day's work, how much do I dare pus HMKITTEN 10 HMKITTEN
7/17/20 7:52 P
Need to learn how to pace myself instead of an all-or-nothing exercise plan. Ouch! HMKITTEN 8 JULIEA7201
7/16/20 4:15 P
Introduce Yourself to the Team!! KAYDE53 62 PEGGY-BEE
7/24/20 2:17 P
2020 Daily Chat SUPER_ME 4 HMKITTEN
7/16/20 12:34 P