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What is your favorite cuisine GRALAN 4 GRALAN
3/27/20 3:35 A
Yesterday, a friend dropped off some craft supplies in case the roommates and I want to pull our hai ON_A_DIET 16 GRALAN
3/27/20 2:53 A
Cities , towns all over the world A - Z SKEETER45 618 MLAN613
3/28/20 8:11 A
Change a letter or rearrange POST TO GET 10 POINTS RYELEWIS 29225 PATRICIAAK
3/27/20 8:42 P
Post something blue! MINDYJ1 10441 NASFKAB
3/27/20 5:46 A
Change FIRST or LAST letter only to make new word GODSCHILD2_2011 806 RMUL2013
3/28/20 7:53 A
3/27/20 1:29 A
A to W ending in 'LY' RMUL2013 2430 REDPEPPERS
3/27/20 12:46 P
Last Fruit Eaten? HPOWENS 77768 EMMACORY
3/28/20 5:05 A
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 257975 PAULIE91952
3/28/20 7:40 A
3/27/20 5:45 A
:)Have a Smile filled day!:) LITTLEREDHEN8 15 GRALAN
3/26/20 3:30 P
I'm finding out just now that I can't type while I'm eating potato chips. To be fair, I didn't go ge BOOKNUT52 5 GRALAN
3/25/20 1:26 A
I have a new water bottle to keep me motivated! I have cheated though...I made some Southern sweet ON_A_DIET 5 GARDENCHRIS
3/25/20 2:17 P
Tell Something Unique About You ON_A_DIET 8 GRALAN
3/24/20 3:30 A
Posted a photo SARAHM86 31 LUANN_IN_PA
3/24/20 11:09 A
We are only as healthy as our intake, output, and ongoing love towards family and neighbors. Please GRALAN 5 1BLAZER282005
3/24/20 7:10 A
"Motivate, Motivate, Motivate!!!" MY3NTHEPUNKIN 10 GRALAN
3/23/20 3:36 A
Use a EMOTICON to share how you are feeling! MY3NTHEPUNKIN 132 GRALAN
3/23/20 3:23 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 9 BOB5148
3/23/20 6:07 A
Just thought I'd post a picture of an extremely spoiled puppy🐶🙂 ST3PH 17 BOB5148
3/23/20 6:06 A
I have many relatives who devote themselves to not eating meat. They've done that for generations ac GRALAN 7 LOF7203
3/23/20 5:04 A
A-Z ending in ing ANGELIS 14236 RHVICK
3/27/20 11:25 P
Name a CITY, anywhere Ato Z WOLFSPIRITS 64078 BEFIT020
3/28/20 5:42 A
what are you drinking right now? RENE333 69877 NASFKAB
3/27/20 9:38 A
Change one of 5 letters or rearrange them SHEZTHERUNNER 85182 RMUL2013
3/28/20 7:22 A
Be Creative! Are you a Creative person? LITTLEREDHEN8 17 GRALAN
3/23/20 2:29 A
Recipes to Share !!! CANNINGNANNY 61 GRALAN
3/23/20 1:58 A
A - Z ... USA Locations L0LLYGAGGIN 86439 MLAN613
3/28/20 8:13 A
Bible Characters A to Z QUEENCREOLE 831 LIZOFSTAD
3/26/20 11:25 A
“We are all strangers in a strange land, longing for home, but not quite knowing what or where home KIMJ01 9 DAWNWATERWOMAN
3/21/20 9:27 P
“I love, therefore I am vulnerable.” ― Madeleine L'Engle, Walking on Water: Reflections on Faith and KIMJ01 6 DAWNWATERWOMAN
3/21/20 9:28 P
I had to figure out something to make me laugh during this time we were a lot of my condos are cance DEBSANKS 28 CGARR442
3/21/20 9:30 P
Doing laundry, sewing up some clothes and stitching up the white of a small flag I have with white d GRALAN 3 1BLAZER282005
3/22/20 6:24 A
Have a goal reaching exercise day! LITTLEREDHEN8 16 JOYCEHARRIS3
3/22/20 7:55 A
Good morning everyone. It's a rainy day here in Texas. I drove about 35 miles this a.m. in the ra JOANN25 6 GRALAN
3/21/20 4:41 A
Tell A Little About Yourself CD4036037 98 GRALAN
3/21/20 4:38 A
Today marks the one-year anniversary of my heart surgery. This time last year, I was awake, but sip PERRYBABE 12 PERRYBABE
3/21/20 9:29 P
My family is under dr's orders to self-isolate. It's scary times. I went out to grocery store first BEDA65 8 1BLAZER282005
3/21/20 8:38 A
3/22/20 3:24 P
“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model t BARB4HEALTH 2 GRALAN
3/19/20 9:32 P
CoV19 stays in the air after a sneeze or cough up to 3 hours. That's why we're trying to stay indoor GRALAN 4 TSHAWGER
3/18/20 8:17 A
Roses 'n' Thorns - Best/Worst Part of Your Day TANNERSMOM7 779 SPARKKITTY2016
3/18/20 9:55 A
a-z double letter words CD5285708 68743 PMORENA
3/27/20 9:18 P
BIBLE A-Z , places, names, animals, whatever.. CILLALILLY 64551 HOTPINKCAMARO49
3/27/20 9:13 P
Change a letter TLAVEN2 77911 RMUL2013
3/28/20 7:12 A
Add Your Favorite Breakfast Meals Here CD4036037 28 GRALAN
3/18/20 1:25 A
Good morning Spark friends. Hope everyone is well. Had my breakfast and fixing to head for the chu JOANN25 5 GRALAN
3/18/20 1:20 A
Soul Food -food 4UR soul GRALAN 4 GRALAN
3/18/20 1:15 A
Two words - change one KWOOD1955 6970 SHOAPIE
3/27/20 12:06 P
Blueberries and other healthy foods Challenge GRAMMACATHY 20 GRALAN
3/16/20 7:19 P
Fusion cuisine or technique experiments GRALAN 9 GRALAN
3/16/20 6:50 P
Due to the lack of toilet paper... PCK12J 23 PCK12J
3/17/20 2:59 P
Working on getting back on track, yet again. I am feeling better about this time though! Now to just EQUINEGAL13 12 MCJULIEO
3/16/20 10:33 P
Post a Butterly for a Missed Loved One PATJOONWW 11683 DIVAGLOW
3/28/20 4:54 A
What's the weather like in your neck of the woods? SPANKIE3 12212 SPANKIE3
3/27/20 11:19 P
write the first word this word makes you think of KEEPITUP 102066 EMMACORY
3/28/20 5:05 A
I've tried 3 times to write a message. Here: Don't hoard things or stores run out. If you aren't sic GRALAN 8 BOGADAWN1
3/17/20 7:35 A
For a Monday, it's a good day. Went to the church and worked a half day and am now working at home JOANN25 4 GEORGE815
3/16/20 8:56 P
Conga Line Words LADYIRISH317 61 GRALAN
3/16/20 12:41 A
Hoping that scary flu won't come my way! Stay safe/healthy, fellow sparkers..... BOOKNUT52 10 GRALAN
3/12/20 4:23 P
Slow start this morning but fixing to get busy working on income tax. No fun but has to be done. JOANN25 3 GRALAN
3/9/20 1:42 P
Have a Great start to your week! You are not alone on this journey Lots of Supportive Spark Friends LITTLEREDHEN8 30 HAPPYDAZ1
3/9/20 1:55 P
3/8/20 9:45 A
Pretty laid back day. Had to work from 8:30-3, but we still made the most of our Saturday. Took my d ANTMAID81 21 NAVYWIFESKI
3/8/20 9:51 A
This week I have been meeting some foods that are fueling me. Usually, I get so sleep throughout the SUSANSKI 5 JOY468
3/8/20 5:22 A
I love our Sparkling tribe! Remember to "Spring Forward," tonight! Going to stay with my 86 years y TREKPURRSON 10 SPEDED2
3/8/20 8:39 P
T.T.F.N. JVANAM 16 BOB5148
3/8/20 6:44 A
I do not have the resources on my own to be a people person. I need others to cooperate with my effo GRALAN 5 1BLAZER282005
3/8/20 8:28 A
Spread Smiles:):):) and do a Happy Dance every chance you can! It burns calories:) LITTLEREDHEN8 20 GRALAN
3/7/20 3:58 P
Have a Fun Filled Exercise Day! LITTLEREDHEN8 21 DEE107
3/7/20 10:17 P
Have a goal reaching exercise day! LITTLEREDHEN8 22 DEE107
3/3/20 11:38 P
Favorite childhood foods you now dislike? MICHELLEXXXX 89 KRAFTYKRAFT
3/21/20 8:23 A
Spread Smiles wherever you go!:):):) Are you a Shoe person? LITTLEREDHEN8 23 GRALAN
3/3/20 2:12 A
Been super stressed the last two weeks. Trying to stay on track. NIKINIKITA 4 RHAPSODY43
3/3/20 11:04 A