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86..10k mtb ride. ".....of all the paths you choose in life...make sure a few are dirt" 5am start. SURFTOSEA 24 SURFTOSEA
6/3/20 10:06 P
I'm highlighting a member of the 2020 Summer 5% Challenge!! WOOHOO Her name is CHANGING-TURTLE. Af DIANEDOESSMILES 11 PATRICIA-CR
6/3/20 12:42 P
Good morning spark friends, have a beautiful day and God bless๐ŸŒž #Peacebewithyou #letyourlightshine CARLOSLAKELAND 18 PCK12J
6/3/20 3:19 P
A scene from today's jog. I love living in the country. #c25k PLUTONIANGIRL87 16 GOODGETNBETR
6/2/20 2:02 A
Took a ride this morning 2AWESOME4U 11 GOODGETNBETR
6/2/20 2:02 A
A few more than yesterday . Another good day ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great night and God bless CARLOSLAKELAND 21 PCK12J
6/3/20 3:24 P
More than April! JULIEA7201 13 GINNABOOTS
6/2/20 6:54 A
Walkers, Runners, Joggers & Gadgeteers KALISWALKER 25 IMEMINE1
6/3/20 6:35 P
In November 2019 I was 222 (my lowest in a long time) & Iโ€™m at 240 now. Life happened & Iโ€™m not prou TARYN_XD 6 CNUGIN
5/28/20 8:48 A
#BeforeAndAfter Quarantine stress relief has been KVOGUS 28 CARKEL13
5/30/20 1:31 P
2.33 miles feeling super TANYKATY 12 GERRYH2
5/28/20 6:28 A
5/28/20 8:23 A
Hello Super Sparkers...! ! ! HAZEL2278 7 MARCIE_ELAINE
5/28/20 2:12 A
5/28/20 2:57 A
Volunteering the job you'll LOVE the MOST! DIANEDOESSMILES 19 DEBBY4576
5/30/20 9:57 A
5/30/20 12:31 P
70 consecutive 10,000+ steps/day. JERICHO1991 16 YELLOW09RED
5/27/20 7:59 A
5/26/20 4:47 A
Had a Reality check a couple days ago. I started DOUBLEBOW 17 CONNIET88
5/26/20 8:12 A
5/24/20 2:00 A
Stay healthy be healthy MCATLEDGE 16 ERIN_POSCH
5/24/20 9:49 A
Hello....Hazel here...hope everyone is doing well...! ! ! HAZEL2278 5 PAMBROWN62
5/24/20 3:26 A
We took Thor for a walk around the Te Rapa polytec. It wasn't a long walk. It was raining. A quick 2 74KGSTU 13 GERRYH2
5/24/20 7:38 A
The covid 19 lbs are now stuck to my ass. Back on here and reining it in. FATBIRDY 5 EVILCECIL
5/24/20 8:41 A
As of today, I officially hit my distance goal for the month :) RUNNINGRAFE 14 GERRYH2
5/24/20 7:38 A
Did awesome for my steps yesterday WORKINGWOMAN31 19 WORKINGWOMAN31
5/26/20 1:40 A
A down day - walk by the lake. 5000 steps :) BEGINNER13 9 GRANDMOTHER20
5/24/20 3:48 A
I just couldn't shrink my belly but suddenly finding out I am making an improvement with my abs! Woo MYKDSRDRVNMECRZ 21 GOODGETNBETR
5/23/20 1:59 A
My daughter's friend passed this evening. Our hearts are broken. I'm going to walk a mile for day sh FITWITHIN 11 GRANDMABEAST63
5/24/20 12:18 P
Have a terrific Friday. PAMBROWN62 21 7STIGGYMT
5/22/20 12:11 P
Had enough of work, so I took off early and hit the trails... VEACHXCL 18 GOODGETNBETR
5/22/20 3:58 A
Another day, another almost 15,000+ steps. Hope the weather improves soon so I can walk more outsid JERICHO1991 5 ROCKYCPA
5/22/20 7:57 P
Day 200 - ๐ŸŒค๏ธ. 2 long walks, and climbed to the 5 floor of mom's apt building a lot quicker X2. 15,0 CSEGUIN2 8 7STIGGYMT
5/22/20 12:13 P
Good Day of Movement and Lots of Belly Laughs!! Activate your core and laugh along with me!! I csnno STILLSPARKLEIGH 29 LUVLISH
5/29/20 12:30 P
It was close but I met my goal. I stayed within rhe calorie limit. JESURMI 6 SNUZYQ2
5/22/20 3:41 A
Was feeling down today and fell off the wagon hard. Did manage to get a walk in with the baby but I CUPKAKE137 5 SNUZYQ2
5/22/20 3:14 A
Starting a new journey today! Any tips? IRISISBORED 49 CJTWEED2
5/22/20 9:59 A
After ankle surgery, I'm back to walking 2 miles a day. A great accomplishment for me. I just need DUBSRAYBOO 12 NENEBFIT
5/22/20 6:10 A
I feel so awful I have fallen off the wagon so far ... I feel like loosing weight is far off Here's REDHEADED81 30 SNUZYQ2
5/22/20 3:35 A
In addition to my bike ride, got my steps in. I'm in my zone. MUSICLADY923 20 ZRIE014
5/22/20 9:09 P
Level14 completed fat burner WHITBY2020 7 TCANNO
5/22/20 3:24 A
...Have A Great Weekend...! ! ! HAZEL2278 11 BOOKNUT52
5/22/20 3:50 A
Day 1. Excited to start my new journey. I know it will be hard but I know that it will be worth it. CHERRYDARLING06 13 TOMATOCAFEGAL
5/22/20 11:51 A
Good afternoon spark friends. I hope that everyone had a great day. My day just got better ๐Ÿ™‚ 8 CARLOSLAKELAND 106 PCK12J
5/22/20 2:51 P
5/22/20 2:42 P
An updated face to face shot. I see myself all the time and I don't notice the changes that have bee SHELLYFLOWS 23 SWEETGABROWN1
5/24/20 8:02 P
First week and I lost 4.5lbs. Feeling positive. PRINCE11181 12 GOODGETNBETR
5/20/20 3:11 A
Wishing my foot would stop hurting. It was stuck about an inch deep. WILSOD1 16 PATRICIA-CR
5/20/20 8:34 A
Another day sewing masks for those who have requested them. SISSYFEB48 10 CHEIVOUS
5/20/20 1:26 P
5/20/20 3:09 A
The view from today's jog! I repeated week two of the #c25k program four times, but I think it's tim PLUTONIANGIRL87 18 GOODGETNBETR
5/20/20 3:08 A
Seeds are planted with plenty of room for my tomatoes!! I can't wait for fresh veggies!! RUFFIT 14 GOODGETNBETR
5/20/20 3:07 A
Feeling sad. ๐Ÿ˜ข. My sister passed away today. May she R.I.P. I will remember her when she was str PAMBROWN62 40 SDEHNKE
5/20/20 7:04 P
#moveit hello Friends ๐ŸŒน๐ŸŽ Thanks so much for your cheers likes and kind comments ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‡ Nothing like COMEBACKKID12 14 SPEDED2
5/20/20 11:07 P
5/20/20 9:20 A
Came back to Spark this week. So glad I did. I need the extra accountability. Got it all connected t BRAYBORN 8 GOODGETNBETR
5/19/20 2:07 A
New week and my husband mentioned he sees the weight loss and good job. That was nice, I just have t JAMY130 5 GOODGETNBETR
5/19/20 2:04 A
Walked even in the rain โ˜”๏ธ today...rain boots and all! GCWILLI1 35 MCFITZ2
5/19/20 2:58 A
I took a bike ๐Ÿšฒ ride and landed Oz! I-AM-TITANIUM-2 17 GMACAMI
5/19/20 1:06 P
Hoping for better days ahead this week. TWEETYKC00 12 PICKIE98
5/19/20 3:25 P
I have a question. Is walking in place and doing laps around the house 3 times a day for 20 minutes AMANDARENFROO 4 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:28 A
My goal to lose 35 pound in 4 month A11850 3 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:27 A
๐Ÿœ๏ธFood for thought. RAERAERAE62 10 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:26 A
Posted a photo MUSOLF6 18 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:23 A
my pace was 18'34 on monday. it was 16'35 today. so clearly i'm getting better! woo! #moveit IMSTEPHWALSH 7 TOCONNER
5/16/20 6:30 A
Down 7.2 pounds!!!! Yay! It may not be much but Iโ€™m happy about it!! SHEENBEAN82 36 SHEENBEAN82
5/17/20 11:21 P
Posted a goal GLB1048 17 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:19 A
I battle with depression and PTSD due to horrific events no one should have to survive. These past 2 MYSUNLITPATH 20 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:16 A
Walk in West Haven, Vermont CGARR442 13 FLASUN
5/16/20 4:38 A
I know exactly where I have been every third Saturday in May for the last 10 years. Running the Beac LORI-K 37 ALLYLIZZY
5/16/20 12:57 P
Banana kale smoothie - Would you drink this? ERICINGEORGIA 13 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:10 A
โ™ฅ๏ธ Todayโ€™s Joy โ™ฅ๏ธ Is My Wellness Journey I am no longer 328 lbs. I am no longer 228 lbs. Today, I PELESJEWEL 148 GREENIETEANIE
5/18/20 11:28 P
Gorgeous hike today! ๐Ÿค— Loving the better weather! ๐ŸŒฟโ˜€๏ธ 5/15/2020 DOLLIACAKES 22 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:05 A
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 17 CKEYES1
5/16/20 10:54 A
Well finished a walk in the sunshine with my beautiful wife! That is 7 days in a row getting out the RUNNINGRAFE 14 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 2:04 A