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Happy 63rd Birthday in Heaven DIZEIMAGE 4 WANT2BTRIM
6/7/21 6:31 P
I love this dear ladies outlook on everything. JIMA71 36 MELL65JOY
6/4/21 1:50 P
It’s been hard working out in the morning this week because work has been so busy. But I set out to TIKITOMBAN 9 MOOKBALL
6/4/21 8:19 A
happy healthy Friday everyone have a fun filled safe day ATRAILHIKERJO54 27 75HEALTHYME
6/4/21 7:34 P
NSV I can now wear my bra without the extender. In another 2 inches, I will need a smaller bra. Sm CARRIEB51X 171 MARLENEINOHIO
6/4/21 5:45 P
So my sister and I did this thing. Been wanting to do it for years. Finally lost enough weight to do FINDING_SANDRA 155 FRAN0426
6/3/21 5:40 P
Slightly different hair color and style. Telling myself it was worth what I spent. 😊 Had a 10:00 ap COWGRANDMA 27 LIZZYMITCH
6/3/21 4:42 P
In memory of all of those who sacrificed all for us. RUTHIEBEAR 19 LIS193
6/1/21 3:55 A
Down 20 lbs for the year! GRACEANNE46 23 GEORGE815
5/31/21 1:28 P
Morning walk with my besties. ❀ PLUTONIANGIRL87 38 CHANGINGDEDA
6/1/21 1:16 A
Was running late this morning so this is breakfast πŸ˜‹ Fresh fruit with a oikos 15g protein yogurt yu TMP0418 38 -POOKIE-
6/1/21 5:45 A
Only a dog would find it comfortable to sleep with their butt up in the air like this, LOL - my dog ZTGF04 16 ALLYLIZZY
5/30/21 12:52 P
6/2/21 9:27 A
5/28/21 6:41 A
Posted a photo AMANDARENFRO0 18 TRAVELGAL417
5/24/21 7:24 A
Here in Canada we are Celebrating Victoria Day; have a Great Day with your Families! JUDITH316 25 LIVINGLOVINLIFE
5/24/21 11:00 A
Took a grumpy little one with a cold out in her buggy for a 3 mile round walk to stock up on fresh -POOKIE- 28 MADEINBRITAIN
5/25/21 4:30 A
Have a great start to the week! Would you eat here? LITTLEREDHEN8 46 MADEINBRITAIN
5/25/21 4:22 A
I finally made it to the 180's CARRIEB51X 36 CHIP8790
5/24/21 11:20 A
5/23/21 4:06 P
Good Sunday morning. We got our two hour cardio workout in after I got home from work this morning. AKPIPER 7 SUSANLEUEN
5/23/21 1:34 P
5/22/21 10:48 P
#BeforeAndAfter Still have a ways to go! My current weight is 179 lbs. Will be taking another photo CSEGUIN2 28 DAWNWATERWOMAN
5/23/21 9:45 P
Celebrating Our Anniversary, and our journey of returning to health together! Grateful! GO_GAL_GROW 155 NGCHILD
5/28/21 10:54 A
Side by side about 2 months difference and 10 poun PIXIEDUST04 12 CHERRYZMB60
5/21/21 11:45 P
Won’t eat that again! πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ KRISTINA0501 17 GEORGE815
5/21/21 12:54 P
So apparently I have lost either weight or inches. LOTTALOX 34 CHERRYZMB60
5/21/21 11:49 P
It was a good week! Good nite Sparkers! πŸ’ͺ🏾πŸ’ͺ🏾 SPOKENWORD 29 1CRAZYDOG
5/19/21 9:04 P
Posted a photo KATHYSCOTT6764 17 JUSTJ2014
5/19/21 6:07 P
36 years ago today! Still SO blessed to be Tom’s gal! πŸ₯°πŸ™ŒπŸ» TOMSGAL85 124 PEPERNOOTJE
5/18/21 10:00 P
My son is flying from San Antonio to Sacramento to spend time with friends for 2 weeks. Praying he h ATEAMSIS08 6 KASANNMIL
5/19/21 8:46 P
Just got back from my weigh in with my nutritionist, I have lost 7.8 pounds since May 4th. I doing CHANGING-TURTLE 19 KURTZIE1998
5/19/21 5:45 P
Ya!! I'm back in the pool!! Hoping ,at 55, I'll be lifeguarding again for the national seashore! Fit PPGREENE 37 LOSINGIT2020
5/13/21 7:22 A
Hi friends! 😁 Sharing my meal prep lunch ideas for this week. I made the roasted chicken (1/2 chix JER-BER 23 BARBIEE52
5/13/21 10:26 A
Every morning, I give myself a mini pep talk and review my goals for the rest of the month. Keeping CLEARLIGHTCLARE 31 -POOKIE-
5/14/21 6:07 A
met my goal with my veggie loaded chicken stew I made for myself for Mother's was flavor pa KATARINA-IN-TX 25 KESTRYLL
5/10/21 8:13 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 25 SPEDED2
5/10/21 11:19 A
Pictures from Anderson's Japanese Gardens LOF7203 25 GMACAMI
5/10/21 1:06 P
Posted a photo SWEETNEEY 20 RHOOK20047
5/10/21 7:19 A
40 minute walk with a view today. -POOKIE- 35 _RAMONA
5/11/21 1:25 A
Just a picture of my boss lady, with our 7th grandchild. I think she looks a little happy about hold STANBUSH 35 AIYANASMAMA
5/11/21 12:06 P
5/7/21 12:13 P
I am down 29 lbs now ! Yeah ! I am down 1/3 of the weight I want to lose. Not too bad for 4 months. MSJOSIEFOREVER 121 PURPLEMOON1
5/6/21 7:03 P
Zumba Class #2 of 100 finished. #98 more to go! DAMNSHORTIE 16 RAZZOOZLE
5/3/21 8:45 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 20 LOSINGIT2020
5/2/21 7:37 A
Keep the "PARTY" going............ LMMONTES 3974 BUTEAFULL
6/10/21 5:20 A
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 17 FITWITHIN
5/1/21 2:54 P
So far apple and 3 kiwi at breakfast #eattherainbow GREYGIN 10 GEORGE815
5/1/21 4:43 P
My brother and I went for a walk… 3.6 miles in just over an hour LESLIELENORE 21 GARDENCHRIS
5/2/21 11:54 A
Weight loss is like slowly climbing mountains. Lots of ups and downs. But in the grand scheme of thi KOBRIEN13 20 MJ7DM33
5/1/21 9:36 P
Puppy School grad! She looks horrified but had a good time APONI_KB 11 1CRAZYDOG
5/1/21 8:10 P
I have really been enjoying SP & had my week 1 weigh-in yesterday. I lost four pounds!! And, to ma EXPATPUGMOM 16 ROSESAREBLUE
5/3/21 7:41 A
Posted a photo LADY_KATHY 11 DEE107
5/1/21 9:52 P
Posted a photo TZVI-R 8 CD3113429
4/30/21 6:03 A
Posted a photo TZVI-R 18 PICKIE98
4/30/21 11:22 A
FINALLY, my gym was open!!! KRISUA 14 CHEIVOUS
4/30/21 10:05 A
Posted a photo TZVI-R 12 GEORGE815
4/29/21 4:32 P
Some of you might recall a time where I set a goal of losing enough weight to get a it i ROCKYCATSMAMMA 46 DIGIT00
5/3/21 5:39 A
4/26/21 1:17 A
Kickboxing with my kids, I'm down 33 pounds! GREENEMERALDGRL 28 QUARTERMASTER3
4/24/21 7:02 P
Posted a photo PAULETTEC4 12 ALLYLIZZY
4/24/21 1:41 P
Happy to have just crossed the line from an overweight BMI to a healthy BMI. Granted, I am at the ti MOLLYMALLOY 9 THREEE
4/23/21 3:32 P
Let the grilling begin. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ PAYNENA 13 MICHELLE312817
4/23/21 3:28 P
Meet my BFF! I gave up on daily weigh ins for life on weighing and measure foods faithfully!! LILIANN 9 HEALIN1
4/24/21 12:38 A
Thanking God for the weight loss. The photo on the right was 9 years ago. The left was Sunday. I'm d MSJOFUNNSEXY 179 SWSHENANIGANS
4/23/21 11:49 P
4/22/21 8:51 P
Today I will celebrate by taking my recycling to the recycling center and digging in the dirt. Happy KRISTIN1868 8 TSHAWGER
4/22/21 11:23 A
Ready to be roasted for dinner tonight! -POOKIE- 94 MARGARETYAKODA
4/25/21 6:00 P
What a nice surprise this morning!!! I weighed myself and reached my goal and a little more. It's i MARCOSTYX 168 ISNESS
5/18/21 7:49 P
I lost 4 pounds this week. Bring me to a total of 86 pounds gone!!! I wasn't expecting that big of a SBLACKWELL93 12 STELLAX1
4/24/21 2:52 P
So as of today I have lost 25 lbs, I am a proud as a Peacock. Still have a ways to go, but over a th MSJOSIEFOREVER 100 1DAY-ATA-TIME
4/18/21 7:26 A
After at least 20 years with the first digit in my weight being a "2"... This feels really good. WINDOWPAIN 54 KAYDE53
4/17/21 7:31 P
Sometimes, it takes strength getting up and showing up. Happy Friday, friends!! πŸ’œ MIAMI_LILLY 55 PASTA3
4/17/21 11:12 A
Message Removed CD1730434 233 BETTERWEIGH
5/21/21 11:18 A
Message Removed CD1730434 83 GETITDONE79
4/16/21 3:19 P