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A to Z compound words TIYMEKAI 19202 EVIE4NOW
11/12/19 10:34 P
Treadmill today, just going for 2 miles! MAYBEMIDLIFE20 13 TCANNO
11/12/19 11:47 P
Change A Letter CROTTY 18248 PATRICIAAK
11/12/19 9:37 P
Post a Winter or Holiday Emoticon MILLER-S 566 PAULA3420
11/12/19 1:50 P
Got to admit I’ve done good on steps today. I think I got most of them walking a cranky baby around KARMANNPOWELL 21 ARNETTELEE
11/12/19 6:49 A
Posted a photo PIXIEDUST04 14 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:26 P
Veterans Day is a great day of honor for the men and women who have served and are serving our natio GRANNYJACKIE2 2 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:26 P
11/11/19 10:25 P
Oh it is so cold and suppose to be worse tomorrow. Tomorrow i have a doctors appointment. Anyway, I SBLACKWELL93 3 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:26 P
Whataburger no bun Mushroom and Cheese MSAAMAANDAA 8 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:25 P
Getting some veggies and protein in!! VHAYES04 14 EO4WELLNESS
11/12/19 1:57 A
Walking today. Happy Monday! GERRYH2 6 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:24 P
Posted a photo ELISHARENEE 17 _RAMONA
11/11/19 10:40 P
Cleaned house and did some home improvements MCATLEDGE 5 MCATLEDGE
11/11/19 11:02 P
…:::This breaks my heart in two. 2BDYNAMIC 35 GABY1948
11/12/19 2:35 P
I managed to get my five fruits and veggies by lunch time; all the others are gravy on top. #eatthe GRANNYJACKIE2 11 GRAMMY065
11/12/19 12:48 P
A hike through Mesa Verde. I never get tired of looking at these dwellings. VEACHXCL 24 GMACAMI
11/12/19 1:32 A
Enjoying all this snow. Shovled twice already and CSEGUIN2 20 GMACAMI
11/12/19 1:32 A
7 hours JUDY1676 5 GABY1948
11/12/19 2:35 P
65 pounds gone! I'm past the halfway point to my goal and I feel great. Ready to tackle another 5 po KNITTINGKITTY 110 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:22 P
Goals met #h2whoa TOMATOCAFEGAL 4 CHESTER47
11/12/19 9:07 A
Walk in Governor Lake, Canada CGARR442 9 YELLOW09RED
11/12/19 9:12 A
I ate all over the place today ... meal 1 Muskie blueberries chicory tea w/. Unsweetened almond mi ENNAZUS176 3 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:20 P
Completed day one of my personal 14 day no chip challenge! I just want to see what happens! #keepmo WALKIN4JEANIE 7 GABY1948
11/12/19 2:35 P
Keeping up with the water even though I can't always keep up with Sparkpeople. Love this site thoug GRAMLOCK77 7 GRAMMY065
11/12/19 12:48 P
Meal prep and homemade chicken corn soup. For the weeks lunches. Exercising inside because of the ra ROXANNE98 18 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:18 P
Brought dinner to work for my overnight shift. Mor ELIZABETHEDEN08 15 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:17 P
Got my Veteran’s Day badge 💪🏼 JEDIBUFFY 12 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:17 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 _RAMONA
11/11/19 10:38 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 _RAMONA
11/11/19 10:38 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 _RAMONA
11/11/19 10:37 P
…:::God Bless each and every one of them. 2BDYNAMIC 36 SHOAPIE
11/12/19 8:04 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 4 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:16 P
Posted a goal THROOPER62 5 _RAMONA
11/11/19 10:36 P
My meal tonight...Chicken, mashed potatoes and pea NOMASHOTCHEETOS 12 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:15 P
Posted a photo DAD_AINT_HIP 17 PEGJW111
11/12/19 5:54 A
I've been MIA lately because well, life has been completely nuts the past few weeks. I know that's n IDGEEK87 10 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:13 P
Just so everyone knows because I have been asked.....Yes those tomatoes that I have posted in my pho CSEGUIN2 4 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:13 P
Feeling somewhat better. Happy to be finished with the antibiotics. Back to the lab for follow up bl SOFT_VAL67 4 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:12 P
Great on the calories again today. Thank you God for another great day. SCTT123 4 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:12 P
Hello All, I have been trying intermittent fasting for about a week now and, oddly enough, by yeste COLONIALCAVALRY 11 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:12 P
11/12/19 7:57 A
11/12/19 7:57 A
11/12/19 7:57 A
Started my Spark workout today. I'm homebound, so I walked around my house from the kitchen to my LR CBLACKBURN1958 11 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:11 P
Just a little too cold for me today. Time to pray for a warm spell. LEARN211 3 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:10 P
Posted a photo LUIS304946 3 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:10 P
Woke up early today. Feeling better. Have a nice day everyone :) INFPBOY 4 INFPBOY
11/12/19 1:25 A
It's actually snowing. Supposed to be 1-3 inches of accumulation. Blah BARBIEIAMNOT 11 7STIGGYMT
11/12/19 6:54 P
Calling today a win - went to annual dr appt I didnt want to go to - got my veggies in and resiste CP_BELIEVE 5 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:08 P
Since we are getting ready to be hit with an artic blast...❄❄❄ I went out & picked all of my cherry CINDY247 20 PATRICIA-CR
11/12/19 7:52 A
Went for a walk with my family-feeling good! BECKYJOHNSON8 11 _RAMONA
11/11/19 10:33 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 10 LITTLEWIND53
11/11/19 11:53 P
Posted a photo CGARR442 8 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:07 P
Today I appreciate my body it have carry me through good and bad times. It given me pain it given m KARENFLINT1 9 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:07 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 8 LITTLEWIND53
11/11/19 11:53 P
Day two of nutrition challenge...hanging in there! Not that easy! #foodfeats NTHOMAS02 7 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:06 P
Well, its Veteran's Day and I want to say thank you to all the veterans out there and a prayer to al HIMELISSA2007 9 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:06 P
Fell off the healthy eating wagon and trying to get back on. MOMO 21 BETRHO48
11/12/19 3:28 P
Posted a photo HAPPY-CATHE 17 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 10:04 P
I had 22 weeks in before my January accident. It took a while but I resumed my progress and I am ve PAMBROWN62 21 SDEHNKE
11/12/19 12:34 P
Posted a photo SISSYFEB48 14 LITTLEWIND53
11/11/19 11:49 P
Really Tough Diet Day! Lunch out at Applebees for Veteran's Day. Took home half my Bourbon Street PYNETREE 6 TUBLADY
11/12/19 7:18 A
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 5 TOCONNER
11/12/19 5:44 A
Dinner tonight...some Cajun shrimp and pasta with a side of broccoli. MIAMI_LILLY 40 GINNABOOTS
11/12/19 7:21 A
Goal Feats are met. #goalfeats PATRICIAANN46 5 BIGRENTMAN
11/12/19 8:59 A
We had cloudy weather in the low 70’s in California today. Thank you to all of the Veterans who se ALLYLIZZY 15 GMACAMI
11/12/19 1:29 A
Food Feats are met. #foodfeats PATRICIAANN46 4 KITKABOO
11/12/19 3:51 A
Really trying hard to met goal,post stroke and even light exercises feel like I'm running a triat RAVEN145 4 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 9:57 P
11/11/19 9:56 P
#fitness 4 min on the ski machine...with a 2 min in the middle. Baby steps, lol. -50HEIDI 2 EVIE4NOW
11/11/19 9:56 P
11/12/19 5:01 P
Ronnie was shivering today with the snow storm we OPTICALXILLUSIO 12 MJ7DM33
11/11/19 11:20 P
I started my day with a fruit smoothie, had a plum with lunch and purple cabbage coleslaw, potatoes, DGRIFFITH51 7 LAURALLANCE
11/12/19 9:38 A
I exercised for a total of 60 minutes today. #moveit PATRICIAANN46 11 BILLTHOMSON
11/12/19 5:51 A