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Tomorrow is the day I get back on track and start tracking again THMJESS 2 CYNMIL
6/6/21 6:55 P
Elegant calla lilies. Have a fabulous Friday! RUTHIEBEAR 29 DSJB9999
6/5/21 8:50 A
Eat to live vs. live to eat! Focusing on healthy today! CYNMIL 1 CYNMIL
6/4/21 10:14 A
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7/3/21 5:15 P
Message Removed CD11945874 647 CATLOVER110
6/19/21 1:43 A
Message Removed CD11945874 406 CATLOVER110
6/19/21 1:42 A
Message Removed CD11945874 691 CATLOVER110
6/10/21 2:08 A
Message Removed CD11945874 104 CYNMIL
6/3/21 6:19 P
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6/22/21 5:56 P
Message Removed CD11945874 256 CATLOVER110
6/18/21 1:16 A
Message Removed CD11945874 728 SPARKLINGME176
6/20/21 2:51 P
Appreciating the precious little things! CYNMIL 28 CD3802882
6/4/21 4:58 P
So my sister and I did this thing. Been wanting to do it for years. Finally lost enough weight to do FINDING_SANDRA 155 FRAN0426
6/3/21 5:40 P
My blood pressure is getting better after (1) no alcohol for 2 weeks (2) my doctor increased my med GREEN-EYED-LADY 46 1CRAZYDOG
5/26/21 7:42 P
Good morning SparkFriends! Thinking of you😘 protein pancakes, fruit and almonds #eattherainbow MSMOSTIMPROVED 66 LIS193
5/27/21 3:28 A
Good morning my beautiful sparkies hope you all ha TMP0418 218 OPTICALXILLUSIO
6/3/21 9:43 P
Geeeez I got a lot of work to do today 😉 lots of chopping and freezing to do..... gotta get ready f TMP0418 24 GOINGFORSKINNY
5/29/21 10:46 A
Message Removed CD11945874 260 SPARKLINGME176
5/14/21 7:10 P
It's been a year y'all 💪 FOTOLEXIC 137 JAMER123
5/1/21 10:13 P
Keep on tracking😊! Happy FridY! CYNMIL 11 GEORGE815
4/30/21 4:07 P
She is one of the many reasons I get up in the morning. Our daughter has been dealing with sickness SLEITTER 25 CHERRYZMB60
4/26/21 8:36 P
#eat.the.rainbow CYNMIL 14 CHIP8790
4/21/21 9:07 P
Loving all the spring colors. Makes me think of re TROUTPOUT 43 NASFKAB
4/23/21 6:45 P
One of my two tone tulips. TOday is a good day to have a good day! Sending smiles to you all. RUTHIEBEAR 50 ELISEP5
4/28/21 12:33 P
Today is my Birthday age 61 and celebrating one week past my 2nd vaccine. Great Day Spark Friends!!! AURA18 109 DSJB9999
4/21/21 9:28 A
Each day is a new beginning and fresh start! CYNMIL 6 CD3802882
4/10/21 9:27 A
Water and Sun make me Happy JUSTJ2014 31 CHERRYZMB60
4/9/21 11:30 P
Have a beautiful, successful day! KRISTIN1868 36 PWILLOW1
4/6/21 6:42 P
Check Y🤩U Out👏👏 I see ya crushing those #goalfeats! Keep your #eattherainbow🌈 streak going and d STILLSPARKLEIGH 27 CD3802882
4/7/21 1:28 P
Yogurt and berries for breakfast #eattherainbow CKEYES1 5 JUNETTA2002
4/2/21 1:22 P
Good morning and happy Friday! CYNMIL 52 CD3802882
4/3/21 12:10 A
Posted a photo KCDUFRESNE 11 GEORGE815
3/28/21 5:51 P
Good morning, Sparkfriends! Here is a picture of yesterday's "Silver Lining Sunset." Have a blessed CYNMIL 27 GEORGE815
3/28/21 5:31 P
Tracking food really helps me make sure I'm getting the nutrients my body needs to help me reach my CYNMIL 25 CD3802882
3/6/21 7:47 P
What is the last thing you ate? ELAINOVA 16472 JIACOLO
7/28/21 3:42 P
Creative ways to drink more water CYNMIL 2 CD26365287
3/4/21 10:48 A
Plan is to eat more fruit and veggies and reduce waste.... CYNMIL 21 GEORGE815
2/25/21 5:29 P
A different kind of THANKFUL Thursday Post!! I am so, so, SO grateful for the laughs we share here! STILLSPARKLEIGH 108 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
2/27/21 10:30 A
Let's have a thankful Thursday. There is ALWAYS something to be grateful for! RUTHIEBEAR 59 PATRICIA-CR
2/26/21 3:34 P
Breakfast. Also had some blueberries on the side BECCAWEBB123 21 GEORGE815
2/25/21 5:32 P
Happy Thursday! CHAMBSN 30 CHERRYZMB60
2/25/21 7:41 P
Share your challenge goals SPARK_COACH_JEN 19152 CGH-ARTYPANTS
7/6/21 10:39 P
"I know it's tragic the Wi-Fi isn't working, but let me tell you a story of catastrophic proportions NANASUEH 31 KARRENLYNN
2/24/21 7:41 P
One week ago today we had a record setting low of -2 degrees. Today the high is expected to be 75. T CYNMIL 26 CD3802882
2/23/21 9:29 P
They never give up LOL Have a good day. 🌞 DXTECH 27 _RAMONA
2/24/21 1:10 A
Good morning friends!! Ready to get after things today. Just need to finish up the laundry. The kitc QSIESUE1960 7 OPTICALXILLUSIO
2/26/21 2:08 A
Sweet and funny hubby made these for breakfast. We call it "Egg on an Island." What do you call it? CYNMIL 16 CD3802882
2/13/21 3:27 P
Kinda debating if I should break this down into smaller pieces instead of the whole picture. I'm lo SPIRIT_STAGE 72 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:07 P
Just feeling FRIDAY Fantastic 🦄💜☕️✨ I will be seeing some special little family members this weeke STILLSPARKLEIGH 28 AZMOMXTWO
1/23/21 6:56 P
Good morning friends!! Well, I dropped. Not near as much as last week, but it's not a gain. I weighe QSIESUE1960 7 CD2693807
1/22/21 4:31 P
Good morning on this awesome Friday! Make it a great day and weekend too. BANEWLAND 19 PWILLOW1
1/22/21 6:40 P
Message Removed CD26260392 6 GEORGE815
1/22/21 2:51 P
Happy Friday everyone! We love to get the fruit cup at Jason's Deli as a lunch side and re-use the c CYNMIL 18 ALLYLIZZY
1/22/21 2:43 P
Captured this on my afternoon walk with the dog today. 1LIFE4ME1 101 1LIFE4ME1
1/19/21 6:23 A
I am on my way to being alcohol-free, I am having a dry January. and it's so hard but every morning TEACHNIKKI 197 FLUTTERFLI
1/15/21 9:02 P
Breakfast Joy! CYNMIL 9 SPARKLINGME176
1/12/21 2:05 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 26 SPEDED2
12/10/20 10:30 P
happy healthy Thursday everyone be safe wear a mask ATRAILHIKERJO54 37 75HEALTHYME
12/10/20 7:46 P
This is my cousin’s Christmas tree. I like it so much, I’m keeping the photo so I can replicate it n NANHBH 94 ROCKYCPA
12/10/20 10:23 P
12/10/20 5:37 P
Message Removed CD26026042 43 MJ7DM33
12/8/20 10:08 P
Always thankful for those who help those sick and in need. You are our heros. LIVINGLOVINLIFE 48 EVILCECIL
12/9/20 6:49 A
Posted a photo CYNMIL 28 MJ7DM33
12/8/20 10:19 P
Message Removed CD11945874 751 FRAN0426
6/18/21 12:22 A
30 minutes on the Treadmill, fruit/spinach smoothie, and off to a great start!! CYNMIL 6 RETAT60
12/1/20 8:20 P
Assign #456 Birds KWING517 22 HARROWJET
12/3/20 10:16 A
FUN FIT FABULOUS FRIDAY greetings SparkFriends!! Auntie had to show the youngins’ she can still drop MSMOSTIMPROVED 25 JER-BER
11/21/20 11:21 A
Assign #455 Sunrise, Sunset KWING517 24 MCCALI59
12/27/20 12:33 P
Assign #454 The Letter S KWING517 18 MCCALI59
12/27/20 12:32 P
Let the weekend begin! SIMPLY_JAE 35 MADEINBRITAIN
11/14/20 4:03 A
Level Up with self motivation and support from like minded friends! The perfect blend includes ☕️ an STILLSPARKLEIGH 43 AZMOMXTWO
11/14/20 2:57 P
Not overly confident with heading back to the gym OUTSIDEJOJO 26 CD17809303
11/12/20 5:34 A
My backyard, one reason I love the Fall. I hope we will all choose happy and healthy today. RUTHIEBEAR 61 CD4114015
11/14/20 5:52 P
I woke up early this morning and am ready to seize the day!! CYNMIL 30 GEORGE815
11/10/20 4:30 P
Have a glorious day.. 1LITTLECLOUD 30 CHERYL4808
11/8/20 3:41 P