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I am backsliding and not feeling good about it. I have great tools at my fingertips with this SparkP CTJENN 6 LIZZIO1
1/13/21 10:03 P
Did you overeat yesterday? LUNACELTA 161570 HAPPYCPA1965
1/15/21 10:41 A
What are you struggling with? JANROLG 13 ALEXSGIRL1
10/7/20 8:23 P
I feel like I am finally being consistent with logging in to Sparkpeople and tracking my eating. I d CTJENN 7 PRUDENCE941
10/7/20 11:36 A
OH God, save me from myself, make me better faster stronger more intelligent more empathetic yet str CTJENN 3 DININA48MN
10/4/20 1:16 A
#trackingcomplete hey, I missed a few days, I’ve been beating myself for it. I’m the only one this a CTJENN 2 LGRIF22
9/24/20 10:50 P
Does anyone ever feel like they’re starting over... all the time? CTJENN 7 EVIE4NOW
9/24/20 11:49 P
At times we ALL get discouraged. I know my weight loss is so slow that molasses runs faster up hill DIANEDOESSMILES 8 SPARKLINGME176
9/19/20 11:55 A
This is what I come home to, no matter how good or bad a day it was. I can't refuse that snoot. 55 p HMKITTEN 23 FURRYMOM1
9/19/20 6:01 A
I’m looking for others who follow #AIP Protocol or who want to learn because they suffer from inflam CTJENN 2 LOLOKAIWAHINE
1/1/21 5:22 P
I am so frustrated, it doesn't matter what I do, I have been coming home tired but still take at lea RENEEMI 12 JANELEO
9/18/20 7:52 A
I used to love cooking when I had family to cook for. After almost ten years alone I got married and CTJENN 31 MEKAYB
9/18/20 3:31 P
🙋‍♀️ I confess, more mornings than not during this pandemic I skipped my morning run. Well yesterda OUTSIDEJOJO 22 GMACAMI
9/18/20 6:51 P
Let's do this! CTJENN 4 STARMONICA
10/11/20 9:56 A
Auto Immune disease and weight loss ROME42 13 PMVK276
12/2/20 9:49 A
Anyone still active over 50? ERIK547 104 MARYJOANNA
12/29/20 4:28 P
1/15/21 10:56 A
9/19/20 7:01 P
I weighed in today fully dressed with 2 big glasses of water consumed. I’m making a conscious decisi CTJENN 4 GEORGE815
9/13/20 2:19 P
Posted a photo TAYGRL 39 EVIE4NOW
9/13/20 11:12 P
Time to get back with it. Weekend breakfast for the win. SOFTBALLMONKEY 14 GEORGE815
9/13/20 2:16 P
Maine Memories. Happy SUnday! Love this alpaca face. I hope it makes you wear a smile today. RUTHIEBEAR 47 PWILLOW1
9/13/20 11:04 P
Seems about right😆 123SETMEFREE 63 EVIE4NOW
9/13/20 11:12 P
Day 1 waking up The reality is I was up on time, heard my adhan at 5:16 and didn’t rise by 6:31. To CTJENN 4 RUTHIEBEAR
9/13/20 8:16 A
I think I binged since today was the "week ender" and I'm starting over. I found myself sitting on t CTJENN 3 MIRIAMR2
9/12/20 10:07 P
Premium subscriber being prompted to upgrade CRAZY4CHICKENS 8 SPARK_MERLE
9/12/20 3:16 P
I pay for Spark people, but I'm not getting the premium service on my phone and I can't locate where CTJENN 4 DININA48MN
8/19/20 2:56 A
Why is there no app help option? I get a monthly receipt for payment to spark people, yet I am not c CTJENN 4 AMYNEGRETE
4/9/20 6:58 A
Hubs and I did some cleaning today. Why it is my fault if he doesn't know what's in the spray bottle APONI_KB 10 EVILCECIL
1/20/20 6:54 A
#H2WHOA I tried and succeeded. #h2whoa CTJENN 4 BONNIE1552
1/20/20 4:56 A
Looking to improve my attitude CTJENN 9 YOGA1973
1/19/20 4:05 P
Where in CT are you? STC1982 76 ALEXSGIRL1
7/31/20 9:11 P
What is Your Misfit profile name? THINBRANDY2014 91 RLAAUSTIN
5/31/20 2:18 A
Western Connecticut Fitness Buddies CTJENN 1 CTJENN
9/21/14 11:35 P
Feeling Positive or Negative? BIGMAMA4U 160567 HAPPYCPA1965
1/15/21 10:42 A
Daily Check-In CD8232079 113 GLAMIAM
2/8/12 8:30 P
I'm new! CALDERONMOM 1140 EROB1600
1/5/21 12:44 P
10/16/11 10:41 P
I made it through my first full 24 hours!!! MADMISTRESS_65 14 NIGHTSKYSTAR
8/3/09 2:26 P
Did you stay in calorie range yesterday? MARIASCHOICE 1142 SOLDIER2006
6/26/10 4:18 P
Daily Tally Challenge Game SMIDGET65 9926 LEAN145
1/14/21 9:45 P
7/29/09 10:59 A