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I had no desire to go to the gym this morning, but I dragged my butt there anyway. Did cardio and w CHRISSY182 6 TERRI1458
11/20/19 12:40 P
I'm so excited!! 18 lbs down. Lots more to go, but what a start!! KAT808 105 PURPLEMOON1
11/20/19 8:20 P
Decided to take the day off from exercising. I have done it every day this week. Happy Friday. It i CHRISSY182 3 4EVERDIETER
11/15/19 9:05 A
Good morning spark friends!! From 524 lbs, with a 64 inch waist and a 6XL shirt!! To 280 lbs, with a GPALMER2019 165 CHERIRIDDELL
11/14/19 1:49 A
Can't make it to the gym today, so I did 2 8 minute Spark Videos. I will do them again tonight also. CHRISSY182 20 ALLYLIZZY
11/13/19 12:14 P
Why is eating so difficult for me. πŸ˜•πŸ˜«πŸ˜­ CHRISSY182 1 CHRISSY182
11/12/19 6:01 P
11/11/19 3:20 P
I have slacked off the last few weeks. I am back at the gym. Today is bittersweet, 2 years ago my m CHRISSY182 11 GMAM48
11/11/19 8:28 A
10/24/19 9:47 P
Fabulous walk to the Japanese Garden to enjoy the Maple Festival. #walkeveryday SALEX52 73 _RAMONA
10/13/19 5:04 A
My brother was active, fit and seemingly healthy a CGARR442 73 COMEBACKKID12
10/13/19 10:04 P
Wasn't able to get to the gym this morning, so I improvised. Carried 8lb weights while I walked the CHRISSY182 77 CLOUDWALKING
10/12/19 9:22 P
#BeforeAndAfter wow God truly help me get this far, and continuing going further. This is crazy and JASMINEFAT2FIT 119 123THERESA123
10/16/19 9:51 P
So I have been down about my weight. More the way I look. Today on FB a picture popped up from 1 yr CHRISSY182 41 123THERESA123
10/16/19 9:52 P
Gym done!!! CHRISSY182 12 PURPLEMOON1
10/8/19 11:36 P
Today's lunch...bbq pork, salad, and strawberries. CHRISSY182 16 GEORGE815
10/8/19 7:58 P
I started this journey on Christmas day. I weighed 257lbs. Since then, I have had 2 stent surgeries CHRISSY182 20 ARNETTELEE
10/4/19 10:57 P
Farmer Carries/Farmer Walk CHRISSY182 3 LUANN_IN_PA
9/30/19 4:55 P
I am on the struggle bus for nutrition. Lately, I have not eaten well and I feel it. I am trying t CHRISSY182 5 CHRISSY182
9/24/19 1:19 P
I struggle every day with trying to eat better. I haven't lost 1 lb in about 3 weeks. I think that CHRISSY182 4 FRISKYCRITTER
9/10/19 11:52 A
Prayers for the Bahamas and the east coast stay s AMYBRO1 9 JERSEYGIRL24
9/2/19 11:32 P
i quit smoking yesterday. i am past my 24 hour mark. i have support but this is a big thing for me s SNHUAR1103 68 VLFISHER
9/1/19 11:02 P
I had plans of exercising this weekend. Well Friday night I felt like I was coming down sick. Woke u CHRISSY182 3 FRISKYCRITTER
9/2/19 2:36 A
I got my workout in and ready for a healthier week of choices to eat. Have a great Saturday! 🌻🌞 CHRISSY182 3 KOFFEENUT
8/24/19 11:07 A
The 2nd most difficult thing of eating better is lowering my sodium intake. The 1st is consistently CHRISSY182 4 KOALA_BEAR
8/24/19 2:05 A
My Friday Funny!!!! CHRISSY182 13 PEGJW111
8/23/19 10:59 A
Well, this week has not been the greatest for eating. I did not meal prep and never realized how he CHRISSY182 5 GEORGE815
8/22/19 1:37 P
This weekend was one with no exercising, but I have been organizing my house, which is just as impor CHRISSY182 2 ALLYLIZZY
8/18/19 1:46 P
Well last night was a fattening meal. I didn't make it to the gym today. There is always tomorrow. I CHRISSY182 2 GBSLIM
8/17/19 1:10 P
So yesterday I binge ate. It was like the Very Hungry Caterpillar...on steroids. Is there such a thi KITTEHAVENGER 5 LIZZYMITCH
8/13/19 1:36 P
Another workout done! I am definitely ready for a break. Legs are sore. CHRISSY182 1 CHRISSY182
8/13/19 10:24 A
Hi Spark Friends! I need some advice. I’m thinking about getting another sports watch, but am so con JER-BER 4 CHRISSY182
8/13/19 10:16 A
I feel so discouraged all the time. I have no confidence. I gained 25 lbs over spring and I’ve been L-RIOT 38 QUIETDEE
8/13/19 7:00 P
I have been waiting to β€œstart” my treadmill schedule again. Life gets in the way and each passing w KC-JEN 18 KC-JEN
8/12/19 7:36 P
Did my 1 hour of exercise and feel good today. I am almost at my first goal of under 230. I weigh 23 CHRISSY182 20 MFLEESAK
8/12/19 12:49 P
I read an article from MyFitness Pal yesterday and it got me to thinking that maybe my problem isn't ANNB517 11 HOLISTICJESSICA
8/13/19 9:14 A
I hot the gym this morning, however my band didn't log my strength exercises and I can't seem to fi CHRISSY182 2 GEORGE815
8/11/19 2:01 P
Pulling weeds has to count towards exercise right. They are completely out of control for not doing CHRISSY182 23 GEORGE815
8/10/19 12:57 P
Needing some motivation. Every time I workout with anything to do with my legs or lower back its sev ALEXANDER909 10 ROSIEGRIER
8/10/19 8:42 A
Starting off my birthday by doing laundryπŸ˜’. But that's ok because that's the ONLY manual labor I'm BARBIEIAMNOT 241 IGSBETH
8/15/19 8:17 P
Breakfast this morning. Had a protein shake before working out. CHRISSY182 7 SWEETGABROWN1
8/8/19 12:57 P
8/8/19 5:27 A
This week has been a rough week for me. I started off great, but the last few days have been exhaust CHRISSY182 5 LITTLEWIND53
8/4/19 12:55 A
my 2 before photos. the one on th4e left is me a 2 years ago, the one on the right is me a year ago. SNHUAR1103 171 MHUMBERS1950
8/3/19 10:39 P
#day6 of #moveit I am about to go do 1 hour of cardiac therapy (which is cardio) and 1 hour of aquat CHRISSY182 6 RREDFORD5
7/30/19 3:48 P
Workout done for 1 hour!!!! #moveit #moveit CHRISSY182 2 VICKYLYLES
7/29/19 10:46 A
Some Monday funnies. I love me some bread. CHRISSY182 18 ALLYLIZZY
7/29/19 1:04 P
Hopefully sanding and painting count as #moveit #moveit CHRISSY182 5 BILLTHOMSON
7/29/19 5:18 A
Day 3 of #moveit. Got 60 minutes in. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈπŸ’ͺ #moveit CHRISSY182 6 BILLTHOMSON
7/28/19 6:34 A
I am 20 minutes in for Day 2 of #moveit. Today is more of a rest day for me, but going to move in s CHRISSY182 3 BILLTHOMSON
7/27/19 5:53 A
I have started this challenge to #moveit. I am on day 1, I have moved 120 minutes today #moveit CHRISSY182 4 BILLTHOMSON
7/26/19 6:56 A
I am recovering after having 2 heart stents put in. I started cardiac therapy, which is awesome car CHRISSY182 4 BYEFATNANNY
7/24/19 11:12 A
I would say a 5 or 6! CHRISSY182 27 LORELEI781
7/23/19 9:26 P
7/23/19 3:02 P
I started with chest pains 2 weeks ago. Have been doing tons of testing and not allowed to exert my CHRISSY182 5 GEORGE815
4/11/19 12:43 P
3/26/19 6:09 P
I got to the gym early we have 3 softball games today. So had to get it in!!! πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ CHRISSY182 1 CHRISSY182
3/16/19 10:12 A
This is YOUR invitation! Are you looking for a way to get fit, lose weight, and have fun along the DEEA2Z 6 GEORGE815
3/15/19 1:08 P
So we got pizza for dinner. Totally went over my calories by 151 and fat and protein by about 4 each CHRISSY182 1 CHRISSY182
3/14/19 8:44 P
Good afternoon everyone, I really wanted to wake up at 8 o’clock this morning but I woke up at 11 th HEALTHYWINS 14 LIVINHEALTHY9
3/14/19 7:44 P
Rainbow breakfast Yum! I'm fighting a cold so I need all the vitamins todayπŸ˜„ JESUISMAGGIE 18 JANTHEBLONDE
3/14/19 11:47 A
So, I have been struggling in the food department. Today i had made a conscious effort to eat less CHRISSY182 1 CHRISSY182
3/12/19 9:10 P
I ran into a family member the other day who is al MSMITCHELL2696 87 MSMITCHELL2696
3/11/19 6:10 P
I started this journey right at Christmas time. I gave up soda and started changing the way I ate. CHRISSY182 3 FINALGIRL
3/11/19 11:23 A
Missing the gym this week. My hubby and I have had the flu since Sunday. Finally feeling better. CHRISSY182 5 LKEITHO
2/28/19 7:34 P
Calories/Nutrition CHRISSY182 5 SLIMMERKIWI
2/15/19 10:02 P
There’s a lot going on under the hood πŸš—πŸš—πŸš— Motoring my Way to BETTER BODY COMPOSITION!! #gains #li SPARKLEIGH61 34 JRDUPREE
2/12/19 3:24 P
Why is it so hard? CREATINGMAGIC 20 CARTDRIVER15
2/25/19 12:00 A
Smartwatch Recommendations, Please! LORISPARKLES 20 SUNONMAPLES
2/2/19 4:30 P
1/9/16 2:33 A
5/3/11 4:21 P