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Post 7 Times for 21 Points ZELDA13 67320 GODDESSREBORN
2/20/20 11:57 A
Post 7 messages for 21 points FLYER99 247738 ERIN_POSCH
2/20/20 11:25 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Sunday!!! Guys yesterday was the most AMAZING day ever!!! And th TEXASHSMOMOF3 33 NVRGIVINGUP
2/18/20 10:08 P
Happy Monday - "President's Day" - Going grocery shopping! Enjoy your Week!!! FLASUN 29 LIS193
2/18/20 3:29 A
I'm learning something new! #goalfeats JSTETSER 29 LIS193
2/18/20 3:29 A
53 Min Walk in the AM 70 Min Gym Flow 17,195 Steps (7.12Mi!!!!) 4700 Calories Burned #ExerciseWarrio DEDICATED2ME32 21 CGARR442
2/17/20 8:20 P
I know I’m extremely late. It was a very hard post today so I decided to move it to a blog. I tal TEXASHSMOMOF3 23 TOMSGAL85
2/19/20 4:37 A
Good afternoon spark friends. I hope everybody's having a great day. I had a very blessed walk this CARLOSLAKELAND 20 ALLYLIZZY
2/18/20 12:19 P
Had not run in MONTHs and dusted the shoes today a week after the flu. We all enjoyed some outside t CARRIELYNNG 15 ROCKYCPA
2/17/20 10:14 P
2/19/20 6:19 P
Walk in Maseru, South Africa CGARR442 8 _RAMONA
2/18/20 1:36 A
Our GD is spending the night tonight. Her wonderful smile when we put her car seat in the Mustang to CGARR442 19 ARNETTELEE
2/16/20 5:57 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! ❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️ Yesterday was a weird, long, painful, bor TEXASHSMOMOF3 30 TOMSGAL85
2/14/20 9:51 P
Good morning spark friends. As I was sitting here waiting on someone, I realized I could be doing CARLOSLAKELAND 21 CGARR442
2/14/20 8:57 P
My hubby's Valentines gift to me. He is not big on DEDICATED2ME32 24 MOMTOLJ
2/15/20 11:03 A
Happy Valentine's Day! GOODFELINE 18 GETITDONE79
2/15/20 10:38 A
Happy Valentine's day KZOSCIN 31 CGARR442
2/14/20 8:56 P
My work is catering in lunch today (soup, salad, rolls, and Valentine cookies). I have enough calori GOODFELINE 6 CGARR442
2/14/20 8:55 P
Not certain what type of plants these are can anybody tell me? CARLOSLAKELAND 10 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:25 A
60MIN walk. Excuse my expression im dead after those damn stairs. DEDICATED2ME32 14 CGARR442
2/14/20 8:54 P
Day 77 without soda! Wooooohoooo DEDICATED2ME32 26 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:13 A
My hubby's dinner: Baked lamb chop with lemon roasted zucchini and asparagus DEDICATED2ME32 20 _RAMONA
2/15/20 3:10 A
One thing is for certain. If you don't go for a walk, you won't know what you're missing. Stumbled a CARLOSLAKELAND 33 AQUAGIRL08
2/15/20 10:40 A
My Apple Watch badge ☺️ CGARR442 13 CHEIVOUS
2/15/20 9:58 A
Walk in Cala Gonone, Italy CGARR442 10 FLASUN
2/15/20 5:06 A
Happy Thursday Spark Friends. I have Lab work this morning - No coffee till I get done. Ugh!!! FLASUN 25 LIS193
2/14/20 4:04 A
I'm simply putting one foot in front of the other! #fitnessfeats #fitnessfeats JSTETSER 32 GABY1948
2/14/20 9:43 A
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Thursday!!! Yesterday was a good day!!! The sun came out for a t TEXASHSMOMOF3 27 CGARR442
2/13/20 11:11 P
2/14/20 8:06 A
My dual wielding baby! Always ready for food! I don't know why it won't post right side up. GOODFELINE 23 CGARR442
2/13/20 11:08 P
Posted a photo ALLYSONBETH1 9 SILVAS7
2/16/20 5:59 P
Apparently im still sick so no gym for me the last couple of days but I have been going walking to g DEDICATED2ME32 40 DRINKALOTH2O
2/13/20 11:35 P
Walk in Skulerud, Norway CGARR442 10 FLASUN
2/14/20 3:44 A
67MIN Walk-Errands in Afternoon 45MIN Gym Flow after class Exhausted lol. #ExerciseWarrior #2020Bod DEDICATED2ME32 21 DLBEASYRIDER
2/14/20 9:47 A
Happy Wednesday -my FAVE day!! Taking my mom to train station this morning - Then going to my Thrift FLASUN 30 LIS193
2/13/20 3:43 A
Learning when to stop eating! #foodfeats JSTETSER 34 GABY1948
2/16/20 10:32 A
Good morning spark friends. Yesterday these two signs were placed in front of my business. I'm not CARLOSLAKELAND 23 CGARR442
2/12/20 10:40 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! Yesterday was a good day!!! A really good day!! 1. TEXASHSMOMOF3 50 JRDUPREE
2/12/20 11:52 P
Posted a photo CARLOSLAKELAND 20 CGARR442
2/12/20 10:38 P
Posted a photo GOODFELINE 19 CGARR442
2/12/20 10:37 P
Walk in El Colombo, Mexico CGARR442 13 CHEIVOUS
2/13/20 10:14 A
HAPPY TUESDAY SPARK FRIENDS!! I won 500 Spark Goodies on my Wheel to Spin this morning!!! Woo Hoo!!! FLASUN 32 LIS193
2/12/20 4:10 A
Good morning! #foodfeats JSTETSER 21 GABY1948
2/13/20 8:56 A
My Wintery Walk #goalfeats JSTETSER 39 GABY1948
2/12/20 10:22 A
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Tuesday!!! Yesterday was as a good day, mostly. Got some discour TEXASHSMOMOF3 46 AMYINTHEWILD
2/13/20 7:56 A
Getting my water done just keep drinking #h2whoa BIGRENTMAN 4 ALVEDAPERO1
2/11/20 9:17 P
It's a coworkers 80th birthday today so there's a bunch of sweets in the kitchen. So far I've stuck GOODFELINE 7 CGARR442
2/11/20 7:02 P
Posted a photo GOODFELINE 27 CGARR442
2/11/20 7:02 P
Took a much needed rest day yesterday and was worried about what the scale would say today but im o DEDICATED2ME32 28 CGARR442
2/11/20 7:02 P
Good afternoon, spark friends. Hope everybody's having a fantastic day. It is so nice to be back to CARLOSLAKELAND 25 AMYINTHEWILD
2/13/20 7:54 A
Posted a goal IAN2409 8 TCANNO
2/12/20 3:26 A
Woohoo! I'm so happy I'm finally Hit January's goal. 11 days late, but oh well, I still made it. Bac CARLOSLAKELAND 47 AMYINTHEWILD
2/13/20 7:54 A
Walk in Gray Creek, Canada CGARR442 6 FISHGUT3
2/11/20 5:04 P
For every setback God has a COME BACK! ❤ COMEBACKKID12 11 CGARR442
2/10/20 10:54 P
Happy Monday Spark Friends!! Going Grocery shopping today! Hope you enjoy your day!!! FLASUN 22 LIS193
2/11/20 1:50 A
My hubby was SUPPOSED to start going to the gym with me but he faked a headache at the last minute L DEDICATED2ME32 23 CGARR442
2/10/20 10:52 P
YEA FOR ME! Had a goal of 30 min (at least) of exercise a day. Made it. Yea 241 minutes this week. G ROXANNE98 13 CGARR442
2/10/20 10:53 P
Good Morning Spark Family!! Happy Monday!!! A fresh new week and I am so excited!! So many good t TEXASHSMOMOF3 34 MLR_00
2/11/20 7:57 A
Day 11 of Morning meltdown 100 Love the workouts 30 or less. KZOSCIN 5 _RAMONA
2/11/20 1:24 A
Posted a photo KEENA47 9 AZMOMXTWO
2/11/20 6:22 A
Gm Spark family it’s been a while I’m glad to see you all. This my younger sister DeShannon KEENA47 14 ROSALIE28
2/11/20 9:00 P
Good afternoon spark friends, I hope everyone had a great day. I did, I was finely able to hit the CARLOSLAKELAND 21 _RAMONA
2/11/20 9:51 P
Thin spicy baked pork chops with lemon roasted asparagus and zucchini DEDICATED2ME32 31 _RAMONA
2/11/20 9:50 P
high intensity IAN2409 11 TIGERSEYEHEART
2/13/20 5:51 A
Walk in Ke’anae, Hawaii CGARR442 4 KMMR87
2/9/20 5:33 P
Back in the Gym: 1hour Actually felt well enough to hit the gym again and nailed it! #ExerciseWarri DEDICATED2ME32 8 CGARR442
2/8/20 8:32 P
Had a good evening spending time with my nephew Isaiah and great niece Hannah, love being an aunt WORKINGWOMAN31 13 CGARR442
2/8/20 8:32 P
Happy Saturday Spark Friends! Last night our walk at our Beautiful Aventura Mall. We did 8,355 step FLASUN 21 ROCKYCPA
2/10/20 12:08 A
Good morning spark friends. Happy Saturday !! Have a joyful day and God bless CARLOSLAKELAND 21 CGARR442
2/8/20 8:31 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Saturday!!! Yesterday was a beautifully boring day! I do love t TEXASHSMOMOF3 24 TEXASHSMOMOF3
2/8/20 10:34 P
Did awesome with my steps today I want to improve WORKINGWOMAN31 19 CHEROKEE1946
2/8/20 9:45 P
Meditation this morning BIGRENTMAN 5 7STIGGYMT
2/9/20 9:30 A
Ive lost 3lbs this week. Ive still got 10lbs to go to be 299 by the end of the month. I may not make DEDICATED2ME32 47 MOMTOLJ
2/15/20 10:59 A
Down 10 pounds. Counting calories and not eating like a linebacker when you are only 4’11” and 3/4”� TRACY2411 21 LITTLEWIND53
2/8/20 12:22 A
Went to the doctor today--may have the flu. #moveit DIANNEMT 15 ILOVEROSES
2/9/20 8:51 A