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Teachers please know you are truly making a difference even when you do not think you are. I did wal BOMBCHELL23 6 STEVE4476
5/7/21 9:37 A
I know there are at least a few out there who will appreciate this .... 75HEALTHYME 64 PWILLOW1
5/7/21 2:36 P
I thought this was profound this morning and wanted to share with our teachers who all work so very BOMBCHELL23 8 MOMMACAT57
5/6/21 11:20 A
Thankful for my special trail.... spring is a BEAUTIFUL time of renewal here where the greening and STILLSPARKLEIGH 51 BONNIE1552
5/8/21 7:47 A
Fire in the sky, fire in your heart! “Let's slay some dragons today! Ditch the fear. Ditch the what- J2002HEIDS 79 SUNSHINE99999
5/5/21 11:00 P
I want teachers out there to know we appreciate all you do! Thank you! I did walk 4.31 mi. before sc BOMBCHELL23 11 STILLSPARKLEIGH
5/6/21 6:43 A
Appreciate all those who are helping you, loving you, there for you, and so much more. I did walk 4. BOMBCHELL23 6 MICHELLEDELLING
5/4/21 9:04 A
“I GET to....” is the key part of this quote to me ☺️ Today (and everyday) I CHOOSE to have a sense STILLSPARKLEIGH 41 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
5/5/21 6:50 A
I just want to thank all the teachers for the year they have had and all they give to the students. BOMBCHELL23 7 JANS-JOURNEY
5/3/21 10:16 P
Have a marvelous Monday! DOLLYMELISSA1 35 1CRAZYDOG
5/3/21 8:08 P
As my daughter Holly enters surgery yet another t COOKWITHME65 50 1CRAZYDOG
5/3/21 8:06 P
🚫😷 LOL!!! We have all had our vaccines and are living the dream 🥳🥳🥳!!! Have a FUN Friday and ge STILLSPARKLEIGH 61 BECCAWEBB123
5/7/21 7:20 A
I am grateful that it is Friday. The weather was better and I was able to walk 4.54 mi in 104 min be BOMBCHELL23 12 75HEALTHYME
4/30/21 11:38 A
Salvaged the Day with #moveit time that included FLOWERS 😍 azaleas in full bloom and oak leaf hydra STILLSPARKLEIGH 23 ISNESS
5/5/21 7:59 A
I needed some "Happy Thoughts" today as I had to walk inside because it is raining cats and dogs. I BOMBCHELL23 10 ERIN_POSCH
4/29/21 11:51 A
Posted a photo DAN1964 22 ERIN_POSCH
4/29/21 11:50 A
Can anybody relate?!? 😆 My best bet is a quick MOOD LIFTER! I can always count on an outdoor #movei STILLSPARKLEIGH 56 TROUTPOUT
4/29/21 10:56 A
Enjoy your Hump Day and be sure to smile! I did sleep better last night and I walked 4.43 mi in 102 BOMBCHELL23 13 SHRINKINGABUELA
4/28/21 12:05 P
I am consistently walking until I cannot anymore which will be on May 20 when my Achilles is being r BOMBCHELL23 17 FELICIA1963
4/27/21 12:00 P
I thought we could all use some Monday Motivation! I walked 4.5 mi in 103 min before work. BOMBCHELL23 15 BANEWLAND
4/26/21 9:31 A
Sunrise from the other morning. I walked 3.25 mi this evening. BOMBCHELL23 16 STILLSPARKLEIGH
4/24/21 8:19 P
I am going to visit a dear friend today and I walked 4.52 mi in 96 min. Go me! BOMBCHELL23 4 CHERRYZMB60
4/23/21 11:32 P
I walked over 5.5 miles today and I tackled lawyer stuff for mom's estate. BOMBCHELL23 3 LITTLEFLOWERTC
4/22/21 8:17 P
I will be paying attention to my wellness macros 😉 today and filling body, mind, and spirit with th STILLSPARKLEIGH 27 AZMOMXTWO
4/22/21 8:01 A
This is important to reflect upon today. I dragged out my flannel pants and wore them while walking BOMBCHELL23 14 GEORGE815
4/21/21 12:01 P
Good Morning from Ohio...still snowing and 30 degrees! 🥶 Make your own sunshine no matter the weath NAVYWIFESKI 109 NAVYWIFESKI
4/22/21 9:03 A
Please take time to focus on what matters the most and let go of what doesn't. I walked 4.13 mi in 9 BOMBCHELL23 7 75HEALTHYME
4/20/21 10:56 A
Cultivate 20/20 VISION 🌼🌼 nobody’s ever been blinded by looking on the bright side 😉😎 #itallstar STILLSPARKLEIGH 19 AZMOMXTWO
4/20/21 9:48 P
You are amazing and you can handle anything! I walked 4.02 mi in 90 min before work started! BOMBCHELL23 16 STILLSPARKLEIGH
4/19/21 12:29 P
I walked 4.5 mi in 100 min today before church. BOMBCHELL23 9 SKEETSGAL
4/19/21 1:50 A
I did not get good news at the estate lawyer's today. But I still went and walked 4.28 mi in 96 min. BOMBCHELL23 8 FRAN0426
4/17/21 6:02 P
This spoke to me because I need to be a person of value and so should you. I did walk 4.02 miles in BOMBCHELL23 25 75HEALTHYME
4/16/21 11:19 A
Enjoy your Thursday even if you are as tired as I am and slay it anyway. I walked 4.36 mi in 96 min BOMBCHELL23 9 ALLYLIZZY
4/15/21 1:13 P
Wellness Wednesday.... cause you’re WORTH IT 💗💗💗 #facts #yougotthis #goalfeats✨ STILLSPARKLEIGH 50 AQUAGIRL08
4/16/21 10:11 A
Today I am just being silly, no words of wisdom except enjoy! I did walk 5.07 mi in 113 min before w BOMBCHELL23 21 75HEALTHYME
4/14/21 3:54 P
I just wanted everyone to have a Happy Tuesday! I feel better today overall and I did walk 114 min a BOMBCHELL23 27 GRAMMYEAC
4/13/21 8:20 P
I am stunned, heartbroken, and bereft... KC, my best friend of 22 years, died last night. She had wh MIMAWELIZABETH 304 GEORGE815
4/13/21 7:39 P
I needed this today and thought I would share it. I could not sleep past 3 AM so I got up and I walk BOMBCHELL23 43 GEORGE815
4/12/21 3:59 P
It has been a rough morning and I can't stop crying! I did walk 3.11 miles in 68 min though. BOMBCHELL23 5 CHERRYZMB60
4/11/21 9:42 P
It has been a day and I did walk 4.57 mi in 100 min. BOMBCHELL23 5 SNUZYQ2
4/11/21 3:22 A
I just thought this was cute! I am grateful it is Friday. I have been awake since 2:30 AM and I walk BOMBCHELL23 47 QUARTERMASTER3
4/9/21 4:06 P
My sunrise on my walk today just wanted to share 4.3 miles in 95 min. BOMBCHELL23 15 75HEALTHYME
4/8/21 9:52 P
This is a very important concept, never stop learning or stop thinking and asking "why not"? It can BOMBCHELL23 18 75HEALTHYME
4/7/21 6:09 P
This is my motto today! I did walk 5 mi in 114 min before work. BOMBCHELL23 10 BANEWLAND
4/6/21 10:53 A
I walked 4.5 miles in 100 min and I have been working on my paper. BOMBCHELL23 6 MJ7DM33
4/5/21 10:39 P
I was getting my oil changed and so I walked while waiting and I got in 4.33 mi in 94 min. I am tryi BOMBCHELL23 7 MISSIC20231
4/3/21 6:19 P
I did walk 3.75 mi this morning but I am having a rough day, missing my mom. BOMBCHELL23 6 STILLSPARKLEIGH
4/2/21 8:41 P
Take time to be happy with who you are, this is important! Be happy with what you do and what you ac BOMBCHELL23 24 MJ7DM33
3/31/21 5:07 P
....and if it gets to hard to stand, try KNEELING first 😊 #thistooshallpass #lifeishard #butbeautif STILLSPARKLEIGH 33 BOMBCHELL23
3/30/21 8:51 A
I just needed this today bc I am struggling and I thought someone else may be struggling as well. Pl BOMBCHELL23 18 75HEALTHYME
3/30/21 6:17 P
Be the reason someone smiles today because you never know, they might have needed that. I did walk 4 BOMBCHELL23 13 75HEALTHYME
3/29/21 9:42 P
It was very windy and cold so I only walked 2.29 mi in 50 min. BOMBCHELL23 5 RAZZOOZLE
3/28/21 8:56 P
Picked up my daughter from Illinois and still walked 3.5 miles after driving all day. BOMBCHELL23 9 MISSIC20231
3/29/21 9:20 A
This is important to remember that you grow through what you go through. I walked 3 mi in 70 min. to BOMBCHELL23 31 CHERYLHURT
3/26/21 8:55 A
I am not afraid to fail but more in lines of afraid to not try. I am being observed today by my prin BOMBCHELL23 34 GEORGE815
3/25/21 2:26 P
Please remember there are two things you are in control of your attitude and your effort and they ma BOMBCHELL23 18 CHERRYZMB60
3/24/21 9:35 P
I needed this today bc I need to remember I was put on this Earth to achieve great things! To live m BOMBCHELL23 13 ANGEISBACK
3/23/21 4:42 P
Y🤩U Got This Sparker!! You can #moveit👟👟🏋🏻‍♀️🚴🏼‍♀️🏊🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️ and make it happen! I am che STILLSPARKLEIGH 48 JER-BER
3/23/21 6:46 A
I needed this reminder on this Monday. I am more powerful than I think, I am more capable. I work ha BOMBCHELL23 21 GEORGE815
3/22/21 5:17 P
I worked on paying bills, cleaning my room, making dinner, did dishes, ran to bank, ran to post offi BOMBCHELL23 3 PDAWN12
3/20/21 10:08 P
Today will be GREAT!!!I have planned my #foodfeats to include plenty of #eattherainbow 🌈 servings a STILLSPARKLEIGH 65 BAILE1MA
3/19/21 11:04 P
I am relieved to be back to work and into my schedule. I did walk in the cold and wind, did not miss BOMBCHELL23 21 JLPEASE
3/19/21 10:18 A
I made it home safely and after driving I still walked 1.5 miles in the bitter cold winter. BOMBCHELL23 3 KNEESOCKS1945
3/18/21 9:27 P
#bridalbootcamp A year ago I was at a great weight and size. Happy and healthy. Since Covid I was t NIKKI100481 8 GEORGE815
3/17/21 12:04 P
This spoke to me this morning bc there are times I need to remember that everything is temporary in BOMBCHELL23 16 LORIF18
3/18/21 8:09 A
My sunrise at the beach from yesterday. Today it rained but I still walked down to the rain and I go BOMBCHELL23 21 LORIF18
3/17/21 7:26 A
5 miles in and now its time to get to work. A picturesque sunrise from my office this morning before J2002HEIDS 20 CHERRYZMB60
3/15/21 8:47 P
Isn’t THAT the truth?!? We are all here just trying to do better each day! I had a great week, and I STILLSPARKLEIGH 78 MIMIOH
3/16/21 3:09 P
I am in Virginia for professional development so I walked down to the beach in the morning as my exe BOMBCHELL23 17 STILLSPARKLEIGH
3/15/21 8:41 P
I walked 4.58 mi this morning in 102 min. BOMBCHELL23 7 BUTTERFLYJANS
3/14/21 8:21 P
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday and then drove for over 11 hours to Virginia for professional BOMBCHELL23 8 75HEALTHYME
3/13/21 6:00 P
Even though I was late to work I still took time to get in a 2.09 mi walk in 47 min. I did not make BOMBCHELL23 19 MICHELLEDELLING
3/11/21 9:39 A
I am thinking I need to set a new dream or goal doing some reflection. What about you? I walked 4.52 BOMBCHELL23 8 GOPROMISEGO
3/10/21 12:25 P
Another MonSLAY just living the dream with my friends... having fun and supporting each other is whe STILLSPARKLEIGH 45 BARBIEE52
3/9/21 8:01 P
This spoke volumes to me today because I am at a cross roads and learning to let go of some things o BOMBCHELL23 16 GOPROMISEGO
3/10/21 12:26 P