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Good morning! Taking a few minutes to spark before the day gets started. Of course the Cooper-dog i LESLIELENORE 16 FISHGUT3
9/17/19 11:00 A
Keto breakfast. Biscuit with all natural peanut butter and sf jam. NOLAHORSERIDER 14 IAMAGEMLOVER
9/17/19 10:34 A
Started waking up at 546a nearly every day for past several weeks. Today I feel groggy and disappoin FREEDOMSKEY 5 MSMITCHELL2696
9/17/19 12:55 P
Breakfast! Eggs with cheddar and jalapenos and some cheesy cauliflower left over from last night's d KERRIBERRI86 19 TMP0418
9/17/19 12:07 P
Good morning it’s been a while since I gave been on here good seeing all my SPark Family KEENA47 19 HAPPYCPA1965
9/17/19 11:57 A
I think I have posted this funny before. But, it is too funny not to repeat. Have a terrific Tuesda HEALTHYME98 13 PATRICIA-CR
9/17/19 1:01 P
Bypassed the drive-thru this morning and instead walked to the cafeteria (in a different building) t REBECCAM18 7 NIKO27
9/17/19 10:47 A
May have to get a new bathroom scale. There are times where the one that I have will work and somet AUNTRENEE 3 JEANUT
9/17/19 8:34 A
Dad sent me out to pick veggies from the garden. I got green beans, Swiss chard, sweet corn, and bro LESLIELENORE 27 CHERIRIDDELL
9/17/19 1:05 A
The Cooper-dog kept watch while I ran in and out of the house throwing more stuff in the dumpster. N LESLIELENORE 17 CHERIRIDDELL
9/17/19 1:06 A
A local hospital had their Wellmobile at the church that I go to today. Some numbers were good and s AUNTRENEE 4 GEORGE815
9/16/19 2:15 P
Went to check my weight this morning and I am down 3 pounds. I am still sore and tired. I am waiting AUNTRENEE 4 LIZZIE138
9/16/19 4:41 P
I have a pork roast in the crockpot right now that I put in there last night and this morning I put AUNTRENEE 3 GEORGE815
9/14/19 3:54 P
It's Coffee time! NEPTUNE1939 4 AUNTRENEE
9/14/19 11:46 A
35 min walk today. NEPTUNE1939 5 GEORGE815
9/14/19 4:17 P
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 5 GEORGE815
9/14/19 4:17 P
Decide to try something new. A breakfast wrap at quick check.....a wheat wrap with roasted red peppe MORGANALEFAE 22 DUCKTURNIP
9/14/19 6:25 P
2 miles so far today woo woot DRAKE16 5 GEORGE815
9/14/19 3:56 P
I made homemade chocolate chip cookies for my family last night. I had 3 of them. I didn’t follow an ALLYLIZZY 19 HOOAH19766
9/15/19 8:48 P
YAY! I AM DOWN 5 LBS THIS WEEK! I didn't set out to lose that much, but it happened. I've been tryin AIMEEGAMBRELL 10 AIMEEGAMBRELL
9/16/19 10:11 P
I called the doctor yesterday to let him know that I need more refills on my blood pressure med on f AUNTRENEE 7 GEORGE815
9/14/19 3:54 P
You can’t make a rainbow without a little rain. Unknown TUFKAS 4 AUNTRENEE
9/14/19 8:38 A
Been away from spark for two years and gained back 8 lbs. Easing back into it now and am down 2. Ser JOKNITS 4 MLR_00
9/14/19 8:56 A
…:::Weekend memo 2BDYNAMIC 48 AIYANASMAMA
9/16/19 11:59 A
Not in the best of moods right now. I have been gaining weight back and I am now back to where I was AUNTRENEE 6 GEORGE815
9/14/19 4:24 P
Hi 👋 Spark ⚡️ Friends 👫- made and ate good salad AOKDIET21 28 7STIGGYMT
9/13/19 11:30 A
I am so happy I hit my new goal this month!!! YASSS! SWEETGABROWN1 29 SWEETGABROWN1
9/13/19 12:18 P
I hope to get some more walks in today. The last couple of days it's been too hot to do that. AUNTRENEE 2 KEEPINGITOFF3
9/13/19 11:11 A
My supper. Pork veggie soup. AUNTRENEE 1 AUNTRENEE
9/12/19 8:43 A
Yesterday I subbed in a P.E. class at an elementary school. I played a little dodge ball with the 2n QUADCMOM 8 AUNTRENEE
9/12/19 8:41 A
Had time to go out to lunch today and decided to try a health food shop's deli today. Baked cauliflo MSGNIX 24 ELFISHER56
9/12/19 10:59 A
Posted a photo HOPEBLOM 10 ELFISHER56
9/12/19 10:56 A
Woke up with a headache this morning but its almost gone now. I think that it's the weather. We are AUNTRENEE 2 ALLTHINGSNEW81
9/12/19 9:04 A
Today is going to be another hot day. Not looking forward in having it. AUNTRENEE 2 KEEPINGITOFF3
9/11/19 10:35 A
2019 Cleaning Reminder GRAMMACATHY 17 AUNTRENEE
9/10/19 3:44 P
Show how you feel with an emoticon AUNTRENEE 35 AUNTRENEE
9/10/19 3:42 P
July, August and September 2019 Sleep Chat GRAMMACATHY 64 JANEYBEE
9/16/19 2:03 A
Time for another cup of coffee. NEPTUNE1939 9 GEORGE815
9/10/19 5:17 P
Hungry!!!! Eating melons ENNAZUS176 18 JACKIEWALKS4FUN
9/10/19 6:03 P
I had to wake the Cooper-dog up to go for a walk. It was a nice walk. LESLIELENORE 30 CHERIRIDDELL
9/11/19 1:47 A
Feeling bloated and cramped today. I am taking something for it. My TOM is getting close in ending. AUNTRENEE 4 GEORGE815
9/10/19 5:08 P
Lunch! Salmon cucumbers carrots red beets and arugula ENNAZUS176 16 GEORGE815
9/10/19 5:04 P
Happy 66th Birthday to my hubby!! He is the BEST Husband ever!!!! FLASUN 24 LIS193
9/10/19 3:03 A
Tonight's dinner is going to be q quinoa bowl with Israeli salad, asparagus and falafel. Can't wait! GOLDTAG1 8 LAURALLANCE
9/9/19 8:00 P
Woke up earlier this morning due to my TOM being heavy. Plus I couldn't get back to sleep. Been like AUNTRENEE 3 KEEPINGITOFF3
9/9/19 9:50 A
35 min walk today. NEPTUNE1939 3 GEORGE815
9/7/19 4:58 P
It's 62 degrees O/S. NEPTUNE1939 4 GEORGE815
9/7/19 4:58 P
Starting my day with this.... EJBLANCO1212 17 GEORGE815
9/7/19 4:55 P
9/7/19 4:31 P
Well add this to my list of sort of weird things to eat for breakfast. I try to eat one egg and some LINSEYBAKER82 18 REDROBIN47
9/7/19 9:31 P
This frightened young cat was saved from a colony, and gave birth the first night with her foster; o MIMAWELIZABETH 24 PATRICIA-CR
9/7/19 1:14 P
17 servings planned for today including home made masa tortilla packed with peppers, onions, beans a -POOKIE- 10 LUVOFME
9/9/19 5:38 P
I think the dogs want to go out and play! (DD’s family) MIMAWELIZABETH 29 PATRICIA-CR
9/7/19 1:13 P
On the weekends we have veggie eggs, and fruit (lots of fruit)... the veggies are so pretty when the LESLIELENORE 34 CHERIRIDDELL
9/8/19 1:28 A
9/8/19 1:27 A
I have leveled off at 3 pounds lost this week. Let's see how this coming week does for me. AUNTRENEE 5 NEVAPATE3
9/7/19 9:22 A
My cat does this all the time. AUNTRENEE 6 KAYDE53
9/6/19 4:53 P
Let’s make the best stress busters... TAYGRL 6 ALLYLIZZY
9/6/19 12:29 P
Ya girl here lost 2 pounds this week. I was thinking it was more since my pants seem a tid bit loos TRACEYDIANE91 6 ALLYLIZZY
9/6/19 12:36 P
Got my fruit and veggies #eattherainbow CKEYES1 4 LAURALLANCE
9/6/19 6:27 P
Hmmmm...maybe not a good idea? Lol Have a good day Spark family! JER-BER 36 BLUE7684
9/6/19 10:35 A
Just stepped on the scale, 4lbs down from last Friday, Day 7 of new healthy diet and exercise!!! Hap ASHBEE32 9 ASHBEE32
9/6/19 10:00 P
I am waiting for my free phone from the state. So my friend got me a temporary one until I can get i AUNTRENEE 2 LIVEANDLAUGH
9/6/19 8:58 A
My friends' premature baby recently passed her original due date, and she's already nearly caught up MIMAWELIZABETH 24 DEE107
9/6/19 12:17 A
3 miles today #fitnessfeats CKEYES1 4 SRIVERS1
9/5/19 9:18 A
I've lost 5.5lbs since my new journey on here started. I am beyond overjoyed for the results even th STARRABIGALE 40 ALLYLIZZY
9/5/19 1:39 P
Maintain that mobility and SQUAT! SAPHRAEL 15 SAPHRAEL
9/5/19 11:03 A
I cheated yesterday on my diet. My lunch was over 1400 calories. But I gained a pound. I don't eat o AUNTRENEE 7 LASTDIET2017
9/5/19 10:38 A
Rock cod, mashed potatoes, and asparagus for dinner last night. ❤️ ALLYLIZZY 24 JRDUPREE
9/3/19 12:34 A
After a long week of tracking mentally... which didn't work out at all. I started today with a grea DMBRCB 3 LCM797
9/2/19 12:21 P
Stuffed peppers with deer burger and wild rice is MBLANKFORD 23 NEWME2BSKINNY
9/15/19 4:55 P
I haven't been on here for a while. I have gained weight but I am trying to get it off. Hopefully w AUNTRENEE 7 KEEPINGITOFF3
9/2/19 5:36 P
Went to the farmers market yesterday. Spent $15 for all of this!! I love homegrown fruits and veggie DEEKELLYE 34 _RAMONA
7/3/19 3:33 P
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 23 GABY1948
7/4/19 10:19 A
Never give up on you!!! I've shed a whole person in 15 months and nothing will come between me and m HELLOHOLLY76 199 DOLPHINAGGIE
8/8/19 4:31 P