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Is it ever wrong to have breakfast for lunch??? 🤣🤣🤣 Clearly, my furry friend doesn’t think so!!!! B_RAZORSHARP 33 AMYINTHEWILD
12/4/20 1:56 P
12/4/20 8:17 P
Experimenting with another new ancient grain Freekeh. Taste very much like brown rice. Warm spinach MSMOSTIMPROVED 31 79PODGIRL
12/4/20 1:52 P
Whoops, forgot to track the leaf raking in my previous post. SPARKNB 18 79PODGIRL
12/4/20 1:52 P
Good morning party people! I don’t know about you but I’m so glad it’s Friday! TIME TO BOOGIE!!! Got MSMOSTIMPROVED 25 MIMIOH
12/5/20 6:32 A
Happy it’s Friday... tired but okay. How are you a CLEARLIGHTCLARE 44 PWILLOW1
12/4/20 4:42 P
It was 19 degrees this morning, Brrr. I wore these black joggers as an outer layer over my tights. GO_GAL_GROW 60 GO_GAL_GROW
12/5/20 9:01 A
12/4/20 3:12 P
"If you answer the phone with 'Hello, you're on the air!", most telemarketers will quickly hang up." NANASUEH 43 TERMITEMOM
12/3/20 10:22 P
A beautiful sky for a new and beautiful day! SWOLFRED 31 GMACAMI
12/3/20 9:10 P
12/3/20 10:22 P
Definitely put in the work today! This is my "Whew" face. 🏋🏾‍♀️😊 Feeling great and I hope you are LADYJLUVLIFE 20 GEORGE815
12/3/20 4:53 P
Do we need to try something new--lol 2BDYNAMIC 47 JAMER123
12/4/20 10:33 P
Had my app't by phone w/my kidney dr. this to make sure I don't slack off on the wate DARLENEK04 37 DEE107
12/3/20 9:44 P
12/3/20 9:46 P
Grateful! 🙏🏾♥️🙏🏾 Working from home has been good for me! I am back focus on what matters most! M SPOKENWORD 89 RAERAERAE62
12/5/20 12:05 P
Getting in my blueberries with breakfast and my HUGE salad for lunch. 79PODGIRL 1 79PODGIRL
12/3/20 12:22 P
Grocery Store Item A-Z 2BDYNAMIC 2086 RUTHIEBEAR
12/5/20 10:21 A
Household items A to Z 52BINCE 6394 HAZEL2278
12/4/20 12:33 A
Animals ..A to Z.... 🐬 ..🐸 ..€ 2BDYNAMIC 775 RUTHIEBEAR
12/5/20 10:21 A
Change one Word 2BDYNAMIC 15426 52BINCE
12/5/20 9:00 A
Day 2, of creating a streak! That is where this pandemic destroyed my outlook, my routines and goals RENEERUNS 20 123SETMEFREE
12/3/20 8:50 A
12/2/20 9:54 P
After talking to my nutritionist yesterday, I have my head on straight again. I have gained a bit ov DEEDEEGRAM 10 GEORGE815
12/2/20 1:30 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Wednesday!! So yesterday was awesome - my team and I locked butt TEXASHSMOMOF3 30 TOMSGAL85
12/4/20 10:20 A
Early today - got errands - will travel........... don't really want to go to w/mart but looks like DARLENEK04 36 PURPLEMOON1
12/2/20 9:47 P
I did it! I ran 12 months in a row! Sometimes I only ran 1x/week but that’s ok! Here’s to the ne ACRAIG921 20 PICKIE98
12/3/20 1:15 P
Lol...I know it os cheesy but I thought it was also kinda cool. Haha Hope your Wednesday is going lo BRAZENRAINBOW 16 BRAZENRAINBOW
12/2/20 10:10 P
Stupidest Politician of the Day WOUBBIE 129 ALFBUNDY
12/4/20 2:14 P
Today is the day that I start again. I have been going through a hard time. It time for the tug on SPROCKET_MOM 6 GEORGE815
12/1/20 6:00 P
House is clean, food shopping is done and feet are up. Need a cup of coffee, admit have been trying DM2020 14 CHERRYZMB60
12/1/20 11:00 P
November December 2020 CBULLIS1 7 GEORGE815
12/1/20 6:00 P
Posted a photo NANASUEH 21 CHERRYZMB60
12/1/20 10:59 P
Good Morn December, What a beautiful sight to see, I see an Angel spreading Hope and Love, What do y GRNEYEDSPANIARD 23 CHERRYZMB60
12/1/20 11:02 P
I started my weight loss journey in March 2019 - 50 lbs down as of October 2020 ALYLEVY 159 KAYDE53
12/1/20 9:48 P
I’m testing trying to post a photo. I have had so much trouble posting photos from my iPhone! AMYG5025 12 GEORGE815
12/1/20 5:56 P
It’s 27 degrees...feels like 14 with more snow on the way. The treadmill and coffee will warm me tod NAVYWIFESKI 50 NAVYWIFESKI
12/2/20 8:15 P
Why, yes! Yes, I am hanging my front door wreath on the inside for a few days. 😊☮ RREDFORD5 22 JANS-JOURNEY
12/2/20 11:33 P
12/3/20 3:46 P
Word Association 2BDYNAMIC 10817 SWEETNEEY
12/5/20 7:15 A
A-Z Occupations 2BDYNAMIC 5356 HAZEL2278
12/4/20 10:55 P
It's a huge myth that produce and healthy food is more expensive. Get a giant bag of apples that wil JENNIFER_STRONG 7 79PODGIRL
11/30/20 10:10 A
Yo, I'm ready for today. HAPPY SUNDAY EVERYONE!!! PUMUZA1983 25 79PODGIRL
11/30/20 10:10 A
I now keep all the junk food snacks in a locked cupboard. Everyone will thank me later. FRITZYS_MAMA 10 79PODGIRL
11/30/20 10:09 A
A few nights ago, my husband asked me how my totals looked for the day and if I wanted some ice crea MIKKYB1984 7 79PODGIRL
11/30/20 10:07 A
Done. The Champion Way.🏆 I managed to achieve a perfect week of move goals of at least 330 calories LOOTJE 27 LOOTJE
12/1/20 8:24 A
Tryna master this eggs and oats recipe. Fried it in Pam instead of that luscious plant butter. Also MSMOSTIMPROVED 16 METAFUKARI
11/30/20 10:20 A
Blackened salmon, quinoa with mushrooms and onions, pan seared asparagus and steam in bag broccoli w MSMOSTIMPROVED 31 ALLYLIZZY
11/30/20 2:42 P
Post Thanksgiving hike with my brother yesterday.. CLEARLIGHTCLARE 25 79PODGIRL
11/29/20 3:34 P
Super excited by this #foodfeats EggsnOats! I tried this SparkRecipe that I thought was really weird MSMOSTIMPROVED 26 79PODGIRL
11/29/20 3:33 P
Beautiful sunny Sunday with no heat from the rays. I hope you are having a wonderful and refreshing MSMOSTIMPROVED 21 MIMIOH
11/30/20 7:26 A
So I can see the holidays are going to be difficul CLEARLIGHTCLARE 33 CLEARLIGHTCLARE
11/29/20 3:41 P
Warm herb salad with my fave leftover Honeybaked Ham Smoked Turkey with brown rice, mushrooms, onion MSMOSTIMPROVED 30 BILLTHOMSON
11/30/20 6:42 A
Watch while the sun kisses the horizon, creating a mirror-reflection across the perfectly still lake J2002HEIDS 21 SPRITEPRINCESS
12/1/20 12:38 P
Pre-ride selfie. 10+ miles at Cannonsburg ski area trails today. Bright enough out to need sunglasse B_RAZORSHARP 20 CGARR442
11/30/20 6:22 P
Not actually Curves. Good workout!! BEBABY77 15 _RAMONA
11/25/20 10:05 P
Loggin' off by 10 and nearly eliminated processed foods today! Great day for goal crush. Good nite MSMOSTIMPROVED 14 79PODGIRL
11/25/20 1:50 P
It’s going to snow today and I’m going to start co CLEARLIGHTCLARE 30 GEORGE815
11/25/20 5:00 P
Time to rise and grind Sparklers! Today is my active recovery day and I promised my body we’d chill. MSMOSTIMPROVED 26 _RAMONA
11/25/20 9:47 P
LEFTOVERS! Made a salad to make room for Turkey Day. I hope everyone is having fun getting ready. I MSMOSTIMPROVED 47 GABY1948
11/26/20 2:31 P
Revelation: You can workout inside and not close your ring before 8 am just this once. It’s FREEZING MSMOSTIMPROVED 28 STILLSPARKLEIGH
11/24/20 9:37 P
Red peppers in the air fryer on 400 for several mi CLIMBOVERARIES 6 GEORGE815
11/24/20 4:45 P
Whhhaaat!? I cannot believe it, these jeans were too small 2 years ago when I bought them - i couldn TIKITOMBAN 49 FRABBIT
11/24/20 5:29 P
Good Morning Spark Family!!! Happy Tuesday!! Yesterday work was insane!! It’s to the point where y TEXASHSMOMOF3 35 TOMSGAL85
11/26/20 6:12 A
Today road cycling 41.47 km, 127 min, 507 kcal, 30% fat burn, 107 aver. HR, 28 C with a breeze in Ta ISNESS 26 MSMOSTIMPROVED
11/24/20 9:44 P
Last week my dear close friend informed me a co worker of his had tested positive. That led to Ed TUBLADY 17 ILOVEROSES
11/25/20 7:37 A
I've only just barely made it, but I'm finally there; Onederland. I'm so relieved and happy. Getting OAKFROST 79 CHERRYZMB60
11/24/20 11:08 P
Nourishing November Challenge WINDMILLS18 124 ANNB517
11/30/20 4:14 P
Sauli says meow! KRISUA 28 KRISUA
11/25/20 12:10 A
First attempt at zucchini boats with quinoa topped with goat cheese. Needs more practice but not bad MSMOSTIMPROVED 18 79PODGIRL
11/24/20 12:56 A
My HAPPY Place | "There are points in our journey that challenge us, make us ask all the questions. J2002HEIDS 5 79PODGIRL
11/24/20 12:55 A
Glad I like my zucchini with quinoa boats because the fam isn’t ready to branch out yet! Roasted por MSMOSTIMPROVED 25 ALLYLIZZY
11/24/20 2:33 P
Sooo, I started practicing the Friday dance video early ;) I will not have the hangover factor and I MSMOSTIMPROVED 7 1BLAZER282005
11/24/20 8:28 A
We need to remember this and be careful! SISSYFEB48 7 GEORGE815
11/21/20 2:28 P
And you don’t have to do it in person or within 6 feet to do something kind for someone in need. SISSYFEB48 13 GEORGE815
11/21/20 2:25 P