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Last week I set a goal to achieve 143 fitness minutes and I achieved 165 fitness minutes, the highes LOOTJE69 34 SECAFF
7/6/20 9:45 A
I’m sad that my favorite shirt is now way too big but I’m excited to be moving to a smaller size. I’ KENTUCKYMEL14 166 BLOND1E
7/8/20 12:01 P
We all need to come together on this great holiday, the day we celebrate our Independence, United we DLBEASYRIDER 17 TOMORROW-C
7/2/20 11:13 P
My goal was to get back down to pre pregnancy weight(147)...and I did it!!! Even lost a little more� MRSBTUCKER 132 WHITE-GREEN
7/1/20 3:36 P
6/30/20 10:09 A
I joined a 6-week program through my insurance com -RESAMARIE 15 HEALTHYANDFIT27
6/30/20 8:29 A
I met a goal for this month of being in the 150's and not go back to the 160's by the end if the mon CHANGING-TURTLE 35 TIGERSEYEHEART
7/1/20 7:14 A
Inspirational Thoughts ~ DGFOWLER 24 REGILIEH
6/30/20 10:47 A
Spark Exercise videos today #goalfeats CKEYES1 3 WILDKAT781
6/30/20 1:24 A
My challenge is going for 7 cups of water for 7 days. Today was easy as I worked in the yard for sev SPARROW125 4 RAPUNZEL53
6/29/20 9:34 P
Healthy dinner. My body is really craving vegetables lately. REBECCATKD 21 CFITZ1
6/29/20 11:54 P
Starting this journey today starting weight 280 lb PLUNDERGAL 185 CJTWEED2
6/28/20 9:57 P
Articles on the Mediterranean Way of Eating -RESAMARIE 9 -RESAMARIE
6/18/20 1:59 P
Lots of fresh air and sunshine today. Walked 8.8km this morning, did my 21 Day Fix workouts, and wen TOPALOP 12 LAURALLANCE
6/17/20 8:55 A
Posted a photo M33624 15 AMYINTHEWILD
6/16/20 7:08 P
190 to 176 - slow and steady wins the race! (Although today back to 180, not sure why...) CFILLON107 151 JTHEALTHY1
6/17/20 6:31 A
I've been excellent for over 3 weeks, but the scale is up and down...not giving into feeling bad abo -RESAMARIE 8 GEORGE815
6/15/20 1:05 P
It's a treadmill day! ☀️ -RESAMARIE 8 DEE107
6/13/20 12:17 A
I remember I can only do 2.5miles on the treadmill. Look at me now running 3.5-4.5miles. Yessss JASMINEGETFIT 44 MADEINBRITAIN
6/13/20 5:52 A
My neighbor used to call me The Water Kid! I just wanted to drink water...😋 #H2WHOA -RESAMARIE 4 TURQUROISE
6/13/20 8:52 A
Welp it is almost time. LOTTALOX 14 ALLYLIZZY
6/12/20 2:02 P
Trying to get back starting tracking things again. Hoping to pay closer attention to macros this ti MAEJOLEE 9 CHERYLSCOTT54
6/10/20 9:25 P
Not feeling so great today. But happy to be here. I'm going to keep going no matter what. JWINKSLLC 4 BANKER-CHUCK
6/10/20 9:17 P
Another UTI!! Grrrr. Diet suffers and so does blood sugar. I’ll get through this SUEFERRET5 3 COOKWITHME65
6/10/20 9:32 P
Day 220 - 🌞⛈️ windy and hail. Rest and weigh in day. Walk. 6,000+ steps. Enjoyed my birthday. Lost CSEGUIN2 8 7STIGGYMT
6/10/20 10:01 P
6/10/20 8:38 A
First 10 lbs gone!!! That's about the size of a 3 AMICHELLE570 4 -RESAMARIE
6/10/20 7:27 A
Took a month off and now it’s 6 am .. finished a small indoor work out and enjoying a cup of coffee K8TLYNN97 6 ORTATK
6/10/20 8:41 A
I am not down any weight, but I am not down on myself either. Gym is open (all socially distanced an KAYESSVT 5 ORTATK
6/10/20 8:39 A
Love morning walks GRAMLOCK77 13 KAYDE53
6/9/20 2:10 P
Saw this little catbird on my walk. SOmetimes it is those little things that bring such joy. I hop RUTHIEBEAR 34 TERMITEMOM
6/9/20 10:51 P
My granddaughter caught a wild rabbit while helping her Daddy last night! She’s a country girl!! VHAYES04 33 2BDYNAMIC
6/9/20 10:41 A
Happy Tuesday beautiful people!! Just want to wish everyone a wonderful day!! Stay safe and take car GPALMER2019 51 JRDUPREE
6/10/20 12:09 A
Posted a photo 4CONNIESHEALTH 17 SPEDED2
6/9/20 10:06 P
Been a while since I took one of these! Another pound makes -31 total since 12/28/2019. CREAKYCAT 127 MJ7DM33
6/9/20 8:58 P
I eat mostly natural foods, but the sodium content in pre-made food unbelievably high! Restaurant f -RESAMARIE 4 DEE107
6/9/20 12:15 A
Hi, I'm hoping someone can assist me ... I'm new to Spark People (Sunday was my 2nd week). Week one BABYCAKESUWILL 8 AGEE1944
6/8/20 9:50 P
Today we celebrate 50 years of married blessings! Not the celebration we had planned, but we’re toge GMAM48 189 GARDENCHRIS
6/9/20 12:30 P
Success in Your Eating Plan? Keep us informed! -RESAMARIE 24 -RESAMARIE
6/7/20 3:08 P
Creating successes out of old fears! -RESAMARIE 4 WOMANOFSTEELE
6/7/20 11:21 A
"You need protein for muscle recovery and repair, and carbohydrates to replenish glycogen stores,” -RESAMARIE 3 RO2BENT
6/6/20 9:37 A
My continue it was posted on June 5, 202 -RESAMARIE 6 HOLLYM48
6/6/20 8:03 A
I found that I was missing some nutrition in my diet and it changed my weight loss dramatically. If -RESAMARIE 1 -RESAMARIE
6/6/20 7:05 A
What is Your Favorite Mediterranean Meal or Snack? -RESAMARIE 4 SALTYCHOCOLATE
6/5/20 9:32 P
Exercise today: Let's us hear about & emoticon it -RESAMARIE 121 SUNNYCALIGIRL
7/4/20 10:25 P
Summer 2020...any plans? -RESAMARIE 4 SALTYCHOCOLATE
6/20/20 7:02 P
Use an emoticon to express how you are feeling! -RESAMARIE 121 ANIMALMA71
6/5/20 3:24 P
42 minutes walking but it started to rain so I walled uphill on the treadmill! #moveit -RESAMARIE 5 DEE107
6/6/20 12:18 A
5.3 mi walk today MISSPIGGEY 5 GMACAMI
6/4/20 11:51 P
This morning breakfast consists of cauliflower rice, red, green, yellow, orange peppers, onions, FITWITHIN 26 VELVETDOVE
6/4/20 4:57 P
I am finally in the 180ville.... 189.2!!! Yah! Whoop! Whoop. Yesterday a co worker gave me this shir AMYBRO1 151 AMYBRO1
6/5/20 2:28 P
I'm setting my goals for weight loss to 5 lbs at a time...first 5 down! 😊 -RESAMARIE 32 KWOOD1955
6/4/20 10:45 A
How many calories in that? -RESAMARIE 9 GEORGE815
6/3/20 5:35 P
I'm walking 2 and 1/2 minutes faster per mile! -RESAMARIE 27 DEE107
6/2/20 12:13 A
6/1/20 10:06 A
Enjoy your day! -RESAMARIE 15 KATHYJO56
5/30/20 1:35 P
5/30/20 4:33 P
Welcome to our newest tenant! May her parents and siblings stay healthy and able, and enjoy every m MIMAWELIZABETH 29 GEORGE815
5/30/20 1:04 P
Mini pizza bread...sauteed spinach, onions, and tomatoes atop sharp cheddar . The asiago ciabatta ha -RESAMARIE 17 WHITEANGEL4
5/29/20 7:52 P
Homegrown lettuce! What are your favorite dressing LILYHAXX 18 DAMAOF5
5/29/20 8:54 P
I want to lose a few pounds before I go out in 10 days. Lost 3 so far. But isn't a shame I need an e -RESAMARIE 7 DAMAOF5
5/27/20 9:51 A
Pork daughter made dinner. Wish I was there! -RESAMARIE 22 FISHGUT3
5/27/20 11:04 A
happy healthy Wednesday everyone TRAILWALKERJO54 22 NIKKINIKKI136
5/27/20 11:54 P
5/27/20 7:25 A
The writing on the dog’s mask says “Coughy Filter”! MIMAWELIZABETH 15 LIZZIE138
5/27/20 12:37 P
7/8/20 8:01 P
What are you snacking on? Ideas here! -RESAMARIE 61 MEEKERAL
7/7/20 2:10 P
Deers enjoying cherry blossom time with no tourists around. 💜 -RESAMARIE 29 ARNETTELEE
5/22/20 6:42 A
Good day to all SPARK'S DAY 1 4me... Stay at home A good project to start during this pandemic is LILTITA52 13 NANCY-
5/21/20 7:42 A
Sausage ragu with extra vegetables-I think that counts as a healthy recipe. Also included are pictur NEWRUNNERCLARE 19 GO_GAL_GROW
5/21/20 11:03 A
Ladies Day Out! -RESAMARIE 21 GEORGE815
5/20/20 4:02 P
So 2 weeks ago I weighed in at 218! My highest weight ever even in my 5 pregnancies! This morning I BSYMOMOFJRLHI 76 PEGJW111
5/20/20 8:40 P
Welcome New Members...Tell us about yourself. -RESAMARIE 27 -RESAMARIE
5/19/20 5:28 P
You never know just what you might meet on a morning walk. NEEDBU66 17 LORI-K
5/16/20 12:30 A
Good evening I wanted to share this picture with y'all.. as some of you may know this is my great gr MHUMBERS1950 23 GOODGETNBETR
5/16/20 1:57 A