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10/4/19 6:18 A

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I use half and half in my cream because it's real food. I stay away from the flavored, "fancy" coffees because they a full of icky ingredients. I know the low carb people love to use heavy whipping cream. I have done that, too, on occasion, and it is DELICIOUS.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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10/3/19 8:35 A

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Thank you all for the advice. I took notes off of each and every one of the replies. For those who drink coffee and want it sweet with cream, what types of sweetener and creamers do you use? Also, if you like sweet tea, what sweetener do you use?

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10/3/19 1:42 A

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I completely understand your issues. Stress has such a negative effect on us. At the very least, try to take 5 minutes at least once a day and close your eyes, deep breathing, and focus on good thoughts and memories, and gratitude for what you do have. Tell yourself that you have the strength to soar with this and be happy and successful in your new life. You owe it to yourself. It may sound cheesy, but it works for me. My son lived in NC for many years and there is so much to enjoy there.
If you can manage financially, work on yourself physically and mentally before searching out employment. Exercise can be as simple as walking in place at home. From there, maybe take some walks outside and check out the neighborhood or area parks. If your hubby or daughter can join you, even better.
Gradually make improvements to your diet. Alcohol will raise cholesterol. Maybe lower intake of animal based foods and increase intake of plant based. It doesn't have to be done all at once. Baby steps work great here. Try following the plate divisions of 1/2 veggies, 1/4 protein, and 1/4 whole grains.
You can do this. It's hard being in a new place and knowing nobody. But it will get better. And before you know it, you'll the incredibly fit and healthy person that you deserve to be.


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10/1/19 3:17 A

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Sugar intake and Cholesterol

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9/27/19 8:28 A

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Besides watching your saturated fat intake as others have suggested, I'd add in a 1-2 servings of food high in soluble fiber a day (oats, beans avocado, etc.) to start. This can help lower cholesterol by forcing your body to use the cholesterol in the blood to make bile, a substance that binds to the fiber and is excreted out in our BMs.

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9/26/19 11:06 P

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The main thing I did was to lose weight. I was already eating a really healthy diet and plenty of fruit/veges, and not much animal fat. My Registered Dietitian did prescribe taking omega 3 fish oil, which needed to be titrated up to be properly effective, and that was to help increase my HDL (good lipids). I didn't drink or smoke, either. When a person consumes alcohol, unless occasionally and in moderation when they do, and/or smoke, then it isn't uncommon for that person to have cholesterol issues. The same with processed carbs.


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9/26/19 9:18 P

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Focus on the little things instead of the big picture. Before you go to bed tonight, pick the three things that you need to focus on completing tomorrow. Walking for ten minutes (in front of the tv, on your lunch break or around the block after dinner or breakfast, whenever works), spending ten minutes looking for an activity where you could meet other people (meet up, churches, or my local paper publishes a section two days a week about what is going on in town - everything from gardening classes to clogging to owl baby showers) and spending half an hour sorting out the household after the move might be for tomorrow. The day after might be finding a staple recipe that better meets your dietary needs, spending ten minutes looking for another easy form of exercise and doing a white load of laundry. Sometimes you just need to look for little bits of progress and small manageable steps. You aren't going to radically change your diet, exercise or suddenly find yourself a ready made new support network in a day or two. So focus on small things that you can build up some momentum with them and you can eventually progress to where you want to be.

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9/26/19 8:33 P

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Well I can see you would have stress. Hugs to you.

Absolutely a Whole Foods Plant Based diet will bring down your cholesterol plus many other blood marks. Even if you have some good meatless meals a few times per week. I am eating no meat or dairy now and very little fat, oil. There are lots of good recipes on the internet. I find plenty on Pinterest.

People! read the INGREDIENTS

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Sharon from Florida

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9/26/19 6:03 P

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My cholesterol was too high and I too take statins. A couple of things helped me to get it down:
the meds, of course
moving to a plant based diet....not vegetarian, but probably about 70% vegetarian.
focus on eating real food and limit the processed stuff
limit red meat or processed meat like sausage or bacon
exercise every day getting in cardio every day and adding strength and stretch
Lose weight....and keep it off

Good luck. you can do it!!

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9/26/19 11:57 A

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I have high cholesterol and take statins. I need to get back to watching what I eat and exercise. Anyone deal with this as well and what have you done to lower it? I have been under a lot of stress since April of this year and not eating right or exercising like I should. The stress was caused by my husband taking a job in NC and packing us (our teenage daughter, myself and himself) up to move us to another state where we have no family and friends again. And I had just started a job and the first week of my job is when my husband interviewed for the job down here, but I got to work for almost 3 months before I had to quit. So anyhow, I am still stressed out, not eating right or exercising. So if anyone can give me any advice I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!

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