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9/27/19 9:23 P

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This is why I love Sparkpeople, such great help and information! Thanks everyone!

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9/7/19 9:16 P

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Yes, weighing/logging in grams is far more accurate. With things that don't contain many calories it doesn't matter much but when you look at things like cheese, then it can soon add up.

A couple other factors are::
Was the cup you measured in a proper cup measure? They can be anything from about 150mls to 300+ mls.


When you grate something and measure it, you can get varying amounts into the cup. A lot depends on the size of the grate AND how you packed that in. Brown sugar is a good example. Loosely packed weighs a lot less than pressed down. Another good example .... put a cup of flour into a cup. THEN tap it on the bench a few times. You will see that suddenly, the cup isn't full.

The ONLY things I use proper cup/teaspoon/tablespoon measures for are liquid. You can't squash them.


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9/7/19 1:16 A

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It's always better to weigh and log foods in grams. Cup measurements are usually inaccurate compared to grams.

SHANTOW Posts: 8
9/2/19 5:28 P

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Thank you NIRERIN this is so helpful!

I was following a recipe that called for 4oz but as you pointed out, the label for my bag of shredded cheese was in grams and cups. I got the conversion from the SparkPeople app and then google but I believe both were fluid so I went back to the recipe builder and Input the actual cups instead.

Thank you for the information and I’ll keep these helpful tips in mind with my counting!

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9/2/19 3:29 P

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Good advice NINERIN

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9/2/19 2:06 P

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Are you googling the conversion for cheese or just a conversion? 4 fluid oz equals to a half cup, but 4 oz and 4 fluid oz are different things.

Usually cheese will have info on the package, for example 1/4 cup or 28 g of cheese is 100 cals and so forth. 28 grams equals one oz (the regular weight oz, not fluid oz). 4 oz (weight oz, not fluid oz) would be 112 grams and about a cup of shredded cheese. Usually it's best to measure in one of the units of measure listed on the package, especially if you aren't comfortable with the difference between fluid oz and oz. Measuring by weight is also more accurate, whether it be in grams or oz. If you smush up your cereal, you'll get a lot more weight into a cup of it than you will if you gently place the top unbroken pieces in. Smushing in can easily get you four times what's in the unbroken, unsmushed cup and that unsmushed cup is going to be 2/3 the weight of an actual serving and the smushed in might be three times a serving.

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-google first. ask questions later.

SHANTOW Posts: 8
9/2/19 1:39 P

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I was inputting a recipe into the recipe calculator that called for 4 ounces of cheese. The conversion in SparkPeople and google was 4oz=.5 cup. When I weighed out the cheese on the scale, 4oz ended up being way more than a half of a cup.

This hasn’t really impacted my weight loss, but now I’m wondering if I’ve been converted incorrectly all along. Any advice about this?

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