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6/16/19 8:58 P

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I totally agree with Arch's last post!

I always weigh myself on the same scales at the Dr's, and before lunch, but right after going to the loo. I weighed at my Dr's as per usual including after going to the loo, and had gained. I knew I shouldn't have. About 1/2 hr later I did a massive pee which actually brought my weight back down to where it should have been, a slight drop on the previous one a couple months earlier.

My message is this; "Don't underestimate the power of the loo!" emoticon


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6/16/19 4:01 P

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Hi, Betsy !

Not to get TMI, but did you weigh yourself after a bowel movement ? Food has weight. water has weight. your body's waste products have weight. So, if you don't do a poop in the morning, you "gain" weight. But it's not a real gain. the minute you have a decent bowel movement, you'll lose the gain.

If you've been tracking your weight day in and out, you've probably noticed some days are up and some days are down. Is that because you lost or gained fat over night ? Nope. it's because of a fluctuation in your weight weight and the most common cause for a big jump is not having a decent poop.

Try it some time. weigh yourself before and after a bowel movement. Did you lose weight ? Yes. did you lose fat ? nope.

I can easily gain or lose 2-3 pounds in a day because of a shift in my water weight or lack of a bowel movement.

6/16/19 1:50 P

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I agree with the previous poster that a change in exercise routine can lead to a temporary increase on the scale. Are you tracking your sodium intake? If you ate a salty meal the night before you weighed, for example, that could be another reason for the increase.

Since you know it's not from consuming too many calories, my guess is that those pounds will come back off within the next week or two.

Hang in there!

Coach Jen

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6/16/19 1:18 P

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Did you start a new exercise routine? If yes, it could be your body adjusting. While a pound of fat is a pound of muscle, muscle is more compact and dense. Just keep swimming, it'll go down again.

Debbi from Tucson
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6/16/19 10:36 A

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I wouldn’t worry about it until it’s consistent. Weight fluctuates for many reasons. Just stay the course for now. Reevaluate if it continues.

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6/16/19 10:11 A

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I’m post menopausal. I weigh in every Saturday at 8 am. I’ve changed nothing in my eating. Stayed within my calories.

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6/16/19 8:14 A

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It's pretty rare for someone to go consistently down for 11 months. Bobbling up and down here and there is really normal and it's not something to stress over, not that me saying that is going to help with the stress. To some degree you are going to want to keep doing what you have been doing because consistency over the long term is key.

That being said, where are you in your journey and how often do you update your goals/weight so that your ranges update, and are you scaling your loss expectations down with your weight? Odds are that when you weighed eighty pounds more than you do now that you could lose 2 lbs per week. If those eighty are the first eighty of 150, then you can probably still support a 2 lb per week loss. If those are the first eighty of 95 then you are probably at the point where you might get a pound a week on an aggressive week and that half pounds, quarter pounds and 3/4 pounds are where your losses are going to be from here on out. Your bathroom habits are more than enough to cover up those numbers for a week or two. Periodically you need to update the goals that update your ranges. Sometimes your ranges might be lower, but as you get closer to your goal, your ranges should be going up so that they are closer to your maintenance goals.

-google first. ask questions later.

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6/16/19 8:06 A

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I assume by your screen name that you are female. Where are you in your cycle? That can cause a temporary gain.

Also remember that weight loss isn't linear. Sometimes you'll lose, sometimes, you'll gain, and sometimes no change. It averages 1 to 2 pounds per week. As you get closer to your goal, it will slow.

Also, did you weigh at the same in the same conditions? Even weighing at a different time than usual can make a gain appear based on what you've eaten, clothes, and restroom time.

Meghan in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

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6/16/19 7:47 A

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I am following the program to a “T”. I have had a consistent weight loss for 11 months. I weighed in this week and the scale is up 3 pounds. I’m really stressing about why this happened. Stayed within my allotted daily calories and drank all my water everyday. Any advice why the scale is moving in the wrong direction? I’ve lost 86 pounds until the gain this week. It’s 83.4 pounds.

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