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3/29/19 3:34 A

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I have relied on real food smoothies for my nutrients in the past when necessary (due to dental issues I was having that didn't allow hard foods). I think it is MUCH healthier (and tastier in my opinion) to chew your food for many physiological reasons.

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3/28/19 1:06 P

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I'd rather chew while I can.

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3/28/19 10:53 A

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I eat them a lot

BAMBIG54's Photo BAMBIG54 Posts: 1,322
3/28/19 8:15 A

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I like one once in a while. It's a great way to change things up a bit.

RUSTY_WOODS Posts: 1,007
3/28/19 6:30 A

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I'm diabetic, so I don't eat much fruit, but I prefer veggies to be solid food. When you blend up food, you make it easier for the body to digest, and since they are carbs, they spike you blood sugar much faster in a shake or smoothie, than in regular form.

Ultimately, it comes down to preference. There is no benefit to green smoothies, unless you won't eat vegetables otherwise, but if you are eating your fruits and vegetables whole.. you can just keep doing that, if you prefer.

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3/28/19 3:10 A

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I love green smoothies

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3/27/19 6:15 P

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Your choice.

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3/27/19 5:43 P

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I don't think much of green smoothies. I did try them and I wasn't impressed.

Like you. I prefer chewing my food. One banana a day. Which can be one or two servings. Depending on size. Would leave me feeling bloated and gassy.

I also agree with LuAnn. If you loved them and they kept you in your caloric range. Go for it. Sounds like you don't really like them.

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3/27/19 12:45 P

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I am not a smoothie person.

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3/27/19 1:39 A

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I love smoothies! Lately my breakfast every morning has been this mocha almond smoothie. It combines caffeine, chocolate and bananas plus other ingredients. It's healthy, yummy and keeps me full for a long time. I've always bought smoothies from places like Freshii and Booster juice, so I'm excited to be making my own at home now. Will definitely be creating some green smoothies soon.

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NIRERIN Posts: 14,679
3/26/19 6:37 P

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How many calories are your smoothies as you make them? A handful of greens is going to be maybe 10 calories, but a banana could be anywhere from 70 calories to 150 calories or so. How many berries are berries? An ounce? A cup? Two? Half a cup of almond milk will be around 15 calories and a teaspoon of flaxseed will be around 17 calories. So if you're going close to an actual serving of berries and banana you're looking just under 200 calories, though it could be a lot more than that if you are generous in the banana and berry department.

Besides this your smoothies are very low in fat and very low in protein. Fat and protein are what help keep you full once you have made it through the carbs in your meal. Since you have little to no fat and fiber in this smoothie it's not surprising that it's not lasting you. In terms of filling foods your smoothie is probably on par with a big coffee (with creamer and sugar) or some candy. It's a lot of easily digestible carbs with nothing to back it up. Yes, you're getting more nutrients than are in candy. But using yogurt or nut butter would add a bit of fat and protein to your smoothie, which could help it last longer if you are going that way.

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3/26/19 3:04 P

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I used to have smoothies every morning for breakfast! I wouldn't say I had a green smoothie per se, but I would often add in a few handfuls of spinach or other greens along with my fruit, almond milk, protein powder, and maple syrup/honey. Sometimes I'd add oats as well.

I do prefer smoothies to juice for retaining fiber, etc. I find it very helpful to freeze the greens- it keeps the smoothie from getting too frothy (which I don't enjoy).

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LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 30,937
3/26/19 2:36 P

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You seems to list many reason why you do not like them... so why bother?
Life is too short to eat/drink things that do not make you happy. or put you closer to your goals.

Green smoothies are not a necessity. Most here do not drink them at all and have successful weight loss stories.

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3/26/19 1:48 P

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Yes that's what I find too with smoothies is I felt hungry with in an hour or so after having one.I feel more satisfied and sustained with eating my food.Eggs with some veggies or oatmeal keeps feeling fuller and for a longer period of time.

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3/26/19 9:25 A

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don't do smoothies. Whenever I've had them for a meal I'm hungry within an hour and don't feel satisfied. and when I see them when I'm out, they typically have too many calories.
Did have a mango pineapple small smoothie at McDonalds on our trip home and it was about 220 calories, too much sugar. Still a nice treat.

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3/25/19 5:12 P

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I was doing smoothies for a little while, I added fresh herbs (mint, sage, parsley, etc) in addition to more traditional greens like kale or spinach for a very different flavor without loading it with tons of fruit.

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3/25/19 4:34 P

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We had mixed results with the juicing and smoothies. On the one hand it was really easy to throw a bunch of vegetables in and make enough for breakfast and snacks for a couple days at a time. The smoothies were really filling and we felt good drinking them.

On the other hand, I was buying massive amounts of produce every week and having a hard time storing it.

Finally, the issue that caused us to stop, DH wouldn't drink anything if it didn't have a lot of fruit in it and that was too much sugar for him.

So, for you I think you need to be tracking what you put in your smoothies (*use the recipe tool here) to see if that is too much fruit and calories.

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3/25/19 3:51 P

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I do tend to prefer chewing my fruits and veggies.
One reason I don't why but I find green smoothies can be a little touchy with my digestive system...leaving me feeling bloated and almost like it's overload having greens,fruits,seeds and too much fiber all at once.Ive changed my eating habits the last month and half eating clean and eating more fruits and vegetables as well as adding flax seed to my diet could be that my system needs time to get use to it and hopefully will settle down.I find with chewing that I can take in the healthy foods at more spread out pace rather then so much at once like it is in a smoothie..hope that made sense:)
I have made some really good changes with my diet and exercising regularly but sometimes it can all be really overwhelming trying to get things right and balancing really is a learning curve.

3/25/19 1:43 P

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When you track all of your food in your nutrition tracker daily, are you staying in your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges? If the smoothie satisfies you and you stay within your ranges, then I think it's fine to include them. If you get more satifaction from chewing your food, then maybe consider limiting them and finding other ways to boost your veggie and fruit intake.

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3/25/19 11:55 A

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Do you include a green smoothie into your diet daily or prefer to get your fruits and vegetables through your snacks and meals ?
I am back and forth on if I should because I am not wanting to have them as a meal replacement because I prefer to chew my meals because I find that be more filling and satisfying.But have a green smoothie or green juice as one of my daily snacks to help get in my daily fruits and vegetables.
But I am hesitant because I don't want to be over doing it with calories or too much fruit.
My green smoothies when I have one usually consists of a handful of greens,banana,berries,cinnamon and half a cup of unsweetened almond milk and a cup of water and sometimes a teaspoon of flaxseed.
In the morning I usually have a couple boiled eggs or poached eggs with some greens and tomatoes for breakfast at about 9:20 am and then have a green smoothie at about a 11:00 am then a healthy low to no carb lunch,mid to late afternoon small snack and then a clean healthy supper.
So do you think adding the green smoothie in is adding too much calories and should just stick with eating my fruits and vegetables ?
Do you guys drink smoothies daily and if you do when and how is it included into your day ?
I also need to be careful with things like flaxseed or chia seeds because they can give me issues my system is a bit iffy with them.
It's such balancing act trying to get enough fiber in because too much can cause problems just as too little can cause issues.
Sorry if I rambled on too much ...eating clean healthy can be a real learning curve.

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