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NOCGIRL Posts: 107
2/22/19 3:47 P

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Ok I need to cut the breasts in half I think I am eating too much at one sitting. although the calorie count is not high all I eat is a little bit of green veggies usually I need to focus on portion size a little.

I eat them with cayenne pepper sauce and walden farms bbq sauce

2/22/19 11:37 A

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Digging around, 4oz of cooked chicken is about 185 calories.

Chicken breast is pretty much straight protein and water, with very little of the fat that tends to drive up the calorie count of things like ground beef (or even ground chicken, which can be no better than ground beef if you don't pay attention to the fat percentage!).

Because fat is so much more calorie-dense than protein (9 calories per g for fat, 4 calories per g for carb/protein), yeah, 185 calories of cooked chicken breast is likely to take up a lot more room than 185 calories of cooked ground beef.

The big question is - how do you feel after eating a dinner like that? Did it carry you through to breakfast? If you were comfortably full, and didn't get hungry until your next meal, does the calorie content matter that much? If you're not eating enough for your activity level, generally you figure it out pretty quickly by either getting stupid-hungry or seeing a decrease in your training output.

Personally, I like a little fat with my chicken, so I'd throw together some avocado oil mayo and Frank's hot sauce to make a dipping sauce! Or mash some avocado with onion and tomato and use that as a topping.

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URBANREDNEK Posts: 10,868
2/22/19 10:42 A

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The nutrition information on the label IS for 4oz frozen - so you need to weigh the entire frozen piece before cooking and base your entry on that.

So - if the frozen piece is 7oz before cooking, and you eat the whole thing, then you have had 192.5 calories worth of chicken. If the frozen piece is 8oz before cooking, and you eat the whole thing, then you have had 220 calories worth of chicken.

Yes - it is still a great source of protein for that amount of calories. It also is fairly high in sodium (if you are watching that), and is fairly low in other vitamins and minerals (if those are of concern to you).

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NOCGIRL Posts: 107
2/21/19 10:54 P

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The label says 4 oz 110 calories. I baked a breast and weighed it after and it was exactly 4 oz. had 7 spears of asparagus. Hard to believe all that 150-160 cal. Even if it 200 cal for chicken that’s still low.

NIRERIN Posts: 14,653
2/21/19 7:39 P

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Usually frozen foods are labeled with frozen food measurements. Which would mean 4 oz frozen is 110 calories, which would mean you're eating 192-220 calories of chicken if you are using a 7-8 oz frozen piece. Unless there is a column for "As prepared" and you are preparing it in the exact manner described. 110 calories for 4 oz would be 27.5 calories per ounce and that seems a little on the low side for cooked. Do double check your label and measurements to be sure. Labels in the US are required to have the nutrition information for the product in the as is state, which is why my half cup serving of frozen vegetables is listed as 2/3 cup on the frozen bag, why macaroni and cheese has a mix column and an as prepared column and popcorn has the unpopped and popped columns.

-google first. ask questions later.

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2/21/19 4:54 P

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I struggle to finish a whole chicken breast, too. For me it's because they are just so dry, even when not overcooked. I need gravy or bbq sauce to get it down.

OTOH, give me deep fried chicken strips and I can eat those all day, lol!

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NOCGIRL Posts: 107
2/21/19 2:00 P

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I bought a huge bag of these and love them as they are indiv wrapped. 110 calories for 4 oz. Frozen/precooked weight is 7-8 oz each. According to my food scale they are 4 oz (roughly) after being cooked.

My trainer said a whole breast is perfectly fine to eat as it cook down to about 4 oz. This seems like a lot of food at one setting. All I had last night was 1 full cooked breast seasoned and 1 cup of brussel sprouts. Hard for me to believe that whole meal was under 200 calories.

I really struggle with portion size sometimes. I pretty much stick to chicken or turkey burger patties for dinner.

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