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CD10894926 Posts: 70
7/21/19 9:46 A

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Try googling for hydrostatic weighing in your area. It will be most accurate. There is one called the dunk tank- not as accurate as at a university because they use average residual lung volumes rather than measuring, but only about $40 (you don't need to test your body fat constantly because you can use weight for a while once you know your lean body mass. It doesn't typically increase that fast.

In that way, you can use hydrostatic weighing and your scale to keep a good eye on it.

(ie, if you get your body fat tested and you weighed 165 with 119 lb lean body mass, for a tested body fat of 27.9%, and then you lose ten lb for 155 lb over the next 2.5 months. You can probably say 155-119 = 36 / 155 = 23.2% and assume your body is roughly that until your next hydrostatic weigh in - especially if you aren't doing a lot of extreme weight lifting. (Normal weight lifting and cardio on a Caloric deficit diet typically doesn't result in a large muscle increase)

I know a lot of people are not as good at skinfold calipers as they think they are.... When I worked in a gym, some were truly awful at it. They often were inaccurate for me compared to my hydrostatic and DEXA measurements which are considered far more accurate. (Hydrostatic and DEXA were very similar in results)

7/19/19 6:49 A

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The best way to measure body fat that's easily accessible is by a professional using skinfold calipers. Most gyms offer this service for a small fee.

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7/19/19 1:12 A

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besides the one at the supermarket emoticon emoticon

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