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2/19/19 8:11 A

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Some really good tips here

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2/8/19 9:49 P

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Can only second what you've heard. Tracking your food is a real eye opener and hard as it might be, track EVERYTHING. I started tracking my food about 14 months before I got serious about losing weight. It did show me how much I was eating and at 5'8" and 226 lbs I figured that I could eat 2,000 calories/day and lose weight and I did.
Slowly changed things making small sustainable changes and started moving more but didn't commit to a real exercise program for about 6 months.

It is possible and you can do it. Can only recommend tracking your food here or there are other sites, like or that are good.
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2/7/19 7:19 P

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If you're not losing any weight you're eating more than your body needs. Track and weigh your food so you get an accurate idea of exactly how much you're eating. Even eating excess in 'healthy' can put you over your daily calorie requirements b/c it doesn't matter what you eat but how much you eat in terms of calories. Of course eating healthier is better but eating less calories will ultimately get you to lose weight.

1/20/19 9:06 P

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I would recommend you start tracking your food in your SparkPeople nutrition tracker to see how you're doing relative to your recommended calorie and nutrient ranges. Then you can see exactly where you need to make changes.

How long has it been since you started tracking your calorie deficit with no weight loss? Are you doing any exercise?

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1/20/19 4:12 P

I am morbidly obese by the doc definitions. I am 5'8 371lbs. My only afflictions are OSA and the fact that I weight 371 lbs. I have no high blood pressure, Diabetes high cholesterol or any of the other afflictions that come with the territory. I am a
Seafood Delivery person 3 days a week in a resort town that has a lot of steps and walking and lifting.

I track my food intake via Samsung Health. On average, I have a deficit of 500-600 calories a day but I cannot seem to lose weight. I only drink maybe 2-3 pepsi max's a day every other day, I dont eat any candy but maybe once a month ice cream is maybe twice a week and I keep to a serving size each time.

I need some ideas and tricks to maybe some insight as to what may change my circumstances.

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