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11/23/19 3:32 A

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I will provide an addendum to what Merle said. As stated, make sure your Doc is aware of what's going on. If you have problems and can't continue, don't give up. Find another method. I can't say enough good about SparkPeople... it just works for me. My April 2014 a1c was 13.5 along with many other problems. I made up my mind to give the Spark another shot and am mighty glad I did. I've been either maintaining or losing for the last five years and no longer take Glipizide or Metformin. Without the drugs, my last three a1c's were 4.9 or 5.0 using only diet and exercise to control it. Using the trackers takes getting used to, but is so effective for me. There are other methods that many people have success with as well, so stick with it and never give up!


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11/21/19 9:17 P

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Hi NancyJo,

I do not think your guess about the gas and bloating issue is right. I did a little research on that; but, since I am not a medical professional, I will not offer an opinion on the real cause of those issues.

More importantly, I want to ask if you have talked with your doctors about your new fasting practice. Most healthy adults can safely fast for one day and their bodies will be able to adjust, drawing upon energy and nutrient stores. However, you should always check with your physician regarding how fasting will affect your medical conditions, medications, and health history. Certain disease conditions may warrant against fasting altogether. In particular, I worry about the possible negative affects on a diabetic. It can be difficult enough to regulate blood sugars when eating at regular intervals--fasting like that may be harmful for a diabetic.

Please check with your doctors before continuing with the fasts. They know your (and your husband's) medical history and can better advise you on safe fasting practices.

Wishing you all the best.


~ Merle

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11/20/19 9:56 A

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Hello Sparksters!
My husband and I did 2-36 hour fasts last week, T and Th. This week we are doing M,W,F 36 hour fasts. This is new to us. We are following Dr. Jason Fung's books on fasting and obesity and diabetes.

We have both lost about 2 lbs since we started on November 11th. Which is fine. My husband is T2D and his sugars are not impressively lowered yet, still between 140-170, he is on Metformin. The doctor took him off another diabetes pill because he said, he'd crash otherwise.

Anyway, my question is this. While fasting our stomachs rumble (we drink water, coffee, tea, juice) but the day after a fast we have gas and bloating. What is up with that? Any input would be appreciated? I told my husband I thought it was because air is filling in the empty spaces created by fasting, but I have NO idea. ha ha Thanks!

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