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8/7/19 6:44 P

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On any given day, I've got "tight" something -- quads, IT band, calves, shoulder, etc. The one thing that consistently helps is yoga. I attend a gentle yoga class 2x/week (mostly stretching poses, not acrobatics. It has really made a difference.

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8/2/19 4:10 P

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It's possible that you slightly pulled something, though obviously not badly from what you describe. I've found that as I'm aging (yes, over 50, now over 60, almost 61), it just takes long for slight little things to heal. Irritating, but true.

Is it possible for you to go to a good massage therapist? Mine works wonders. It might be painful for them to work everything out, but worth it in the end. She's worked out knots I didn't even know I had, but she was able to feel the knots in my muscles as she's professionally trained.

Also, if you are able to go to a massage therapist, know that it might take a few trips (2-3) for them to work it all out. Not uncommon.

Stretching is also definitely key. Are you stretching long enough? Maybe trying doing some other quad stretches in addition to what you normally do.

Good luck to you!


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8/2/19 1:46 P

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About 6 months ago, I was doing a T25 workout. The next day my quads were very sore. No big deal, that's happened before. They never recovered. My quads are so tight when I get up in the morning or after I have been seated for a while. I used to be able to sit criss cross apple sauce on the floor and no problem. Now when I do it, my hips and knees hurt so bad. I stretch and it helps briefly but nothing works long term. Any help would be appreciated.

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