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6/6/19 12:03 P

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I have positively impacted my co-workers. They are exercising more and eating better. Meal prepping has been huge for them. They tell me all about their meal plans for the week, and what their exercise plans are. I hear a lot about their workouts and meals (after the fact too). It make me feel good to know that I am taking care of myself and helping inspire others.

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5/21/19 11:11 A

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While primarily optimistic I sometimes complain too much about others. When that happens my co-worker suggests that perhaps it was beyond their control. That causes me to re-think and be more forgiving. It helps keep the office an all-around positive place!

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2/14/19 10:55 A

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I was feeling very intimidated and overwhelmed with my ASL lessons. A short note from my instructor telling me I was doing better than I gave myself credit for boosted my resolve to continue on.

Today I will send a note of encouragement to somebody.

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2/14/19 10:02 A

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A met a friend of mine (that I hadn't seen in a while) during the Christmas holiday. He asked me,"have you put on weight ?"

NO. I was shocked. He said, no, it was meant as a compliment. umm, how is telling someone, did you put on weight a compliment. Were you implying I was too thin ? He couldn't understand why I felt insulted.

Well, long story short, that put me off eating holiday treats. I kept hearing him say, did you put on weight, every time someone offered a cupcake, holiday cookie, etc.

My holiday appetite was ruined because of that comment.

I guess it was a men are from mars women are from venus moment.

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2/14/19 7:37 A

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they give me energy, make me smile, and I feel more outgoing being around them

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1/28/19 7:18 P

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Positive people who combine nurturing with encouragement to push a little further help me the most. When someone just offers positive praise for anything I do, I feel patronized. I need a 'coach' friend who isn't judgmental, but tries to motivate me and inspire me to be my best.

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1/27/19 8:43 P

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Positive People help
Negative People bring you down

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1/27/19 8:39 A

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I am sure that if it hadn't been for SP I would have taken a lot longer to get my head around it as all I got from friends was "Why do it"

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1/27/19 8:15 A

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I try to find three simple smiles every day. My number one is just taking time to play with the dog...he's a goof ball. emoticon

1/26/19 7:03 P

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Mine was a negative experience.

I lost ten pounds and told the guy I was dating. He said, so when will it show?

After he left I ate everything in sight.

About the time I learned that I have to do this for me, myself and I

No one is perfect. Even if they think they are.

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1/26/19 4:29 P

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Hello, everyone! This is Melissa, a writer here at SparkPeople.

We are working on an article about the importance of surrounding yourself with positive people when trying to lose weight or lead a healthy lifestyle.

We'd love to include your input/experience on this topic, if you'd like to share.

How has positivity helped you? And, conversely, how have negative influences held you back?

Would love to hear your story or stories.

Thanks so much!

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