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  • A New Car

    10/16/2019 7:12:00 PM, by SHERYLDS

    My old car was a 19 year old Subaru Outback. I really enjoyed that car. It had all the amenities for it's time. But when you know the car is on it's last's time to say farewell. So I went back to Subaru and bought the lower end SUV ....a new car. I was awed by all the technol... Read more

  • Hi

    10/16/2019 5:51:38 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    524... Read more

  • Sweet Tooth

    10/16/2019 12:44:49 PM, by TERRISTREK

    My sweet tooth is getting the best of me, especially with that dang apple pie. I want to throw it away but my daughter helped make it so I feel obligated to eat, plus it's sooo good! My challenge for tonight is to not eat any of it! Today I drove down to my San Jose corporate office. ... Read more

  • Run!

    10/15/2019 4:48:26 PM, by PRECISELEE180

    I started running again yesterday. Yup. Logged my first official run in a C25K program! It was extremely humbling to have to start from square one again but afterwards I felt strong, and... accomplished. Two things I have not felt physically (or mentally!) in a couple of years. I forgot how much I e... Read more

  • Ready for a new week!

    10/15/2019 12:27:39 PM, by TERRISTREK

    I had a couple of slip ups over the weekend. I can tell the holiday season is creeping in. We ended up with Apple Pie at our house, which was so good that it made me go back for seconds. (Yes, the pie made me do it.) 211 Yesterday was filled of good intentions but bad choices. My mea... Read more

  • Do it!

    10/15/2019 12:08:18 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Balance Workout Read more

  • My 40th Birthday today.

    10/15/2019 11:29:10 AM, by -POOKIE-

    A big present I chose for myself is a replacement engagement ring. This is an Art Deco ring from the 1920`s we found on an independent antique jewellers. I just love it. So different. (the saga of why I need a replacement is long and annoying!) I got some other lovely presents from my... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 15

    10/15/2019 9:04:45 AM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Turn something you would normally throw away into something you want to keep". ... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 14

    10/14/2019 6:48:19 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Create a Venn diagram, chart or graph that explains something humorous." [Kevin Smith + Jason Mewes = Jay & Silent Bob!] ... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 13

    10/14/2019 6:46:05 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "After a meal, use whatever is leftover on your plate to create a face. Can you make a face that expresses a specific emotion?" ... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 12

    10/14/2019 6:44:05 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Create a hat or hair accessory. Bonus: Get a photo of yourself wearing it in public!" ... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 11

    10/14/2019 6:41:11 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Make a poem using only words found in the subject lines from the first 8 emails you recieve today." Edit: The Poem: Heck! Who's Having fun? Embrace your limitations! For Louise's Birthday The next big idea starts with; Madness, A love letter, Walking mistakes y... Read more

  • 47.4lbs down 😜🔥🙏🙌

    10/14/2019 11:51:48 AM, by REVENGETIME40

    I am ecstatic I just got on the scale this morning and as of now I've lost 47.4 pounds that is amazing I feel so excited and inspired and motivated. I hope you're having a productive day and seeing big loss on the scale. You know that saying is really true nothing tastes as good as thin feels I m... Read more

  • Monday

    10/14/2019 7:45:14 AM, by VHAYES04

    ... Read more

  • Night 1

    10/14/2019 12:54:36 AM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Celebration of Joy.... Read more

  • Only 1,731 days later... Coming out of the dark

    10/11/2019 10:26:10 PM, by KATJABETCHA

    Sooo.... It's been awhile. It's crazy to me that it's been about 5 years. A lot has happened in that time. A lot of good and a lot of bad. Note that the following might be triggering and upsetting if you have been affected by depression and/or suicide. I'm incredibly blessed in so many ways, but ... Read more

  • Finally over the Flu....back to my Contrave!

    10/11/2019 9:20:54 PM, by SPARK-TASTIC

    Ugh, I hate being sick and even worse. Finally over the Flu and able to start back on Contrave today....starting with 1 pill....and will move up to two when I feel ready...not sure if I will do a full 7 days of 1 pill since I had made it through Day 4, but then BAM....FLU! :( Couldn't keep anything ... Read more

  • Focus-My word for 2019

    10/11/2019 8:24:26 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    ... Read more

  • Perfectionism

    10/11/2019 6:56:27 PM, by POSITIVEHOPE

    Read this quote on Onekidsmom’s blog and have been chewing on it for a while. “Perfectionism is a self-destructive and addictive belief system that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect, live perfectly, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame,... Read more

  • Stayin' Alive

    10/11/2019 1:08:19 PM, by TERRISTREK

    We made it to another weekend! The best part of this weekend we have an extra day off for Columbus Day! Thank you banking industry that still honors the holiday! This holiday has actually turned into a parents holiday because the kids still have to go to school! The plans for the weekend... Read more

  • Sister's Surgery

    10/11/2019 12:22:07 PM, by JLPEASE

    I wrote a while ago that my sister found out she has breast cancer. My mom is 87 and this is really too much for her. We have been waiting to find out when her surgery is and whether she would have chemo first or after. We found out yesterday afternoon that she is scheduled for a lumpectomy on... Read more

  • Back at it again

    10/11/2019 12:17:59 PM, by WYTRIX

    So I had my partial hysterectomy 6 weeks ago. It's been a rough six weeks but overall I am doing well. Doctor stated he had to repair things before he could even perform the hysterectomy. He said it was no wonder why I was having so many issues. He said that I even had signs of pre-cancer starting, ... Read more

  • On My Way to Get Puppy & Weight Down

    10/11/2019 10:22:51 AM, by KALISWALKER

    My weight is down 1.6 pounds since last week. I take that as a big win, considering my recent struggles with my appetite. It proves I can lose weight if I am objective about my behaviors and use positive self-talk to get back on track. Hopefully, I am over this recent bout of self-sabotage. La... Read more

  • Satisfaction

    10/10/2019 10:14:51 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    ... Read more

  • Consistency is key

    10/10/2019 10:00:48 PM, by REVENGETIME40

    It really is... I was 267.8lbs this morning. Feels good seeing loss ecpecially when on my period. I know a lot of people do not weigh in daily but tbh I have to to stay on track. I see my fluctuations and I am ok with it. But this is the lowest it has ever been. Sw:312.8lbs Cw: 267.8 lbs Goal...... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 10

    10/10/2019 5:36:00 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Find a unique way to connect two things that you wouldn't normally combine." (Well, it was a first for me!) ... Read more

  • Focus

    10/10/2019 11:14:41 AM, by TERRISTREK

    The thoughts of going off my plan are revving up. Every food commercial I hear/see sounds good and the thought of them haunts me. I have to stay focused, remember my why. Satisfying myself now will not satisfy my end goal. I want my end goal, I want to lose the extra weight. It's too early ... Read more

  • New Years Resolutions Yay or Nay

    10/10/2019 7:32:46 AM, by TCARRIGAN21

    I answered a SP poll question this morning.. Are New Years resolutions useful , useless or other. I choose Useful. WHY?? well lets face it we all know that most of the time after the first month or two resolutions fall by the way side. Life interrupts us and gets in our way so why do I think ... Read more

  • Slowly losing but losing

    10/9/2019 11:54:44 PM, by REVENGETIME40

    Was 268.2lbs this morning. Had the farrier out this morning so went to gym afterwards. I prefer going as soon as I wake up no dilly dallying. But it is what it is so...I didn't end up getting to eat for about 4 hours so I am kind of doing that fasting people talk about as I usually stop eating ab... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 9

    10/9/2019 9:35:46 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Make something intentionally ugly." ... Read more

  • My Puppy & Back on Track

    10/9/2019 5:17:06 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Yesterday I still felt my eating was crazy. Maybe I am feeling stressed about some projects I have on the go at home, and our 3 night trip to Portland, and getting a new puppy. This morning I made a list of the calorie appropriate food combinations I can eat to ensure I have protein and fiber any ti... Read more

  • Embrace Every Moment

    10/9/2019 11:15:43 AM, by TERRISTREK

    Yesterday was the first day I felt down since starting medication I've been on for about 3 months. It started at work... I've been feeling like people are stealing my thunder per se and it really got to me yesterday. I felt off when I got home so stuck myself in the kitchen and made dinner as ... Read more

  • I wonder how many calories I burn chasing after my dog when she is being naughty?

    10/9/2019 10:48:01 AM, by MDIENER

    So I have a 3 year old Brittany. Anybody who owns a Brittany knows that is enough said, right?! Last night we come home from work and let her out of her kennel run outside. She does her customary 3 laps around the house before coming in , walks to my daughter and grabs her snack pack out of h... Read more

  • Results of tests part 2

    10/9/2019 10:43:58 AM, by AUNTRENEE

    The doctor wants to increase my blood pressure med since I had a few high readings. Plus he wants me to eat low carb and low sugar too. He thinks that it will help me lose weight. Forgot to ask about the blood work on my thyroid. I will call after I get done here. Thyroid problems run in the family.... Read more

  • 61st in 4th Cookery Challenge: Proper Baked Beans, Jamie Oliver's, Veg.

    10/9/2019 5:18:49 AM, by -POOKIE-

    This was meant to be topped with a bread layer to go crunchy, but I left that off. Also added more paprika as I don't have sweet smoked, only hot smoked, so added more ordinary and a little liquid smoke. Also added Henderson's Relish which is a vegetarian sauce very similar to Worcestershire S... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 8

    10/8/2019 7:36:50 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Spill something and create something from the mess." [About half a pack of paperclips were spilled and then made into a paperclip portrait of my husband - was a fun prompt to do today!] ... Read more

  • This is what happens...

    10/8/2019 5:31:03 PM, by TAYGRL

    ...when you’re simply going about the business of putting the work in—day in and day out. And by work I mean cardio, strength, flexibility, meditation. Active and not-so-active recovery days. Amazing what can happen when you stop worrying about a “finish line” or a “goal weight” and just LIVE.... Read more

  • Results of the appointment

    10/8/2019 2:55:33 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I went to my doctor today about the body aches and fatigue. He thinks that the aches are from the 30 pound weight gain. He also thinks that fatigue might be from anemia and low on B12. He had me do a blood test to check that and a few other things. Should hear from them soon.... Read more

  • Beat the Brain

    10/8/2019 11:27:16 AM, by TERRISTREK

    I was so excited to get into bed last night! After I made a yummy dinner, that consisted of greek style chicken, tzatzikki sauce and zucchini, we quickly cleaned up and got into bed and watched a movie as a family. Classic me fell asleep halfway through but that means I got a lot of sleep last nigh... Read more

  • Link: 20 Of The Coziest Fall Recipes Without Any Meat

    10/8/2019 8:14:39 AM, by -POOKIE-
    od-recipes Indian Coconut Butter Cauliflower.... mmm!! 481... Read more

  • 44.4lbs down

    10/8/2019 1:07:56 AM, by REVENGETIME40

    That puts me at 268.8lbs yep!! Finally broke out of the 70's. So happy!!... Read more

  • Day 7/90

    10/7/2019 7:50:41 PM, by GUTZYNGLAM

    This weekend was rough. I'll be the first to admit it. I did okay with gratitude & goals. But running around with my kids... My eating habits were something to be desired. 😖😖 I'm still sticking to it though.... Read more

  • Another 20 bites the dust

    10/7/2019 4:45:14 PM, by AKIMBERLYQ1

    Yeah me... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 7

    10/7/2019 4:03:15 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Create a greeting card for a coworker or friend for an unspecial occasion." ... Read more

  • Autumn is Soup Time

    10/7/2019 2:48:54 PM, by SHERYLDS

    "Of all the items on the menu, soup is that which exacts the most delicate perfection and the strictest attention." — Auguste Escoffier Soup inspires my inner chef and gets me eating more veggies. Today I made a pot of Black Bean soup with 2 boneless pork chops and threw lots of v... Read more

  • Reminder I have too much to lose!

    10/7/2019 2:03:06 PM, by KALISWALKER

    I am 27.8 lighter than this time last year. Lately, my weight is inching upward and I seem to lose focus. And at times I seem to lose my mind! Saturday night we were at a party with a huge potluck and so much great food. I immediately dropped my defenses and ate everything I wanted - appetizers, mai... Read more

  • Nothing to it but do it!

    10/7/2019 10:58:01 AM, by TERRISTREK

    Got an early start to the work today. Kevin and Tyler are staying home waiting for our new mattress to arrive! Sooo excited for that! We haven't been comfortable in bed for a while so I'm looking forward to climbing into our new one tonight! We splurged and got an adjustable head board. We're hop... Read more

  • Week 3 done and on to Week 4

    10/7/2019 10:19:57 AM, by PRECISELEE180

    I had a good week last week. I was on point with exercise and am getting tighter and tighter on the nutrition. I find that I am pretty good with getting in my needed protein for the day, but am consistently low on carbs and a little high on the fats (I love my salad dressings and full fat cheese!). ... Read more

  • My Weekend With My Family

    10/7/2019 8:59:21 AM, by PIXIE-LICIOUS

    Its been about two years since my last blog, so I'm a bit rusty. Please bear with me! My favorite Aunt died last July. Her name was MaryLou but we called her Aunt Moo, of all things. I think its because when my older brother was a very young child, he couldn't say MaryLou, so it came out Moo. ... Read more

  • Cartoon: ¡Ayuadame!

    10/7/2019 1:05:07 AM, by EO4WELLNESS

    ... Read more

  • Did a reading on my hubby and I

    10/7/2019 12:36:09 AM, by REVENGETIME40

    Did a reading for my husband and I and I feel quite confident things are going to start looking up for us both together. We have had some ups and downs mainly him battling demons of his own and them affecting our home life. Weight loss was 270.2lbs this morning. So ready to be 269 ugh but today I... Read more

  • Late Post

    10/7/2019 12:34:02 AM, by EO4WELLNESS

    ... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 6

    10/6/2019 11:51:18 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Create something using only materials found in nature." Two roses from the front yard garden were picked and lasted a few days before the petals all came off in a heap, all at once. Boo!....But, timely for Creative Sprint! (The plant was gifted in memory of my brother, so our fami... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 5

    10/6/2019 11:42:08 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Make an homeage to an important teacher in your life." Books, creativity - art (making it and enjoying the work of others), Creative Sprint itself are all important teachers - thank you!! @noahscalin @micawave @ALRcreates [Image note: The book and bookmark ("bat skulls") are the w... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 4

    10/6/2019 10:03:36 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Make something inspired by the lyrics to a song that puts you in a great mood." Doing back-to-back house reno's (Argh!)....Don't think there will be much reno-wall artwork done for this Creative Sprint; after it took 6 coats of paint to cover up some of last year's efforts done on a w... Read more

  • I have Portion Distortion Syndrome

    10/6/2019 9:49:43 PM, by SHERYLDS

    I am back to weighing everything because my portion distortion syndrome has returned.. I blame it on my ageing eyesight...334 Objects on my plate May Appear smaller Than They Are And I'm trying to maximize the salad and veggies on my plate. For me drinking plenty of water was neve... Read more

  • Day 3 of Contrave....

    10/6/2019 9:23:23 PM, by SPARK-TASTIC

    Going strong. I can tell a slight difference in my cravings and I am definitely drinking more water today. I've taken Wellbutrin in the past and it was something that worked well for I'm happy to be back on that. I'm noticing a decrease in some chronic pains I've had, like in my left f... Read more

  • Day 2

    10/6/2019 1:06:51 AM, by SPARK-TASTIC

    I can't guarantee I will write daily but gotta say, finished second day of Contrave. ^_^ Yay!! So far, so good. Still, fingers crossed that this is what I need to help me succeed with my weightless. In other news. I visited with my mom and dad allll day. My Mom is doing well, it's so scary kno... Read more

  • This blogging is my Outlet

    10/6/2019 12:18:24 AM, by REVENGETIME40

    So it doesn't really matter to me if anyone sees these or comments. Just helps me express myself and document progress. Currently at 270.8lbs My sister is now on her "diet" which means finally the one person who unknowingly sabotages me is on track altjough she is doing Keto. But whatever I am j... Read more

  • Dance - 5 min

    10/5/2019 4:52:13 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Don't have time to workout today? Here is a five minute dance to do, zumba style. It is high energy. If you're not up to the dance, chair dance--just get moving.
    v=z0AZQpB9IVg... Read more

  • Fall 5% Challenge - Day 1

    10/5/2019 12:09:33 PM, by KALISWALKER

    249 The Fall 5% Challenge has started! I am filling up my water bottles and getting out walking. I weighed in this morning and am up a bit, but recorded it. Yesterday I had a beef dip for lunch, and that likely was salty, so maybe a little water retention. Today I received an email with ... Read more

  • Nurturing Your Creative Inner Child

    10/5/2019 11:20:20 AM, by SAPHRAEL

    As I continue to read the Artist’s Way, I’m working through some of the tasks at the end of the chapters. The chapters I recently read were on nurturing our creative inner child. Can you list five traits you like in yourself as a child? How about five accomplishments as a child? I was ... Read more

  • Boomerang

    10/5/2019 10:38:15 AM, by SHERYLDS

    At my age, eating right and watching my calories are critical. Losing weight is a slow process. Gaining is as easy as PIE. So my first weigh in for the Fall Challenge was a bitter disappointment. And my scale broke. {...and before you I didn't get violent and hit it with a... Read more

  • Day 1 of Contrave.....and other rambles

    10/4/2019 11:40:12 PM, by SPARK-TASTIC

    Soooo my doctor prescribed Contrave to me. I've been hesitant but decided to give it a try. I took my first dose today. 1 pill this morning with it has made me tired and this evening I have a headache but that is it so far. We shall see how tomorrow goes. For the first 7 days,... Read more

  • Thinking....

    10/4/2019 7:34:31 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    ... Read more

  • Happy Friday Day 4

    10/4/2019 3:51:45 PM, by GUTZYNGLAM

    I'm ready for the weekend. It's going to be busy, but I plan on sticking to my goals. I missed my workout yesterday, but back at everything today! I'm not quitting! Have a fabulous weekend!... Read more

  • Keto me this, keto me that...

    10/4/2019 12:32:30 PM, by DEVSANGEL1

    I have decided that after much research, that this is what will be most beneficial for me. I don't really feel like I am missing out on anything really. I am keeping it simple right now, and watching so very many videos and learning all I can from people using it, and doctors that recommend it. I... Read more

  • Most of all, I love the weekends!

    10/4/2019 11:16:32 AM, by TERRISTREK

    Feeling extra chipper this morning, I'm sure the fact that it is Friday is helping! I have a busy day ahead of me at work, 2 interviews and 2 project calls. Looking forward to it all because I know it will help this day go by fast! Tonight the plan is to pick up a rotisarri chicken up on m... Read more

  • Link: 21 Autumn Recipes To Make In October

    10/4/2019 8:01:07 AM, by -POOKIE-
    on/october-recipes The broccoli bean soup is such a glorious colour! 780... Read more

  • A Potpourri of Thought Bubbles

    10/4/2019 6:55:12 AM, by SAPHRAEL

    Hey there! Warning: this blog entry is all over the place, but I hope you enjoy it and get some value from it! What’s new with me? I’m hoping to find out if I got a job I interviewed for in Florida. News on that should come next week. I’m down with a mother loving cold that just sucks! ... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 3

    10/4/2019 1:59:13 AM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Create a mascot for yourself (or your team)." Today's mascot is a play-doh bluebird, even though it looks more like a miniature rubber duck, oops! ... Read more

  • October...3rd ish into the 4th

    10/4/2019 12:46:04 AM, by REVENGETIME40

    Well things have been ok I have had a few high cal days which has made my weight stagnent. So, after yesterdays movie, pizza expedition with my son I knew I needed to really not muck about any more. Although I was still going to gym I did go high calorie more days than normal range. Anyways, wor... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 2

    10/3/2019 9:31:53 PM, by SPARKINON

    Prompt: "Create an anagram of your name and illustrate it in some way." The anagram was created by an anagram solver website, not me, here 'tis... Mynda - Icelandic, verb (rare): to photograph. ... Read more

  • Seasonal Room Spray

    10/3/2019 8:33:38 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Loving this! Pumpkin Spice Room Spray To a 2 ounce spray bottle, add a pinch of fine sea salt inside. Next add the following EO: 4 drops orange 3 drops cinnamon 1-2 drops of nutmeg 2 drops clove 2 drops ginger Fill remaining space in bottle with distilled water... Read more

  • Month 2

    10/3/2019 1:55:25 PM, by CONNIESTAGG

    I've made alot of changes. Started cooking more and watching my sodium. Still not where it should be but I've cut back about half. Haven't lost any weight this month. Maybe too many changes? Don't know. Still having trouble finding time and/or energy to work out. Hoping October brings more positive ... Read more

  • Cravings

    10/3/2019 11:59:30 AM, by TERRISTREK

    Day 3 of buckling down was a little more of a challenge but I pushed through and won the battle. I can tell Day 4 is going to be another challenge. I keep seeing the pink boxes walk through office door and think how good a donut sounds. Thankfully all the pink boxes are walking to other depar... Read more

  • Day 2

    10/3/2019 11:17:53 AM, by MDIENER

    So yesterday I started taking a new product. It is called Choclevate. Today is day 2 and I don't feel as stressed as usual even though I have reason to be. 100 We are selling our hunting land up north and the signed paperwork has to be back to the title company by 1pm tomorrow or it throws... Read more

  • Day 3/90

    10/3/2019 9:10:34 AM, by GUTZYNGLAM

    #last90day challenge Day 3! Up early ✅ Gratitude ✅ Move 30 minutes - this evening workout planned Water - 24/82oz done so far Food group - 2 days down of no junk food. Sticking to it. Today's quote is so true. I find myself asking that over and over lately. How bad to I want this? To finall... Read more

  • Learning How To Make Adjustments

    10/2/2019 11:25:28 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    Today, the Girls' Varsity Golf Team had their sectional tournament. And as I was watching the match I started thinking about adjustments. In golf, there are numerous times when you have to make adjustments. You sometimes have to pick a different club because of wind, or the lie of your ball. S... Read more

  • Do you hate workouts?

    10/2/2019 7:27:32 PM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Do you ever fear if you work out, you will end up looking or feeling like the athlete in this picture? This workouts are only for other people? What if it were possible to RETRAIN your brain to think differently about Exercise? No, not extra fries...exercise. Is it really possible to... Read more

  • Life

    10/2/2019 3:35:42 PM, by TERRISTREK

    Life is good right now. I feel like all the pieces are finally coming together for me. I've been so close for so long and I finally figured how to put them all together! My hobby isn't just ideas and pinterest boards anymore. I've actually been taking action. A few weeks ago I set up a craft ... Read more

  • Feeling tired and sore

    10/2/2019 3:00:19 PM, by AUNTRENEE

    I have been tired and sore for over a month now. I have an appointment with my regular doctor this coming Tuesday morning. I am going to convince him to find out what is going on with me. I don't want to hear that I am okay. I am not going to give up until we get results. I have had my apartment fo... Read more

  • One of my favorite meals

    10/2/2019 1:05:07 PM, by VHAYES04

    ... Read more

  • 2/90

    10/2/2019 8:50:31 AM, by GUTZYNGLAM

    Day 2 of the Last 90 Day Challenge: Up early for my quiet time, journaling & devotional. Decided to add meditation to my mornings. So far so good. Working on getting in half my body weight in oz of water today & sticking to my eating plan. Also logging foods. I've been horrible with this. 30 m... Read more

  • Fell off the wagon

    10/2/2019 5:27:06 AM, by LORILOVEWELL

    Not doing well. I have gained 4 pounds and have been eating a lot. I stopped tracking and was out of control. Something about 100 pounds makes me self sabotage I tracked yesterday I will today. ... Read more

  • 31 Days of Blogs? I Shall Try

    10/1/2019 11:57:04 PM, by BOBCATGIRL76

    There's no reason I can't make 15 minutes to write a blog every day this month. This week has been a little rough nutritionally. I'm back doing Weight Watchers for the time being and the flexibility of getting to eat what I want in moderation is really nice, but because I know I have Wee... Read more

  • 1/90

    10/1/2019 10:08:01 PM, by GUTZYNGLAM

    #Last90Day Challenge began today and lined up perfect with Ian Smith's ABY challenge. Day 1 Gratitude and Goal - Done Up an hour early - Done Move for 30 minutes - Done Give Up food group - Done Drink 1/2 body weight in oz of water - so close. Need to start water sooner So far a good day 1.... Read more

  • Creative Sprint, Oct 2019 - Day 1

    10/1/2019 9:38:12 PM, by SPARKINON

    Had a birrova online break...thanks for the messages, sparkpage posts, spark gifts during that time, much appreciated! Have lots of reading and catching up to do! But first, we sprint! Happy Creative Sprinting Month! Creative Sprint Day 1's Prompt: "Make something that fi... Read more

  • I'm not the @$$ I?

    10/1/2019 4:38:40 PM, by -POOKIE-

    So my in-laws have a small Yorkshire Terrier. They have completely failed to train him to do the right thing. They have however managed to teach him bad things like bark every time anybody says cat or rat, or to growl at stuff on TV, or beg for "doggy tax" bits of food. So he IS trainable. ... Read more

  • Ready for 5% Challenge - New Month New Goals

    10/1/2019 12:37:54 PM, by KALISWALKER

    Today I am detailing my fitness and diet plans/menus, and assigning time slots. I haven't selected a gym so my default the recreation center gym with a swimming pool. It's a new month, a fresh start so I am starting my 5% Challenge lifestyle today. My next weight goal is 190 pounds by Oct. 29, ... Read more

  • Happy October!

    10/1/2019 11:20:37 AM, by TERRISTREK

    My son reminded me, very excitedly, when he first woke up that it's not September any more! Clearly October is his favorite month, with good reason. It's his Birthday month and Halloween! I cannot not argue the fact that October is one of the best months! The change of Summer to Fall and Winte... Read more

  • Pumpkins

    10/1/2019 7:37:07 AM, by EO4WELLNESS

    Quoted nutritional benefits/info for plain pumpkin seeds: Pumpkin Seeds Are Rich Source of Magnesium A Natural Source of Iron May Help Blood Sugar Levels A Good Source of Healthy Fats Traditional Savory Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: 2 cups raw whole pumpkin seeds 1/8 teaspoon ga... Read more

  • Weight loss so far!!

    9/30/2019 9:50:32 PM, by VHAYES04

    ... Read more

  • Many Changes Ahead

    9/30/2019 12:15:22 PM, by JLPEASE

    I have been doing some self-assessment lately and I haven't been too happy about the result. Also, a few weeks ago we found out that my older (65 year old) sister has breast cancer. She and my mom live about 2 hours from me and about 40 minutes from each other, so the logistics of this are alr... Read more

  • New Week, New Challenges

    9/30/2019 11:13:47 AM, by TERRISTREK

    I'm buckling down this week. I'm going to really focus on what food I'm putting in my body. Focusing on protein and veggies. This time my husband and I are doing it together. I'm hoping he will help keep me motivated. My back is still bothering me. I determined that we needed to take the ... Read more

  • Week 2 Review

    9/30/2019 10:24:33 AM, by PRECISELEE180

    I had a reeeallly good nutrition week last week. I feel like I am starting to get back into the groove again. It took me a bit to remember how to properly meal plan and set portions. I started weighing and measuring absolutely everything that goes into my face and it has helped immensely on keeping ... Read more

  • October Goals

    9/30/2019 8:39:12 AM, by GUTZYNGLAM

    Entering into the last 12 weeks of 2019 and the last 90 days. Last year I followed Rachel Hollis Last 90 day Challenge and decided to give it a go again this year. The 5 to Thrive she listed did give me a jump start into 2019 and although I hit quite a few stumbling blocks throughout the year,... Read more

  • Link: 29 Cozy Fall Recipes For Vegans, Vegetarians, And Creative Cooks.

    9/30/2019 7:56:12 AM, by -POOKIE-
    son/cozy-vegan-fall-recipes I have seen several recipes suggesting maple and tahini mixture of flavours, it sounds good, I am going to try this week on vegetable roasting day (Thursday!). 147 465 574... Read more

  • Monday

    9/30/2019 12:32:21 AM, by DAIZYSTARLITE

    I Am Not What Happened To Me. I Am What I Choose To Become... Read more

  • Get up and MOVE! 10- min

    9/29/2019 11:02:12 PM, by EO4WELLNESS
    v=tfTCykKtE7M... Read more